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    Jul 30, 2019
    So in Brahmin woods the first mission there was this weird thing that always bothered me when I would open it up in the editor and that's the fact that there seemed to be about 8 dudes standing near the start location and of course when you actually play the mission there is no one there.
    So eventually after a lot of browsing of this forum I found out about deactivated player indexes and I decided to activate them and fiddle with the team settings.
    Now I assumed they were initially there as backup because it was the initiates first mission and their proving ground.
    Talking to them however shows they're supposed to come on your second visit and they are now guarding the village.
    Now while I cannot work out what the follow type AI controller does, it does not seem to make them follow anything, I've observed that even if set to stationary because their settings are aggressive and advance if an enemy comes in sight they will actually move forward and clear the path without the need for waypoints.
    So this is is a neat way to get a fire support team.
    I am for sure tired of that first mission so the more I can mut(il)ate it the better.
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