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    Feb 4, 2016
    If you find it, could you post it here? I hate those stupid minigames, I have to do regardless of my character skill.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yeah, remembered it now. It's Immersive Minigames. Haven't tried it, though, so I don't know if it's good or not.

    Hey @Risewild what do you think of that mod?
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    Feb 4, 2016

    I have finally had some time to clear things up, so I made a new list and read through the entire thread. I hope I did not miss anything important, here you go:

    This is 2.0 version of my previous thread. While I enjoyed the it, it got a bit messy and crowded. The idea is the same, we fix and change Fallout New Vegas to make in more similar to Fallout 1 or 2 and we completely disregard Shitout 3 and 4.

    So with that out of the way, here we go:

    1.Mole Rats and Mole Pigs are back, their variation in 3 does not exist.

    2.Deathclaws are the way they were in 1 and 2. Although, some rumours about what could have happened to Goris and Xarn would be nice, nothing concrete.


    Changing ED-E to make him a Navarro creation seems a little convoluted and wouldn't explain all the shit he's got on him, which was really the best thing about him (he doesn't talk, he's all visuals). Since the Capital Wasteland is being disregarded, we can safely consider it unestablished virgin territory and use it to our advantage. I think the best course of action is to tweak the dialogue in ED-E's tapes to never mention the Enclave by name but to subtly imply he's from a remnant group of theirs, maintaining his mission and foreshadowing the remnants in the Mojave.

    Alternatively, the Enclave thing could be scrapped entirely and he could be a tool used by Ulysses; instead of the weirdly shoehorned thing about the Divide copying him, Ulysses could have simply reactivated the facility and had it produce eyebots to send away into the wasteland for whatever reason (maybe to observe, maybe to find the Courier). The logs you'd unlock would be from research staff before the war talking about the warheads in hushed whispers and the final log by Ulysses, talking to himself like he always does.

    Either way, there would need to be other eyebots roaming the Mojave (or at the very least, broken down in places) to provide a context for ED-E now that DC is no longer canon. Given their lack of armaments, they'd probably just be a civilian-oriented version of the Floating Eyebot for the first two Fallouts.

    4.Bloatflies can stay as they make sense and are just disgusting.

    5.a)Mirelurks they can mostly stay as a giant crabs, but their king counterparts could be redesigned to look less like humans.

    B)They stay the way the are, because camp guardian gave black lagoon vibe. Choose one.

    6.Harold DID NOT become a tree. He either wanders around or we hear some rumours about him.

    7.The explanation for the redesigns of laser and plasma weaponry.
    Wattz's contracts were beginning to get a bit too pricey for the US army's tastes so they started making their own (unfortunately sub-par) energy weapons. This way you could also have an additional tier of weaker energy weapons to justify the pistol in Doc Mitchell's house.

    8.Addiction to things like rad-away, nuka-cola and many other drugs is back.

    9.a)The after effects of drugs are back (Buffout made you stronger for the time, but then you were weaker for a while)

    b)I'd just rather have it that addiction wasn't so easy to get rid of. Ideally, Doctors wouldn't cure you but they'd have you gather the ingredients for "Fixer" (which is now a post-war cocktail of disgusting things) and make it for you. Maybe you need to take several doses over time to make it work or maybe the scavenger hunt was enough work as is; either way, drugs would be more of a gamble and addiction-preventing perks would be more valuable.

    c)I think the addiction system is simultaneously too easy and too hard. Certain drugs should be easier to kick and certain drugs should be hard to kick.


    a)Hardcore Drugs:

    b)Nuka Cola Addiction:

    10.Damage Specific damage thresholds and resistance are back.

    11.a)Radiation bomb kills everyone in Camp Searchlight leaving the town empty, but with the defence system still active that shoots everything that comes close.

    b)Taking away the ghouls isn't necessary, just don't make them flash-ghoulified NCR soldiers. Perhaps a few straggler feral ghouls (or maybe even Endless Walkers) wanders in and takes up residence, attracted by the radiation. the area would also be a lot deadlier, making a radiation suit mandatory. So the mission is to wander into a deadly town, completely silent except for your own breathing; you wander in and out of buildings looking for the corpses of fallen soldiers while carefully keeping your distance from the rotting men and women who hover around you like ghosts, looking as if they're almost aware of their surroundings. You'd have to be careful of both the robotic defences the NCR set up having gone haywire and not to get too close to the ferals who now will, just like in Fallout 1, only take offence with you if you invade their personal space.

    c)What if they turned into something different and new because a third party was there (solicited by the scientist from camp McCarran) doing some research on chemical weapons or some such thing? That chemical mixed with radiation turned them into something new? Take that idea or a similar one and give it to a better writer.... I think it could work. Im sure someone could make it work given time. Took me like 1 minute to come up with it and I'm creatively bankrupt. <-By R.Graves

    12.Fatman removed leaving only Esther, which is now considered a prototype that will affect the user and his enemies.

    13.Ghouls can not run anymore. Mr Fish, gave this link:

    14.Centaurs from Fallout 1 and 2 are back, the ones in 3 are removed. Those things looked horryfing, unlike those in 3.

    b)If someone were to create 3d version of the original centaurs that'd be amazing but I still think we should keep fo3's variation simply because when playing fo1 & 2 I never got the impression that the way the centaur looked was supposed to be the way every centaur looked. I got the impression that in concept these things were supposed to be uniquely mutated abominations each and every one. So maybe just keep Moe as the fo3 variant as iirc Tabitha says he's cuter or somehow preferable to all other centaurs. <<< R.Graves

    15.This one is a matter of opinion. If you like t-45 then keep it.
    a)Power Armour t-45 redesigned and replaced with the mod from Fallout New Vegas.

    b)The T-45 doesn't need to be changed. It looks like a prototype, which it is, so everything's hunky-dory with it.

    16.Also Mines in general, can not be disarmed by jumping on the them and pressing E, that is just ... I want to say stupid, but I think it is understatement.

    b)Every Fallout game has a lot of faulty mechanics. 1 and 2 allowed you to inject enemies with hundreds of Super Stimpaks and then watch them die slowly as they all wear off.

    c)I think for mines you could have it be tied to your explosives skill. The lower your skill the more likely you are to fail to successfully disarm the mine, although I could see that getting very frustrating fast.

    I think this would be too complicated to actually fix, so it might as well be dismissed as mechanics.

    17.Special matters more than in Vanilla. Self explanatory:

    18.Pipboy 3000 can "fuck off". Replaced by a pipboy 2500 from mod. That or orginal pipboy. Also, the pipboy is not sealed onto the user's wrist, like it was in shitout 3. <--More Lore breaking <--Less Lore Breaking

    19.a)Power Armour Training Scrapped, power armour can be used without one.

    b)I thought Power Armour Training was a clever way of limiting its use, but it could admittedly use a few more characters teaching it rather than just the Brotherhood and add Technical Manual, as a hard to acquire alternative.

    c)Jsawyer mod address this, you could use the power armor without pre-existing knowledge. But if you have the perks, it removes the agility debuff and adding extra strength

    20.a)Sentry bots and other robots (Mr.Handy and others) that were redesigned are replaced with their Fallout 1 and 2 counterparts.

    b)The Sentry Bot from Fallout 2 and the one in Fallout 3 are different enough that hey can safely be considered separate models. Plus, I like the Fallout 3 one; it's one of the few things in that game that fit the setting.

    c)It could potentially be argued that robots in New Vegas don't look too different to there original forms.

    Like, for example if you look at Sentry Bots, the only noticable differences are that they have four legs instead of two, and wheels instead of walking. There weaponry/heads/toughness correlates pretty much with the 1 and 2 version.

    As for Mr Handies, if you ignore that they suddenly lack a couple of arms, there models have very little difference.

    Alternatively there is a mod in the works to make a classic style Mr Handy here It's not finished yet so it's not much use. <<< By JO'Geran

    21.Fast Travel Stays the way it is, without it the game would be too tedious like bleed me dry or NCR outposts. However, it is expanded upon with random Encounters. Thanks to @Earth for the link:

    b)The alternative to the fast travel is to replace it with brahmin caravans, cars and such that can travel to certain places by using money. If you pay, it will get you there fast or you can walk on your own. It would need a lot of ironing out.

    c)Make Fast Travel hubs, I mean shouldn't there be SOME transportation system?

    d)Alternative idea here, why not make a form of travel map like in 1/2. It'd be entirely optional, and time passes far slower than in the previous games, but there would be a chance of coming across random encounters such as Radscorpions or some shit.

    22.Gauss Rifle, this one deserves a separate point. The gauss rifle from Fallout 1 and 2 is back, and the variant we see in 3 and New Vegas is either a prototype, a separate model or just removed.

    b)Honestly, the Gauss Riffle just looks like a slightly graphically updated version of the classic one. You just need to replace the Ammo-Type and its settled.

    23.Fire ants that breathe fire are explained in New Vegas by eating a lot of gunpowder from military trucks.

    b)If this rewrite is assuming that Fallout 3 never happened, Fire Ants don't need to be explained, since this would be the first game they appeared in.

    24.Vault 34: If having the ghouls there is the main issue, then that could be changed in a similar manner to Searchlight. Perhaps a fire-fight caused by a riot killed almost all the residents and the ghouls moved in later or perhaps when they decided to finally open the Vault door it was to a cave filled with ghouls and a malfunctioning sealed armoury door meant they couldn't access their own weapons, leading to their demise.

    25.Caesar should not forgive you, if you: destroyed legion in Nelson, cottonwood cove, slave camp then found out mole in mc carran, gotten rid of van grafs and omertas plan.

    b)The alternative is 3 deeds that will be forgiven. After that, no more forgiving the courier. Also, if you Nuke the Legion you will be hated and can never be forgiven.

    26.The rewards for Sierra Madre are lowered. The goldbars cannot be obtained by using exploits and such, they are also much heavier. The voucher gives only 100 chips each time.

    27.Nuka-Cola should be rads free and there should be less inexplicably edible pre-war food products.

    b)FO:NV had a lot of pre-war food items from FO3 but one of NPCs makes fun of that. This is part of FO3 corrupting the expectations of the series thus Obsidian had to meet new fans half-way. <<< CaptJ

    28.Arcade Ganon shouldn't talk about not being able to make stimpaks but instead is looking for a cheaper alternative. (The bitter drink). Also, cut all references to FO3 from him and Veronica.

    29.Disguise System:

    It was originally going to be tied to the Deception skill in Van Buren. First thing that needs fixing is how companions react to being told carry faction armor. Maybe find a way to remove faction affiliation from armor using spray paint or something. <<< CaptJ

    30.Feral Ghouls are no longer part of the cannon. No more running zombies towards you. Instead they should behave just like in Fallout 1 and 2, where they won't attack you, but they will take offence if you come to close.

    31.Feral Ghouls are replaced by walking ones, in a limited quantity.

    32.The crashed vertibird in New Vegas is now guarded by one unique robot, that guards it, instead of level based spawns. Maybe they could be replaced with a single unique Mr. Gutsy that was the vehicle's co-pilot, or the robots could be an Enclave search party that stopped functioning properly when they lost contact with Navarro. The latter would require some backstory to be inserted somewhere but considering that it was transporting the only Tesla cannon prototype in the Mojave and presumably California, it's not too far-fetched to think that they would want it back. <-Brivoo

    33.Or just make FO3 semi-canon. A small Enclave detachment clashed with a rogue Brotherhood chapter over some unspecified piece of technology. That fits perfectly fine in-universe, and you can ignore horrible things like Girdershade and Little Lamplight <-@peadar87

    Actually, something like that could work, except instead of the Fallout 3 Brotherhood it's the Tactics Midwestern Brotherhood. "Some Enclave headed east." Maybe they ran into the Midwestern Brotherhood and got into a small war. <@Earth

    34.Little Yangtze Ghouls: Little Yangtzhe is filled with "communist scum" which have been randomly picked up by robots and other artificial intelligences, fitted with collarrs and dumped into the camp. These could just be random wastelanders, lobotomites or whatever. Alternatively, ghouls which have been deliberately created by the Think Tank because they're evil pricks like that.
    Either way, everybody/thing in the Big MT has a shaky grasp of time anyway, so the fact there aren't actually any real communists around anymore is irrelevant. ← @DVL

    35.Yao Guais: Redesigned, so they do not like like they are falling apart or ghouls.

    36.Old World Blues: Due to complaints of @Mr Fish, I have decided to post some separate ideas.

    a)The OWB is just as part of the canon.

    b)Night Stalker and Cazadore explanation and other things by Mr Fish:

    I disagree, I don't think that the player is entitled to have every answer handed to them on a silver platter. I find it shoehorned in whenever all the lore to explain the mysteries are conveniently located near enough so that the player can get their answer. Hell, in real life we don't always get answers to our questions. Some things that happen remain a mystery. It isn't until experts are brought in that they are able to unveil those mysteries and expose them for what they really are. And I don't exactly see the wasteland as an equivalent to our real world where experts and knowledge and resources can be allocated to such things with ease. We are not entitled to an explanation for everything. They could have an origin, a backstory that the developers know of but which they won't tell the player of. Something that they might save for a future game or DLC or whatever. But just cause there is an origin doesn't mean it should be shoehorned in. Nighstalkers being a hybridization experiement? I'm fine with that. It makes sense. But sadly that comes tied with OWB and I can't fucking stand OWB.

    37.Brahmin Pulled Wagons and others – problem is Gamebryo limitations, although Fallout Frontier is working on something similar.

    38.Dead Money:

    a)The speakers are removed, replaced by frenzy security holograms and a ghost attack.

    The first one is self explanatory, the second one would work like this: each time you do something loud like shooting, triggering a mine or something there is a chance a group of ghost people will spawn nearby.

    It increases each time but resets once the event happens.

    39.Lonesome Road: get rid of the stupid ending where it destroys both sides. It also makes no sense as there aren't enough nukes to destroy entire wasteland. It should lower the amount of soldiers of both factions and you wouldn’t be able to trade with them anymore. Basically give more consequences to nuking either of the sides and cutting them off from reinforcements and trade.

    40.Karma is Overhauled: Like, if you kill Fiends, Powder Gangers or any other type of Raider, you get good karma, despite the fact that it could be in self defence, or for personal gain(Clearing them out now, so you don't have to deal with them once you've taken Vegas, or for the sakes of getting bounty money)

    Similarly, faction specific actions very rarely award evil karma. You can call an orbital strike on an NCR base, or nuke both Legion and NCR, and yet still not get evil karma, because it's presumed your doing it to support your favourite faction.

    Unless you resort to consistently murdering people on whims, or petty theft, it's ridiculously hard to be classed as evil. ← Jo'Geran

    b)Karma is replaced with general reputation and such: We don't need a binary number telling you whether you are a "Brotherhood Buddy" or a "Despicable ask-for-money slavery loving ghoulaphobic sadist".

    Just improve the reputation system and companions. ← Sarcastic Good Guy

    c)I think Karma would be hardly missed if it were removed, but it needs something in its place. The general feeling (which I share) seems to be that there needs to be something that enhances what little roleplaying the karma system provided; i.e. bad karma players will often be known for their cruelty or get more amoral results in conversation. Faction reputations are good and all, but it seems odd that one can essentially become Deputy King of Caesar's glorified fan-club and there will still be factions who have no idea who you are.

    A good replacement could be the reputation system they used in PoE, or rather the enhanced one they're planning for PoE II. Each type of response gets you a certain reputation, and you come to be known for those types of attitude; people will recognise as the silent type/cruel despot/complete jackass that you are. On top of that, the enhanced system makes it so one is only known for lying when they are bad at it and will not be recognised by people who have no reason or means to know them.

    If a karma system is absolutely necessary, then it needs to be on two axes instead of one. The most obvious example would be the D&D alignment chart, where a distinction is drawn between what is moral and what is lawful; this would remove one of the most common complaints that killing a raider nets you good boy points, put taking their stuff removes it.

    One could also add a perk whose effects change depending on moral standing, like the Lonesome Road coat.

    However, regardless of the changes, the karma placements need a serious straightening out. There are multiple instances throughout the game that, due to oversight or a bug, completely break the system, and others that just don't make sense. Making Caesar more complex and interesting by giving him neutral karma is nice and all, but smacks as something of a contradiction when all of the people who follow his orders are marked as evil. ← Brivoo

    41.Minigames that the player is forced to do are removed:

    42.MORE TYPES OF BOOKS OF ALL KINGS. Seriously, why are there only pre-war books and damaged books? Are there no individual books and such?

    43.Your Reputation/karma/deeds/equipment and such affects the NPCs around. If you are going through Freeside in a power armour with a plasma caster, why does a thug with pool cue attack you?

    44.Bottle Caps are no longer main currency (carried from shitout 3).

    45.Ghouls and Marked man no longer heal from RADIATION, however. They could have developed a mutation something like Rad Child that does not kill them, which heals their injuries but not their limbs.

    b)I'm fine with ghouls being healed by radiation since Fallout is based more on what radioactivity was understood to be in the 50's rather than today. Failing that, there's also the other FoBible chapter that says they might be a result of airborne FEV, so eh.

    I would like it more if ferals went back to be what they were; shambling husks of their former selves who might only attack when you get too close. It would be interesting to see them congregate in groups in cordoned-off sections of the Vegas sewers or abandoned towns, and the player having to navigate through them hoping to god they don't provoke any of them. There could also be some who have lost the will to even move, easily confused for corpses; should the player try to loot them, they would be startled and go hostile.

    The role of Bethesda's ferals could be taken up by Desert Walkers, banished ghouls who have gone mad from the desert heat. Some of them may be normal ghouls and some of them may be shamblers, who only attack you when you get within their range. The normal ghouls could carry simple meelee weapons and would be tougher than their sane cousins due to the harsh rays of the sun hardening their skin to a leather-like state.

    Lastly, Feral Ghouls in the traditional sense could still exist, but it would be explicitly explained that they are not so because of some inevitable part of ghoul ecology; rather, they are unique ghouls who have, for some reason or another, been trapped in various inescapable places or otherwise placed in isolation for an unbearable amount of time, causing them to regress to their more animalistic instincts. They might not even have to be hostile; depending on how they had to adapt to survive and how long they've been isolated, they could be shier, more open to friendship or even speak a tiny bit. ← Brivoo

    If I come up with anything else I will post some more.

    In any case, I would like to hear your opinions on the subject?

    Edits to several points (3, 7, 9, 11,15,19,20), thanks to @Brivoo

    More edits, thanks to @R.Graves and @CaptJ. Thank for all the suggestion.
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    Immersive minigames is made by two TTW team members that are genius modders (Pintocat and Gribbleshnibit8) so of course it is a quality mod :ok:.
    I only have good things to say about that mod.

    Also if anyone is interested in an alternative way to open locked doors, you can try Puppetron's (also a TTW team member) Better Breaching mod, which allows the player to use it's explosives and/or repair skills to open doors (craft breaching charges or Lock Shims), allows also to shoot the doors with shotguns and force them with knives IIRC.
  5. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Just to make sure, you know that the pipboy 2000 that the Vault Dweller and the Chosen One use in the older games was a wrist mounted pipboy, right?
    It didn't show in the character's sprites but it mentioned that it is a wrist one ingame and in the Fallout 1 manual.

  6. Ediros

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    Feb 4, 2016
    I am well aware of that. I don't like pipboy 3000 which has badly placed buttons. Those were 2 mods suggested by NMA members, so I put them. I don't know any other mods like these myself + pipboy 3000 with it's glove were terrible.
  7. Kadscaner

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    Feb 4, 2016
    I'd like to keep the Karma system, but I agree it deserves and overhaul. You could do something where negative karma gives you the ability to intimidate people like with the Terrifying Presence perk. Then with good karma you could get kinda the opposite where you can calm people down easier (bonus barter/speech?).

    Also I'd like to see more fucking patrols. They're are hardly any. A few traders and then NCR & Legion. I'd like if the gun runners actually ran weapons around the Mojave and the Followers would go around aiding settlements.

    Edit: also let me play as a ghoul/psyker/mutant dammit. You could give a bonus to radiation resistance at the cost of less charisma.
  8. NMLevesque

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Mines that aren't proximity mines should not be proximity mines, which isn't how any actual military builds them. I mean how the fuck do you disarm it if it blows up as soon as you get close? There's a reason real mines respond to pressure, sound, or vibration; use magnetism or tripwires. Either you trigger them, or you avoid the trigger mechanism and can then disarm them which should be with an explosives check. Obviously tools are required, and highly specialized tools are sometimes necessary for other obvious reasons.
  9. NMLevesque

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Actually labeling all their raiding activities as past and potential future is just being myopic. All you've done is draw an arbitrary line in the sand, and then invoked Godwin's law. Nazi Germany was a different administration and form of government than what it replaced. The Great Khans are just the survivors of the same group. Kind of like all those Nazis that fled to Brazil and wherever, and tried to continue what they were doing. Just because they didn't manage to enact a second holocaust doesn't mean they stopped being Nazis. Nor is the Great Khans talk of raiding propaganda like Nazi Germanys claim of being a democracy. It's literally what they've been doing since they were ever called the Khans. Assuming they aren't doing it atm is the one that should be discarded. Reading between the lines is part and parcel for the series. Or are we going to act as though in the olden days everyone just stood around getting shot, while waiting for their turn to attack? Try reading All Roads. Then remember that Vikings were still raiders when they worked as mercs for hire, and not just because some of their jobs were 'go raid this village'. Last time I checked there was no standard for the amount of time passed since your last raid, to no longer be a raider. I mean do high end art thieves stop being high end art thieves because it takes them years to plan the next big job?
  10. NMLevesque

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    Jul 2, 2016
    The original gauss rifles were coilguns and the later ones railguns, which are distinctly different (attraction vs the lorentz force). It would make the most sense to keep both, but to stop calling them gauss guns/pistols/rifles. The railgun would be a single shot weapon, because that's how they work, and would do high damage per shot (due to the much higher velocities they can achieve, which is literally their only advantage). Whereas the coilgun could fire I suppose semi-automatically would be the most realistic, but wouldn't offer such extreme damage per shot. Honestly I'm not sure what the advantage over conventional firearms would be since it's velocity doesn't scale up as well as a railgun, and no that's not a about power supply logistics. The "barrel" can only get so long before it becomes impractical, but more coils are exactly what you need which increase barrel length.
  11. Black Angel

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    Damn you guys are the best!

    Oh, and is the Immersive Minigames compatible with Better Breaching mod? Please say yes
  12. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    They should be.
    Try them out and tell me if you have any problems (which I doubt) and I will contact the authors directly about it, since I talk to them regularly :nod:.
  13. CaptJ

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    Bethesda titles run with the video game equivalent of Hollywood logic basically what people expect to happen. While it is really stupid at times, I do get why they do it. It is like thinking falling into water would be fine.

    While I get Ghouls not being able to run is more lore-friendly, I think that just makes things more annoying especially with Ghoul companions.

    FO:T allowed players to control a non-human but it didn't allow players to create one. This makes me think of how S.P.E.C.I.A.L. should work with specific races. Is a Super Mutant 7 STR the same as a human? Does have a different ceiling or floor? I feel Arcanum really it right in a game that let you play as many different races.

    Edit: I think that it is possible to turn into a ghoul in Van Buren. I imagine that requires passing an END and LCK check. Lore-wise the two biggest advantage of a ghoul is radiation resistance and longevity. I guess you can make rad-resistance matter more and increase the level cap. For Super Mutants, I guess give them a minimum STR and take points from pre-FEV INT to put into post-FEV STR to meet the minimum requirement.

    I had an idea about the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam. When I listen to the cut post game dialogue in FO:NV, I thought "Why would some of these people even talk to you?". Maybe it was a disguise but everyone would know who you are. I was also wondering what would they react if the side that you backed didn't win. It made me think of a more complicated version of the timer in FO1 where there is more actions to delay the timer. I'm thinking that not fighting in the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam would result on the most powerful side winning but having the dam blown up the losing side (the default winner is Caesar's Legion). I think that it is necessary to encourage players to participate in the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam even if the faction that they like is in the advantage. To me, the real problem with the second timer in FO1 is aside from Necropolis the game doesn't show the other town being attacked until the ending.

    I had an idea that I was brewing for a while that I decided to call Abilities similar to the Skills. Abilities gives context the skills. Unlike perks, they only need to meet the requirements and deactivate when the requirements are no longer met. For example, 40 Science and 5 INT is required to do "SQL Injections" and drinking to reduce your INT below 5 would deactivate the Ability.
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    Mar 24, 2017
    I hate radiant quests with a burning passion because of Fallout 4. In skyrim for the most part the radiant quests had a goal. In Fallout 4 there is no goal its just endless quests with no meaning. If NV had well written and purposeful radiant quests then I think that could possibly help it. Possibly is the key word though
  15. Ediros

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    Feb 4, 2016
    Don't turn this thread into shitout 4 discussion. And radiant quests are just a cancer to all games.

    This thread is about NV and I am glad there are no radiant quests.
  16. Brivoo

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    Jan 20, 2016
    I thought the radiant quests in Skyrim were ok. They weren't the spectacular revolutionary technology promised by The Todd Himself (obviously), but they were only ever utilised for bounties and the like; a few mods even expanded on them, adding a bunch of new quest types. If the pretence of infinite gameplay was dropped and they were remodelled as a quick way to make some cash, i.e. going to a saloon and asking if anyone needs some work done, I'd probably be fine with them.
  17. CaptJ

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    Jan 19, 2016
    I prefer the idea of random encounters more than radiant quests. Random encounters are harder to prepare for and it benefits from the randomness in hammering the whole "opportunity knocks quietly" thing.
  18. Brivoo

    Brivoo Powered by Radiant AI

    Jan 20, 2016
    I also prefer random encounters, but having one doesn't exclude the other. Radiant quests are more beneficial as resource-gathering, something interesting to do to get some quick cash; Random encounters are more of a world-and-character-building type, showing life in the wasteland in the wasteland and giving a very "you'll never believe what happened to me out in the desert" kind of vibe.

    For the record, I don't think New Vegas would benefit from radiant quests or that adding them in should even be considered; it's too tight an experience. Sure, you could feasibly farm for XP in West Vegas or one of the DLC areas, but that's not how you're supposed to do it; you're meant to grow stronger through quests. It also doesn't fit the general narrative of the game; New Vegas takes place during a very specific timespan (from when you're shot to the Second Battle of Hoover Dam) and having such a day-to-day activity in it would seem odd and out of place.
  19. naossano

    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    It is not because Fallout 3 doesn't exist as a game that there couldn't be some Enclave facilities around Washington DC. It is the capital. It makes sense for the remnants of the governements to have people there.

    I wouldn't mind an handfull of repeatable quests, like *protect the caravan*, *kill faction x patrols near that area*, *watch this casino entrance for troublemakers*, *tame some bighorners for Jacobson*. Not necessary random things, but that could give a few caps.
  20. CaptJ

    CaptJ The Rival of Roquefort Hall

    Jan 19, 2016
    I don't know. Some people are questioning whether RPGs should give Exp. just for killing enemies. I was thinking about something like having certain mob encounters no longer giving Exp. in a FO1/2 random encounter system.