New ideas for mutants (human and animals)?

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    May 9, 2018
    I'm not sure if it's a bad idea or not, but Barats.

    Barats are the results of inter-species breeding between bats and rats. Either bats or rats were mutated by radiation to allow this to happen. They would originate from a cave in Idaho, and over the course of at least a century, the barats had become the dominant species of the cave and had grown to be almost as big as a human.

    I also feel like the barats could be sentient, but I don't have a good enough reason for it. It could just be that they eventually gained sentience naturally like humans, or maybe a large amount got shocked by something that entered the cave and the volts of electricity sort of acted like electric-shock therapy to them. I'm not the best at writing for Fallout so maybe someone else's strengths could work around my weaknesses?

    Or maybe they don't even need to be sentient, just really smart, like real rats.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    Hey, I thought about something like this! They have surviving relatives in the form of a South American bird called Seriema.

    How about the return of the Titanoboa (the largest snake ever) from mutated snakes?

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Fuck yes, I love the Titanoboa. They replace wyrms/Dragons in my low-fantasy Dark Age settings, they're great.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    Some ideas for mutant animals:

    Mutant Bees: Bees are such interesting creatures. I'm surprised they haven't been given more love. I like the idea of bee creatures which attack as one large swarm. And that's the big challenge: The individual bee is not very big or powerful, but there are lots of them. LOTS. Imagine being attacked by a veritable swarm of bees all at once. My idea is that because its a lot of bees not just one, strong pinpoint attacks (say, a high caliber sniper bullet) would just go through the swarm, maybe killing one or a few bees and not doing much damage. You need to hose them with lead, or another type of area attack - flamethrowner, gatling laser bursts, explosives, etc. Single-shot high-damage single projectile attacks just go right through the cloud, not doing much damage at all. You can't "snipe" a cloud of bugs.

    Another type of bee could be huge bees (or hornets). Think those giant bees from Donkey Kong Country.

    Pheidole Ant Supersoldiers: There are eight types of Pheidole ants capable of growing larger "supersoldier" ants, and recently scientists discovered that aparently, its a genetic potential found in all the Pheidole Ants and can be unleashed in lab conditions. So the idea is that radiation and FEV have unleashed this potential in all Pheidole ants, and now they can grown their own supersoldiers. Larger, stronger, faster, those are the Super Mutants of the ant world. Enormous antzillas capable of fucking anything up.

    Mutant Hogs and Razorbacks: Large mutated hogs and their Razorback hog-pig hybrid cousins. For those who don't what a Razorback is, they are hybrids between feral pigs and domestic ones. They can be huge, like the super mutants of pigs.
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    May 12, 2020
    Hogzilla-type enemies would be cool for a game set in the South.