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  1. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    We haven't seen beast mode in quite awhile though. I'd like to see a rejuvenated Marshawn. He's a west coast dude, he'll buy into PC's ebullience.

    Merits of Patriots offense up to now is a moot point (they are #1 in DVOA too for all you Sabermetrics freaks).
    But they obviously lost a huge dimension to their offense so they'll need to have a whole different look going forward. He must've been one hella contract year diva to get run off like that. Which I don't doubt. On the field, the guy has been an A+ for the Patriots, can't knock him for his production. But evidently Randy can't handle contract years, let him be somebody else's headache.
    Next malcontent to liquidate: Logan Mankins.

    Good luck to Randy in Minny, he's actually going to play a 17 game season with games against GB, Patriots, Revis and Jets again. Should be fun.
  2. UniversalWolf

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    Aug 28, 2005
    I love that all the stupid Marshawn Lynch to GB rumors are over, and I love all the new trade rumors swirling since the Moss deal. Steve Smith to NE is a pretty good one. I doubt that'll happen, but I hate seeing Steve Smith languish on that lousy team in Carolina.

    My favorite is DeAngelo Williams to GB. I would support that move 100%, and Ted is a thousand times more likely to make that trade than the Lynch deal. Unfortunately 1000 x 0 = 0.

    Moss is going to thrive in Minnesota, unfortunately.

    They've looked bad the last two weeks, no doubt about it. Now Burnett is on IR and Bigby won't be back for a couple weeks yet. Woodson will have to play some safety I think. It's looking like a rough patch for sure. Still, Washington is a team they should beat if they play well. If they come out and lay an egg again, it'll be very, very bad.

    They're going to get a bunch of players back from the PUP list though (James Starks, Al Harris, Bigby) so that might make a difference.

    Watching the Giants pummel Cutler was the most fun I've had so far this season.
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    Apr 3, 2003
    I was wondering when our resident Vikings fan would pipe in on this trade.

    Yeah, it should make them better. Hell, it should cure the majority of their ails since the popular fan/media claim is Favre is only horrifyingly bad because he lacks WRs.

    Cimms: I do have to wonder at Patriots policy sometimes. Giving a clear unambiguous message to contract holdouts is great, but I would be curious to see how much more value the Pats could wrangle out of some trades given more patience or foresight.

    I guess it's just the times since all players are going cheap, and no one argues with a 1st for Wilfork or Branch. But Moss would've had more value in better context (particularly, if his contract didn't end this year).
  4. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    I heard V-Jax thrown out there too, but I don't see that happening. They seem to be clearing house of all the headcases (Adalius Thomas) though so as not to pollute the impressionable young kids.

    He will, for a while. He was a pretty good soldier here for a few years, and production wise I think he was more than we ever expected (50TDs). He was down and out when the Pats got him though and willing to work for very little.
    Ultimately he wants to get paid though, and he's got the same contract until the Vikes do otherwise. So I don't see him behaving perfectly going into a potential lockout with no paycheck.

    I have to admit the Giants have grown on me like an acquired taste growing up near NY. I love to see them rise up and strike teams when they are down, but then they always get loose and play down to their competition.
    Coughlin's fascist schtick has run it's course, I think a guy like Cowher would make a great fit for the New York Football Giants.

    A 3rd shocked me at first (they got a 2nd for Cassell!). And I think they probably could've milked more out of Minny or at least fish for feigned interest from another party to drive up the trade bait (ye olde Scott Boras move). But more and more stories are coming out here now (sour grapes rationalization?) that things were beginning to sour, and if you're not going to re-sign him, then cut him loose before he shuts it down completely - his end at Oakland and Minny were not pretty and Bill didn't want that going on in a locker room full of green rookies.

    I think time will tell, it's becoming more and more apparent that BB is still gearing up for one final campaign with Brady and he's going to the original formula of unheralded, lunchpail, coachable "football players". The gems of the dynasty were Troy Brown, Teddy Bruschi types. Smart, versatile football players who carry out their assignments. (Hence the Meriweather benching)

    The BB free agency big name bonanza (Adalius Thomas, Moss, Burgess et al) clearly had bad results. It was a feeble attempt to stave off post-Greatest Show on Turf type decline.

    Generally the FO gets the benefit of the doubt, they've shown a propensity for knowing when to cut guys loose, that never end up doing much later on (McGinest, Branch, Vinatieri, Teddy Washington, Seymour, Maroney, Bledsoe etc.). Asante Samuel is an exception, but they just let him play out his contract (imagine that Randy, playing out your contract!).

    Their talent pool is certainly more shallow, no doubt. However, are they a better, more cohesive "team"? I think this is the route they are going.
    I'm not happy that they keep pulling these in-season moves that almost speak of defeatism, but I do like the fact that they seem to have a clear, cohesive, long-term plan instead of just throwing money around to every slapdick that's on the market.

    But if these picks don't manifest themselves in the form of Ty Laws and Richard Seymours it's gonna get ugly.

    Ultimately, is Randy Moss w/o a contract in 2011 a guy you can depend on down the stretch? No. In bad weather, tight defensive games, playoff games are you going to get a tough, resilient, mentally strong player that will subside his ego for the team? I wouldn't want to bet money on it.

    There will be no more sexy, one-handed grabs in the back of the end-zone for the Patriots though.
    But you see, this is where the Pats and fans have lost their way.
    Brady won 3 SBs with a group of #2s (Branch, Troy Brown, Patten). And we all here said "let Manning and Harrison have the numbers and records, we'll take the hardware thank you". Tom Brady's favorite receiver used to be the open receiver, he forces it way too much to Moss on deep throws that just aren't there. Then we fell in love with the longball. I'll take dink and dunk and a FG all the way to SB glory any day over Randy Moss' circus catches and no hardware.
    Pats need to go back to their old ways.
  5. Murdoch

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    Nov 24, 2003
    The Vikings' plan is pretty clearly a one-season-at-a-time thing, they want to win a Superbowl this year and rebuild next.

    Fuck Moss the personality, fellate Moss the receiver.

    This is Favre's last year, and there is no good QB backup.

    Once Rice returns from his salary tantrum and surgery things may start to mesh rather nicely. The question is whether the Vikings can hold a record together long enough to leave them a postseason opening before that happens.

    TL;DR The 'queens will now be more fun to watch either in their implosion or triumph. Next year will be a different story though.
  6. UniversalWolf

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    Aug 28, 2005
    Four games in and the Packers are falling apart. Nick Barnett is lost for the season, and Nick Collins is hurt and might not play this weekend. Not looking good.
  7. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    Colts are hurting real bad too. Like Manning needs more reasons for another MVP award. :roll:
  8. TwinkieGorilla

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    Oct 19, 2007
    we're fucked. if i told you i was excited about this season i'd be-, i wouldn't even lie about it.

  9. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    Flippity-floppity douchebag sportswriter fight!

    <EMBED SRC="" flashvars="v=" height="360" width="633" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" bgcolor="#ffffff"></EMBED>
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    Apr 3, 2003

    It's so pointless when really, most sportswriters are.

    PS: anyone else consider how depth chart wise Moss is actually a kinda odd addition? He doesn't really help fill the void left by Rice since Rice was there to run slant routes.

    Instead, their top-3 WRs now are: Randy Moss, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian. Those are ALL deep threats. Are they just going to go deep routes on every down? They lack the protection for it, especially since Favre has zero escapability and barely any pocket presence.

    I might be underestimating the Vikings once again, but I don't think this move is as valuable as some pegged it.

    What's more, Pack (and Lions) fans should be ecstatic about it. The Bears have an aging D and will have a hard time competing on the long term (especially with this treatment of Cutler), and the Vikings, already troubled by a closing window, are slamming it shut and nailing it up, essentially taking themselves out of contention for the next 2-3 years following this run, which still looks unlikely to succeed.

    So what if this year sucks? Let it be the Vikes year (or not, one can hope), they're setting themselves up to hand the Pack a great decade.

    Lions will probably regress because they're still the Lions.
  11. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    It's not, they gave up a 3rd for what amounts to 12-13 games of Moss, and he left NE because of no contract - he still has no contract. So w/o the "security" he says he's due, I don't see all this back-slappy "welcome home" drama bearing fruit. Nor is this suddenly the #1 QB/WR tandem just because "well ya know Favre always wanted to play with Randy?" So what? I'm highly skeptical of Favre's chances of finishing this season on his feet.

    These Minny fans are really in La-La Land, it's like they've built up this bizarre kind of messianic prophecy of Favre and Moss together. Great, they're like a combined 75 years old now and they've never completed a pass to each other. (this is not to say I won't be cheering for them against the Jets this Mon.)

    You have to say they are pretty deep at Offensive skill position though. I think they'd have been better served filling Chester Taylor's void though.

    But, I don't know that it makes all that much sense from the Patriots perspective either since they'd get a 3rd compensatory pick the following year anyway. Unless they really saw him becoming a PITA. But I guess to give up a 4th, use him for what he was worth (essentially a TD per game :shock:) and then cash him in for a 3rd before he reverted back to bad Randy was pretty sound. I think they could've held out for more or accommodated him more - lots of conspiracy theories floating around here I tell ya'.

    It's like the Herschell Walker trade all over again. But you're right, will a team emerge as the beneficiary and use it as the foundation for long term success like Jimmy Johnson and the Cowboys did?

    Here's the problem with the "win now" mentality. If you fail, the coaching staff and FO are fired, so they don't really care what kind of future the org has. Solid FO with stable coaching and QB is the key to long term success, trouble is you have to suck it up and commit to rebuilding and sucking for a few years. It takes balls to do that, and let a guy like Parcells come in a douche out your roster.
  12. UniversalWolf

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    Aug 28, 2005
    Berrian sucks, and Harvin's much more of a Welker-esque, underneath receiver than a deep threat. He's actually sort of a hybrid WR/RB. He was only forced into the outside, deep WR role because of the absence of Rice. Moss will have to be doubled most of the time (unless the defense feels comfortable with leaving Moss one-on-one with the corner), which will open up all the rest of the offense. Harvin and Shiancoe will be open underneath, and Peterson should have even more holes to run through. The o-line still stinks, but adding Moss goes a long way toward covering up that deficiency.

    If they also get Rice back late in the season, look out.

    That's true. It's a win-now-at-any-cost move. But they have to win now. Win or lose it's back to mediocrity next year without Favre, and if they don't get a new stadium they're leaving Minnesota. It's going to take some major political magic/strongarming/corruption for the Vikings to get a new stadium in the current climate even if they're winning.

    Also, there's no guarantee there will even be a season next year. The owners and the union have some major disagreements to iron out if they're going to get a new CBA.

    I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. For one thing, Barnett going on IR means Desmond Bishop should finally see some playing time. I've wanted that to happen for the past three years, because every single time I've seen him play in the preseason he's all over the field destroying the opposition. With Bigby and Harris back from injury in a couple weeks, the secondary can still be good or very good. It might be a rough wait until then, though.

    The two biggest problems are the lack of a running game and the possibility of more injuries. How many more season-enders can GB absorb before it's really over? Not many. The depth just isn't there to cover that up. As for the running game, there are still some options to improve the situation. I've still got my fingers crossed for a DeAngelo Williams deal, because Ted has the players and picks to trade to make a serious offer if he really wants to. Even without that move (which is a safe assumption), we haven't seen what Nance can do yet, much less Starks. Things could still get better.
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    Jul 5, 2003
    Bucs beat the Bungles! 3-1 baby! I love it!

    The Chiefs lost to the Colts but they look legitimate. Their defense actually stopped Peyton, but their offense couldn't handle the job. But they're a good team.

    Redskins beat the Packers after Rodgers throws a bad interception in overtime. Who saw that coming?

    In the mean while, the Giants beat up on the Texans horrible, horrible secondary. Texans could be contenders this year, but they have to get that secondary fixed one way or the other.
  14. Guiltyofbeingtrite

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    Oct 13, 2008
    Every single Washington game has come to the wire, couldn't have asked for a better game. Great hits by Landry and Sellers, as usual.
  15. UniversalWolf

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    Aug 28, 2005
    That's definitely a nice win. Reason for optimism in Tampa.

    I think realistically, the Packers season is over. If everything goes right from here on out they might be able to go 9-7 and sneak into the playoffs, but I doubt it. Too many injuries to overcome at this point.

    At least Mike Neal, Bishop, Pat Lee, and Quarless all looked pretty good today, although Quarless can't block.
  16. Murdoch

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    Nov 24, 2003
    I agree with your assessment and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    A stadium deal was almost completed this legislative session, using revenue from the addition of coin slots to a local horsetrack. It was nixed, though, because the local Indian casino has huge clout in St Paul and didn't want the slot competition. We'll see what happens this spring, but I for one think we have bigger things to worry about than a sports franchise that keeps trying to fuck us in the ass every time it wants a new stadium. Let em go to California and starve at their new stadium.
  17. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    That's funny how the NFL pretends nobody gambles on the NFL and they don't have an issue with gambling revenue funding a stadium, but watch them grandstand on whether or not "Brett Favre sent dirty emails to a staffer" because they need to preserve the sanctity of the NFL's squeaky clean image. Don't listen to Goodell's PR spin, that tells you everything you need to know about right there. It's Moneyball!

    I agree, let the Vikes walk. I see what these new NY parks have done for NYC fans - we'll cry poverty for public funding, then slap you with thousand dollar PSLs. But since we got so greedy and priced things too high, now Mr. Loyal Season Ticket Holder, we're going to sell the seat next to you with no PSL for less. Oh and don't forget the $8 Bud Lights and $7.50 popcorn! Oh and your PSL isn't really a PSL because someone from Jets or Giants owns it on your weeks off. Sucker!
    Oh and here, here's mandatory preseason tickets at FULL PRICE! You have to love how they solved this dilemma. "We listened to the fans and will enhance the season to 18 games." The only reason people complained was because they had to buy those pre-season tickets, not because they wanted more games. Strokers.

    There's something liberating when your season hits that point though. I have none of the usual agita at all watching Patriots since I really have no post-season expectations.
  18. Sander

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    Jul 5, 2003
    And this complaint remains completely retarded. If people don't want to pay for preseason games, then they're obviously buying season tickets at that price without paying attention to the preseason games.
    The team could cut out the preseason games from the package, charge the exact same price and people would not be complaining. How idiotic is that?

    Goddamn Packers fans get depressed way too easily. It's week 5 and you're 3-2. Season over whatnow?
    Yes, lots of injuries, sucks. But this is the NFL, shit turns around quickly sometimes.
  19. TwinkieGorilla

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    Oct 19, 2007
    you're fucking kidding, right?

    season's fucking done. :roll:
  20. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    But at least you had players to lose. After Pats lost Warren and Bodden the only formidable defender they have is Wilfork, and he's not very formidable when you play him at end (to say nothing of the smurfs that fill his role at NT). Then Faulk goes down, dude's only been on the team longer than Belichik and has been one of those invaluable role-players. I gave up on their post-season chances at that point. It wouldn't matter who got hurt now, they're all rookie/2nd year guys. Which will probably benefit the team in JAN.
    That's the beauty.

    A .500 team could easily slip into the playoffs and wreak some havoc. Unless you're playing for a 1 or 2 seed, that's all you need.

    The Bears, Chiefs, Texans, Cardinals, Titans and all these other teams leading their divisions are not still going to be there come Jan. The first two months of parity ball are topsy-turvey. I feel bad for the oddsmakers, they must be losing their shirts.

    Again that '07 Giants season is the posterchild for keeping hope alive. They were calling for Eli and Coughlin's heads halfway through the year. They shouldn't have made the playoffs, they won 3 road playoff games (uncluding a bitchslapping of Dallas and one in OT in frozen tundra of Lambeau by Tynes of all kickers) and beat the only 17-0 team in league history that had previously beaten them Week 17.

    Anything can happen (when Asante Samuel drops a game icing INT).