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    Apr 2, 2003
    I've gotten word of a total conversion for Fallout called IanOut, there is a hungarian version and an english version (Beta) ready for download. Here's more info:<blockquote>[*]What is IanOut?
    IanOut is a total conversion for Fallout.

    [*]Why IanOut?
    The main problem of Fallout was, that it was very hard to create mods for it. The main object of IanOut is to create an engine, which has a completely documented Mod Developement Kit, so everyone can create his own post-apocalyptic world.

    Fast everything in the game is a simple txt file, which can be edited by hand, the MAP and ACT files can be edited with the help of the Level Editor, and the FRM files are loaded from the master.dat and critter.dat file of Fallout.</blockquote>Remember to check out that one..