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    Jun 14, 2014
    Calling all NMAers, calling all NMAers!
    If you're reading this then get to work and start playing FOnline Reloaded, if you're already playing then say so.

    We are starting a NMA FOnline Reloaded group, our group already includes:
    @TorontRayne : The raider, ranger, lockpicker, and sniper. -Toront edit: Took speech like a retard too.
    @Risewild : The wimpy, violence allergic, sneaky medic and drug brewer.
    @Mr Fish : The weapon and armorsmith crafter. (and something else, since Mr Fish is a FOnline Reloaded veteran)
    @Zerginfestor : The Big Guns character that burns everything to a crisp, can also craft equipment.
    @Dami : The Small Guns gunslinger.

    Like Mr Fish said, we now have a real faction with a Base Camp, we also have two buggies for some reason (one seems to have been a present from a thief and the other one seems like I accidentally stole it from someone who had stolen from someone else... ooops...)

    If anyone else is missing then just post and I will add you to the list.

    Join now unless you're a mutant, because No Mutants Allowed!

    EDIT: We usually communicate using the NMA Steam group chat:
    One way of having chat while playing in full screen is to add the Fonline Reloaded .exe to the Steam games (Open Steam, go to the "Games" option on the top, then go to "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library", find the .exe you want and select it. You can even make a Steam shortcut so you can use it to launch the game directly using Steam) and using the overlay to communicate (ctrl+shift).

    -If you just start playing, be careful, the other players are usually assholes, they will kill you on sight in one blow, if you have to check your inventory, character sheet, etc. make it so while you are in the world map or when you are in a settlement/city.

    -If you are carrying a significant amount of caps or some valuable items in bulk, then equip the caps or those items in your offhand slot and do not select it while on maps, this way other players will not be able to see you are carrying this even if they pickpocket you. (Thanks Mr Fish for this tip).
    Also make sure you head straight to your tent, base camp or settlement so you won't risk getting killed and lose all those riches.

    -In this game there is no permadeath but when you die you will lose all of your equipment and whatever you are carrying in your inventory. So avoid carrying expensive or good stuff with you at the start of the game.
    Your items will not be lost if you died in marked areas on the map (any area you can see marked on your world map), so if you died in one of those and want to recover your items, then you need to be quick and go straight there after you respawned. Be careful because what killed you will still be there (enemy NPCs and critters) or might still be there (players), if players are there chances are your items were looted by them and lost.

    -You will die a lot in this game, so be prepared for it.
    It will take a while to respawn. you can track how long till you do by checking the "Replication" countdown on the bottom right of the screen. Once it reaches 0 you will be transported to the closest "recovery" area with 10 HP or so.

    -When you're at least level 2, the game allows one to get a free tent from a quest to kill rats in a farm, if you're confident in your skill to fight you should try to do that quest, if you're not confident then you should try to ask for help from someone else from our faction and we will help you (also even if you're confident but want some extra help or just some company, then just feel free to ask).
    More info and tips about the quest
    After you get your tent you should get out of that map and immediately go out of the world map into the random "playing" map and set up your tent. You need to do this to avoid being killed and lose your tent. Don't worry if you think that your tent is not in a good location, later you will be able to craft more tents if you want to and place them anywhere you want. The tent limit number is 10 so you have plenty of chances to place tents (you can also dismantle old tents if you want to, it will not give you a tent kit back though)

    Why is the tent so important? It allows you to have a safe place to stash your items and caps, so you can store all the good stuff you don't want to lose in case you die. It is also safe and other players will never be able to reach it unless they read a map that shows that location (created by you) or you take them there (while they are tagged to follow you).

    -If you have 100 Outdoorsman skill, you can get a free perk called Ranger that will allow you set Safe Houses instead of tents when you use Tent kits. The safe houses advantage is that they come with a crafting workbench already and I guess they look better, if you care about looks.
    How to get the Ranger Perk

    -You will also be able to store things in our Faction Base Camp (once you're added to the faction). We have plenty of containers already available.

    -Very Important
    Do not give maps to your tents or safe houses to anyone you don't know, also be careful not to lead people to your tents, safe houses and specially to our Faction Base camp.
    Some people out there might be nice just to trick you into leading them to those places so they can loot them.
    If you can do what I did, make a second tent when you can and place it somewhere and leave it empty, if someone asks you to lead them to your tent, lead them to the empty one, that way they will not be able to loot anything and you will be able to see if they are really friendly or trying to trick you.

    -Item Highlighter.
    Sometimes items on the ground are hard to spot. FOnline Reloaded does not have a item highlighter function like we can get with modded classic Fallout games. To mitigate this you will have to use some mods. My advice is to download these files (Just press this button:
    and select Download ZIP.).
    After you download the zip, extract the: HiFootlockers, HiItems and HiItems2 from the file, then zip them all individually again, make sure you only let the "art" folder be inside your zip files, if you allow it to also keep the first folder (the folders called HiFootlockers, HiItems and HiItems2) it will not work (sorry about the complicated method, but this wasn't made by me, so I can't make it easier) and give the same names to your zip files (HiFootlockers, HiItems and HiItems2). Basically make sure that your zip files only contain a folder called "art" and not a folder named something else and then a "art" one inside the first.
    After that place your zip files in your FOnline Reloaded data folder.
    The last step is to open the FOnline file called "DataFiles.cfg" (can be opened in any text processing software) and add this:
    Save the "DataFiles.cfg" after you added those three entries and you're done, from now on you will see the items and horizontal lockers with a highlight around them, I am not sure if it affects all of the items, but it helps a lot.

    -Handy key combination commands:
    Dropping and grabbing stuff in bulk.
    You can use the key combinations ctrl+D and ctrl+G to drop stuff or grab stuff respectively. I never use ctrl+D, but I use ctrl+G a lot. All you have to do is stand on top of any items on the ground and press those two buttons and if you have enough AP you will grab everything at once, this is really handy.
    I think the only things I noticed that are not grabbed using this method is Flint for some reason (it might have been my internet failling, but it seemed to happen with all the Flint piles I tried in the wilderness).

    -Lets do some more modding. You can add these two entries to your "FOnline2238.cfg":
    Now ingame you can press ctrl+W to remove all the wall graphics and ctrl+R to remove all the roof graphics. This helps a lot in some cases.

    -Don't be shy. If you're around and there are others from the faction around, feel free to ask for help, for company or just to tag along with the other players.

    -Have fun. Sometimes it's frustrating to get killed, specially after you just got some nice loot or when you're heading to a settlement full of loot to sell rf with your wallet full of caps. But it is a harsh wasteland, try not to let that put you down.

    -Be aware that the game has what they call "Support Perks", these perks are usually free and you can learn them from NPCs around the world. You are encouraged to check them out and take note of their requirements (so you know if you can get them or not). Support Perks really help characters develop depending on their build.
    Support Perks

    -If a task requires a tool (ex: Gathering Fiber from plants, chopping wood, mining, etc), you need yo equip that tool in your main hand for it to work.

    -Read the wiki.
    If you are confused or curious about something, try searching the FOnline Reloaded Wiki:

    Some useful links:
    FOnline Reloaded Client Download
    FOnline Reloaded Build Advice Guide
    FOnline Reloaded World Map
    FOnline Reloaded Professions
    FOnline Reloaded Perks
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    Sep 11, 2010


    You also missed ZergInfestor and Dami.
    Dami's a Small Guns charcter and Zerg IIRC is going with Big Guns.

    [edit 2]

    We got a base and a proper faction now.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    I should give it ago some time but i just don't play much right now.
  4. Kadscaner

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    Feb 4, 2016
    Planning on downloading FO this Friday, may need some help/advice along the way. But I'd love to play.
  5. Makta

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Edit: Nvm. I just don't think i will be arsed with an MMO anymore.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    I have no idea about servers, sorry :confused:.

    I only seem to have problems when my internet acts up (and it does, usually resulting in my death), but my internet is really bad and just got worst after I got windows 10 :-(, it now disconnects randomly and I have no idea why or if there is a fix.
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    Oct 19, 2006
    If you ever want to try another server, tag me in.
  8. lolpop109

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    Jul 14, 2016
    Just trying to get it set up now
  9. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    So I've been trying out FOnline 2 and in some ways it is better than Reloaded, in other ways, it isn't.

    I dunno which I would like to play more tbh. I might want to switch over to FOnline 2 completely.
  10. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I guess we should have a talk with everyone who is already playing FOnline Reloaded and see what they think about changing, I don't mind whichever FOnline we play as long as we play together (that's the whole point of me joining an online game).

    Since you played both you could try to make a short list of the biggest pros and cons of both (only if you want of course, don't feel pressured), so other players can see if they would like to change from Fonline Reloaded or not.
    I will edit the first post to say we are in standby for the moment until people decide which they want to play, no need to make people join Reloaded if we have a chance of, after that, change to FOnline 2 :aiee:.
  11. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Right, so the differences between the two games. FOnline 2 will be shortened to FO2 and Reloaded will be shortened to FOR.

    Creating a faction:
    In FOR we've already created a faction, all it required was a base which we quickly got up and running. It contains a workbench, plants we can gather fiber from, a still to produce Rotgut, tons of lockers and shit for storage and a slab we can harvest brahmin meat from.
    In FO2 in order to create a faction you need 500K caps (which is a fucking lot) but here's the thing, none of the faction bases come with a proper workbench. All bases only contain a primitive workbench. Meaning that in order to craft better gear you'd need to haul your materials over to a city and craft there.

    FOR's maps are pretty much just base Fallout 1/2 encounter maps and so nothing will really 'wow' you. They often times contain very little you can loot. You'll typically find either broc flower or xander root, never both. You'll find apple trees and fiber plants, but never ore or minerals. You'll find junk in city maps but nothing else.
    FO2's maps on the other hand are very well designed and a lot more varied. Because the game does not contain quarries where you can mine stuff it means that you need to keep your eyes out for ore and minerals in encounter maps. You also scavenge a lot of stuff like tubes or wires or metal parts by searching through mechanical debris, junk, boxes and barrels, which means that maps feel like they got a bit more to them.

    Which brings us to caves.
    In FOR caves might contain something completely random on the ground which you have to carefully look around for but most of the time it is completely useless.
    In FO2 on the other hand caves ALWAYS contain at least 1 skeleton you can loot and I've gotten a Metal Armor MKII. They almost always contain stimpaks and caps. So it feels a lot more rewarding to look around for caves to see what goodies you can find.

    Encounter nodes:
    FOR has none.
    FO2 has encounter nodes often called "Suspicious _____" these things are high reward encounters that will briefly appear on the map and anyone can go in there and loot the stuff or face off against the enemies. For someone who likes to explore it is a big plus.

    Enemy loot:
    In FOR humanoid enemies has the barest amount of loot that the devs could get away with. Looting enemies often feels useless. The weapon quality is subpar, it is hard to sell the weapons at NPC stores and dismantling them feels like a chore.
    In FO2 humanoid enemies contain far more loot and it feels far more rewarding to get gear from them. Add to that that crafting is more difficult in this game and you'll appreciate the loot far more AND NPC's are not as stingy about what they'll buy so you can easily sell the stuff you don't want.

    Misc 1:
    In FOR you do not get exp for scavenging junk (cause you can't scavenge junk) or cutting trees or mining.
    In FO2, you do. So if you're having a difficult time to level up then just go out and explore and scavenge/mine stuff.

    Misc 2:
    In FOR picking up broc flower and Xander root demands 3 action points, meaning that once you run out you have to wait for them to replenish, this makes gathering them a bit tedious.
    In FO2 picking herbs do not require any action points. However, they are more spread out from one another.

    Tabbing out of the game:
    In FOR if you go fullscreen then tabbing out of the game will freeze the game.
    In FO2, this is not a problem.

    FOR It's a good idea to look up the perks for either of the game but I gotta say that FOR is far more lenient with its perk requirements than FO2 is. If you're going to play FO2 then you have to plan your character. Better Criticals for example requires both 7 in PER and 7 in Luck.

    FOR is more populated than FO2 is but both of them are a pale shadow of their former selves (or rather, 2238). The server for either game is not that populated but the players that are there are veterans who love to kill anyone who isn't on their team for no reason other than "it's fun".

    The map:
    Both contain the same locations of Fallout 1 and 2 however the actual map size is smaller in FO2, meaning that traveling doesn't feel like it takes for-fucking-ever.

    I don't really know how many dungeons there are in the FOR, I have yet to see one. In FO2 on the other hand there are loads of them. I once got a map off of a raider that lead to the toxic caves from FO2 which had been turned into a dungeon with way difficult irradiated gecko's. For a team of players who want to PVE I feel like not only is FO2 more rewarding it is also more exciting.

    I'll leave it at that for now. There are more differences to take into account but I gotta get ready for work.


    In FOR you can't use the options menu, you have to set up your configuration for the game with FOconfig file.
    In FO2 you can use the options menu ingame to change around settings.

    In FOR getting resources and crafting is quite frankly far more easier. You can easily stack up on dozens of reserve weapons and armors. In FO2 it is more difficult to craft. Personally it makes me feel like I appreciate the stuff I have a lot more and it does make loot far more valuable but others might feel different.


    Maybe this is just me but back in 2238 I experienced a bit of a delay with NPC enemies in Real Time combat and it feels like it has gotten slightly worse in FOR. FO2 on the other hand runs damn smooth to me and I am able to split second dodge enemies. It makes a real difference for Real Time combat mode.

    I forgot, ya'll remember how in Fallout 1 there was no "take all" option when looting stuff? Well, in an MMO with resource gathering you have to sometimes store stuff, right?

    In FOR there is a "put all" option that stores everything you have on you (but not what is equipped) in the container.
    There is no such option in FO2.

    FOR also has a "fix all" option in the crafting menu, what that means is that it crafts as many of X as you can. So if you have 10 Iron Ore and you want to create 5 Metal Parts then instead of clicking up to "Fix 5" you can instead just click "Fix All" and it creates as much Metal Parts as you can craft with the resources you got on you.
    FO2 lacks this option. On the other hand it does have a category option for the crafting menu so you can filter out the options so if you want to craft armors then simply click the armor filter and you'll only see the armor options you can craft.

    Oh and in FO2 you can choose to play as a super mutant when you create a character.
    In FOR there are "clothes" you can get which changes the skin of your character to whatever skin the clothing option is. I found a Doctor's Robe for example and it changed my skin to that bald NPC in a light grey doctors garb. Dunno if FO2 has that.
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  12. Zerginfestor

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    Apr 18, 2015
    I have no idea whether to stay on FO:R, or go to FO2, so I'll wait for the overall judgement of whether to stay or move on into FO2.
  13. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Right so after going over them a bit I feel very conflicted.
    I feel like I haven't given enough time to FO2 to judge it completely but at the same time I feel like I've played FOR enough to know where it's heading.

    What I will say to anyone who 'is' playing Fallout Online Reloaded is this:
    * What have you done so far?
    * What do you think you will continue to do?
    * What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

    Town Control is not something we can do. Not with this few people and not with this kinda gear. So what does that leave us? Either quests, exploration or combat.
    And quite frankly, FO2 outclasses FOR in those things.

    And to all three of those questions my answer is the same: "craft better stuff so I can kill more difficult stuff".
    It just feels mechanical at this point. I don't know if FO2 will also end up feeling this way but fuck, man. It got way more variety in its combat and exploration that it genuinely feels fun to go around and see whats under every rock. In FOR it just feels like a daily grind. Time to do more work. There's nothing new under the sun basically.

    I'll elaborate more on this tomorrow, gotta go to sleep.
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  14. Zerginfestor

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    Apr 18, 2015
    right, I was hoping more would join, but I guess that's not happening.
  15. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I have been reading a bit about both games and found some small differences I can point out (while Mr Fish pointed out the biggest ones).

    -Carry Weight (CW):
    In FO2 every time you gain a level your maximum carry weight increases by 1 (so by level 2 you gained 1 CW by level 11 you gained 10 CW, etc).
    In FOR you have two support perks (free perks if you meet the requirements) Pack Rat (Requirements: Level 6. Increases your carry weight by 1/3 of it's base value) and Strong Back (Requirements: Level 6 and Endurance 6. Increases carry weight by 22 kg).
    In FO2 you only have the Pack Rat (Increases you CW by 20 kg) Achievement perk (Achievements are free perks that you gain after you achieved specific things), to get this perk you need to make some quest where you carry 10 heavy boxes (one at a time) from a merchant's cart to a nearby warehouse, you need to make this quest 10 times to get the perk (you also get 300 caps and 1000 exp each time you complete the quest).

    Both Wiki mention the maximum CW a character can have, for FOR it's 221 kg and for FO2 it's 274 kg.

    -Free Perks:
    Both games offer free perks, in FOR they are called Support Perks and in FO2 they are called Achievement Perks.
    In FOR these perks are acquired by just talking to specific NPCs that will teach you the perk as long as you have the requirements. Usually there is a level requirement, sometimes there might be a SPECIAL value requirement and/or a skill value requirement (Example from before, Pack Rat requires the character to be level 6 while the Strong Back requires Level 6 and Endurance 6).
    In FO2 you need to achieve specific things and are awarded the perks automatically. For example killing unique critters (like the deathclaw mother) will usually grant a perk that makes you deal more damage to that kind of critter. In FO2 there are a couple redundant perks, they do nothing at all, these are I Want to Believe and Wasteland is Harsh.

    FO2 also has one special free perk that is not an achievement, which is the Gecko Skinning. You gain it by talking to a specific NPC and pay 600 caps.

    FOR has 28 Support perks and FO2 has 13 (2 of them do nothing). So FOR has more of those but it might be hard for a single character to be able to get most of those because of the requirements, while FO2 any character has a chance of getting them all (of course if a character is not made for combat then I doubt it will get any of the "defeat unique critter" or "defeat this amount of enemies using specific weapons" ones and those seem to be the majority).

    -General Perks
    In FO2 you can only get up to 8 perks by leveling up, you stop gaining perks after level 26.
    In FOR you stop gaining perks at level 24.
    For the Gain perks (example: Gain Strength) FOR give +1 to the Attribute, while in FO2 it gives +2 (but remember the 8 perk limit from level up).

    Implants work differently in both games. Implants are perks that you gain after you got access to Items called "*Something* Implant" in FO2 and Module in FOR.
    In FOR the implants give stuff like +1 to a SPECIAL attribute, +20 HP or +DR/DT. In FO2 the implants are more complex, they all have multiple bonuses, they can increase Skills, give specific perks (one gives the Living Anatomy Perk for free while also giving +50% Doctor and First Aid and also increases the self healing cap in combat from 150 HP to 175 HP), give a free perk that the player can pick (the player can access the perk list just like if it had leveled up), increase the amount Super Stims can heal + double the duration of any drug effects, etc. Implants in FO2 are really valuable stuff because it usually improves the character a lot.

    Mr Fish mentioned that in FO2 the map contains the same Fallout 1 and 2 locations as FOR but that the map was scaled smaller, so the character doesn't have to walk around as much through the wastes to reach places.
    I compared both map pictures and I can add a bit more information, FO2 has 28 locations marked on it's world map while FOR has 52 (for example FOR has the Ghost Farm and Golgotha while FO2 doesn't, FOR also added Mines, Train Stations and places to farm for materials like the Tobacco Farm or the Waterworks). FO2 added Alcatraz (although it is way out of place since Alcatraz is located in the San Fran bay in the real world but in the game it is near the Boneyard) and a location that in the map it is only referenced as ??? which is an island so I can only assume we need a vertibird to reach it or something.

    You can check the world maps here:
    FOR World Map
    FO2 World Map

    In FOR each profession has two ranks (correct me if I am wrong here). In FO2 seems like each profession has 3 ranks.
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  16. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010

    So as I said in my previous post I do have concerns about Reloaded but this is the way I view pretty much any game and is why I prefer shorter games in general. There will eventually come a point where the game has nothing truly new to show and at that point it feels like it is going to grow stagnant damn fast. It can help if what has been shown so far is already damn good but...

    When it comes to FOR I'm bored of gathering more resources. I've already done that plenty and at this point I don't really want to. The quests aren't that interesting so I have incentive to do them either except for unique rewards. I could get better professions and improve my gear but for what? Going around killing more random encounters? For their piss-poor loot?

    Now, in FO2 it is damn more difficult to gather resources you need and craft stuff. But sometimes a limitation can help improve an experience. Resident Evil 1 simply wouldn't be the same without the camera angles and clunky movement. The tension would be completely removed.

    And in FO2 the rewards for taking on enemies is higher and more varied. It could encourage trading between players for gear they don't need so they can get the gear they do need. It is more difficult to craft full quality gear but it means you'll appreciate it far more.

    Yesterday we went out and killed ghouls around Necropolis. And it was fun. But after like a dozen encounters of that I felt like "hang on, is this it?" The exp was nice and all and it did help me level up but what about when I reach level 24 and I stop getting perks? What then? I'm looting all of these ghouls for their low condition hunting rifles and double barreled shotguns which I'm just going to disassemble for parts anyway and I feel no reward. I loot the geckos we kill for their hides and I feel nothing cause I want to craft other kinds of armor that don't need leather.

    I just don't know.

    I kinda do want to move over to FO2 but at the same time it has certain limitations that make me wary of it, but FOR...


    Let's put it like this, the difference between FOR and FO2 is that in FOR they just took 2238 and polished what was there whereas in FO2 they were more focused on upgrading the experience but failed to polish it.

    And I've already played 2238, we reached this exact point back then too. But at least back then it was during its heyday and we could go to towns to RP or we could've grown bigger so we could engage in Town Control.

    But there ain't enough people playing FOR for the RP experience and we're simply not going to be able to compete with the monster player factions in Town Control.

    So what are we actually going to do?

    Now in FO2 on the other hand there's loads of things. Necropolis has apparently been turned into a dungeon and I wanna go there. I wanna go to The Glow, or the Toxic Caves. There's tons of event encounters and I've yet to explore one fully.

    In FOR we could get a more expensive base, but why? I've had the best base before and it is a fucking chore to run around in. We could get cars, but why? To travel with faster of course! But where to? We could craft even bigger and better gear! But what do we do with it? Just fight random super mutant remnant patrols?

    FO2 has a carrot danging in front of me and I have no idea where it is trying to lead me but that's what is exciting.

    FOR on the other hand is trying to lead me down a path I've already been down before.

    But like I said in my first paragraph, this is the way I look at games. I put in a certain amount of hours into one and then I ask myself what the rest of the experience will be like. I've played enough games to be able to predict how things will turn out and more often than not I am completely correct.

    However, that doesn't mean that the rest of you look at games the same way. I don't speak for the rest of you. Try both, and make your own decision. Mine will come eventually. I'll still get on FOR but unless something changes I doubt I'll be playing that one fully.

    And I mean, it's not like one can't play both at the same time for different experiences. But I fear that for me; FOR will run out of steam faster than FO2 will.
  17. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Not on hold anymore!
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  18. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Yeah, we'll stick to FOR. If the group ever falls apart I think I'll migrate to FO2.
  19. Borov

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Ok, I`ll admit, I have been playing Fonline Reloaded a few months back..... a lot.
    Stopped for a long while, but sense you guys are starting out, I might as well try again. Heck, I even still have my old character.

    So, where do I sign up? :-)
  20. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    I dunno, best way to keep in contact is probably over NMA's Discord. Just join it and talk to us over there. Contact Zerg and ask to be recruited by our faction our whatever.