New Vegas: Blood Ties

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    Jacob caught the code that the Vault Dweller gave him. Was he involved with the Enclave somehow? That was one possibility yes, the other was that he was an NCR agent who somehow was catching on to Jacob's charade. It just wasn't worth the risk, so in the instant after James used the code, Jacob fell behind his lies once more.

    "Can't say I bother with old word broadcasts." Jacob said, then added for good measure. "Does the Eagle Still Fly sounds like an American propaganda song honestly, and I can't say I've heard it before." Jacob finished, content with his lie. He gave what appeared outwardly to be an amiable look, though underneath the desk, where the dweller's vision was obscured Jacob gripped his plasma pistol, ready to whip it out should things go south. He would need to keep a very close eye on this Vault Dweller. If he made assumptions, and decided to even suggest that Jacob was a member of the Enclave to the rest of the group, Jacob would kill him.

    In a similar subtlety, GU-DR rotated it's arms so that the flamer was aimed, albeit nonthreatening at the Vault Dweller. It had also picked up on the code and was growing suspicious. Such information was dangerous, and could hinder the mission should it be leaked. The censors were obviously not doing their job, keeping such codes out of the hands of the general public.
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    James hand was near his gun. He could feel as the atmosphere in the room changed. Both occupants tensed, ready for a fight if necessary.

    Maybe this man wasn't part of the Enclave... James cell of the Enclave was always reclusive from the main body of the enclave, and after the great loss they only continued to isolate themselves. James had hoped this man would be able to help him reunite the shattered remains of the Enclave.

    James knew he would have to watch this man closely in the future.

    "You're probably right, it probably is just an old world propaganda."

    James appeared to relax in an attempt to bring the conversation back from the brink.

    "We better head back to see what's up. Let's do a little more scaving and then rejoin the group and see if we need to go help out those two that separated from the group."

    This man was dangerous to have as an enemy. James would have to keep his eyes open and his ear to the ground if he was going to get through this ordeal alive.
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    After warning the main group, Eric searched around for Jacob and James. After a few minutes, he found the two men in a computer room.

    Although they were having what seemed to be an amiable conversation, the apprehension these two had for eachother was palpable.

    'All I need is a firefight breaking out now while fiends, or whoever the fuck comes in to check up on the group and finds out everyones dead.'

    'Hey, if you two are going to get it on, I'll leave the room. Just an FYI, picked up a communication relay. NCR scouts reported an armed group of unidentified individuals within our vicinity. Whether or not these are the guys who interrogated me I do not know. What I do know is prudent planning raises our survival rate by 50%'

    Both man laughed and proceeded to call Eric a faggot.

    'As long as you two keep your shit together, I don't give a fuck what ya call me.'