New FT mod announcment (worth looking at ^_^)

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    im new here, obviously(:\)
    if u dont mind ill just paste some of what i posted on the pipboy200le forum, cuz i type real slow( again, :\)

    I am making a FT mod right now, (what i can without the editors, so itll be doen sooner i.e. entities and sprites) but i am in need of voice actors and spriters (thats probably not the word) to help with what i hope will be a mod youll all enjoy.
    It is about a BOS airship that was blown away from the convoy and far away from the others, they ended up in the indianapolis area(not exactly) and since this is only 1 airship worth of people, this is about the BOS of the east's struggle for survival and the search for their lost brothers. i hope some of you are interested in helping me, and thank you all for your time.