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    The first chapter is up...
    There will be plenty more pointless sex stuff in future episodes and I plan to piss off a lot more people...

    No Mutant’s Sky

    Episode One- No Shipping Allowed
    A British Person sat in his chair, nuking America in his latest skirmish of Command and Conquer Generals.
    This much doesn’t have much to do with the story, but the nukes will play a large role later on down the line when Dr Fallout decides to blow up America because of conflicts between him and R.Graves.

    Anyway, let’s begin…

    R.Graves rode through the Woods on his horse named Steve. R.Graves won’t be getting much action in this series as he is underage and so it would be illegal if I write about porn for a real character who isn’t even old enough to remember the good days. However, his quest is somewhat important to the story as he later gets nuked by Dr Fallout.

    He reached the gates of the Codex, an elitist hive of scum where peace was brought about through adultery, murder, drugs and rape.
    R.Grave stopped his horse and called out to the small Town.
    “Is anyone there?” He called.
    There was a brief moment of silence.
    “Yes” a voice replied.
    The gates opened and a sexy man with long hair and in silver armour stood by the gates.
    “Who are you?” R.Graves asked.
    The man smiled a very sexy smile.
    “My name is Millim” the sexy man replied.
    R.Grave’s face lit up with joy, Millim was a legendary Knight of the NMA Town far West. It was a joyful community of hate. R.Graves was also a treasured member there, which is why he had been called out onto a quest.
    “I was told to give you this” R.Graves said handing Millim a note.
    Millim took the note and read it.
    “It appears the Dragon has awaken” Millim said… scared.
    “What does this mean?” R.Graves cried.
    “It means NMA is in trouble” Millim warned.

    The journey back was long and tiring, but beside a few random encounters with Bethtards and a 60’s Police Box that disappeared when anyone got close to it, it was pretty boring.
    The two heroes arrived at NMA where Dr Fallout was tending to Rangerboo’s wounds.
    “What happened?” Millim asked.
    “It was the Dragon, he has returned” Dr Fallout replied.
    Then out of nowhere, Rangerboo kissed Dr Fallout and they snogged for a good 50 minutes while Millim had a wank and cried in the corner.
    A British Person went inside his bomb shelter and he was never seen again.
    Rangeroo then took Dr Fallout into her home where she had a steam room, and things got steamy.
    Dr Fallout was laying there, naked with nothing but a towel round him.
    “I like this steam room” he said.
    Rangerboo smiled.
    “Those Bethtards won’t get us from here” Rangerboo laughed.

    At that moment, the mayor and sheriff of NMA, Hassknecht came out and personally thanked Millim for arriving.
    “It’s been a long time Millim” Hassknecht smiled, shaking Millim’s hand.
    As it turns out, it was Millim’s wanking hand. Hassknecht just smiled and licked it up or some shit.
    “Tastes like the blood of your enemies Millim” Hassknecht laughed.
    “That’s because it is” Millim replied in a low dark Batman voice.
    At that moment, Dragonborn came rushing in with an army of Bethtards.
    “Who is that?” Millim asked.
    “He is the Dragon” Hassknecht replied.
    Dragonborn leapt into the air and turned into a pink pony.
    “We must fight” Millim shouted, taking out his sword ready to fight.
    However, the Bethtards jumped at him and overwhelmed him.
    Soon, Millim was nothing more than a Skeleton in a funny pose so it can be deep and meaningful for those who travel to NMA.
    Dragonborn turned back into his true form, which was a 12 year old named UsernameM.
    “Now we’ve taken over NMA, I’m saying it now, No Shipping Allowed” UsernameM laughed.

    At that moment, Dr Fallout was banging Rangerboo, but as he was about to climax, she pushed him off her.
    “Did you hear that?” Rangerboo asked.
    “Did you orgasm?” Dr Fallout replied.
    “No, the Dragon is here, and he has banned Shipping” Rangerboo cried.

    And at that moment… the NMA community was dipped into the Vats…

    Next: No Godds, No Howards


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    Intentional? Yeah, this needs some polish.

    Looking for Dragonborn's fame of fiction writer? :smug:
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    Jun 6, 2016
    Too much decent grammar.

    0/10. Fallout Wars is still superior (from the snips I could comprehend).
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    You're next on the FanFic shit list
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    Fine. :smug:
    Oh shi~
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    Names should always be inaudible due to artillery fire.
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    didn't rescue the sargent from Vault Tech

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    Hope that our heroes go through the Reddit Marsh, filled with ugly retrograde tribes that praise everything that lands from the sky... Even if it is an orbital strike.
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    Chapter 2 should be up tomorrow to please Doomsdayprepper.
    He isn't going to want to miss this, and neither will you.

    Lets say there's a lot more sex, and I'm trying to make one a bit more detailed.
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    thx frederik ;
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    Well, I've decided that this FanFic will get about 12 episodes as I have an idea for an ending already.
    Anyway, here is the long awaited episode 2, episode 3 may take a couple of days however (I just jotted this down last night because of shits and giggles).
    I must now take with me forever the reputation of being the guy who made a weird porno about the most depressing forum on Earth.
    Ah well, I'm sure I'll write something a bit more serious after this.

    No Mutant’s Sky

    Episode Two- No Todds, No Howards
    Doomsdayprepper was fucking Mrs Britain of the year 2172 in the ass. His cock was pounding her tight asswhole as she begun to make that orgasm face you see in every porno. He just kept banging her… banging her until she let out a giant scream.
    Doomsdayprepeer took out his dick (which looked liked a chewed up tiny little pencil) and came on her back. The amount of cum was minimal, barely enough to taste any flavour if she decided to drink it. Legend has it however, it’s saltier than the far East lands of Bethtown.
    “That was… good?” the woman lied as she closed her eyes.
    Doomsdayprepper was pleased with himself.
    “Anytime” he smiled as he threw £25 her way.
    The woman got mad.
    “I’m no cheap whore!” she belted, throwing the money at him.
    “Well you fuck like one” Doomsdayprepper laughed as he walked out the room.

    -End of Pointless Prologue

    Meanwhile, in the Town of NMA, Dragonborn sat on his high chair and declared himself king of the Town.
    “From now on, we’re going to follow my rules and do what I say. Also you will have to enjoy my amazing and in-depth fanfics” Dragonborn announced as he set up the new rules.
    “Not the FanFics… I hate those” Owing cried.
    Dragonborn noticed that someone deceived him.
    “Guards, take Owing to my room and handcuff him flat on the bed right now” the new King of NMA ordered as two big guys with beards picked up a crying 0wing and took him away.
    “Anyone else who dares deceive me, will face the full wraith of the Dragon” Dragonborn laughed as he swung round the chair.

    Dr Fallout and Rangerboo sat in the house, planning their next move.
    “What shall we do?” Rangerboo asked.
    “What need to do” Dr Fallout replied.
    At that moment, Mr Fish ran into the house and took off all his clothes… in a sexy manner that aroused Dr Fallout.
    “Take me” Dr Fallout seductively cried as he too begun to strip.
    Rangerboo then stripped so she didn’t feel so left out but left the room because things were getting weird.
    “Let’s do it” Mr Fish smiled as he crouched down so he was levelled with Dr Fallout’s third le… I mean massive dick.
    “Now you know why Russia is the biggest in the World” Dr Fallout smiled as his dick started to become erect.
    Mr Fish begun to lick the tip of the bellend… slowly.
    “That’s right, Fishy” Dr Fallout smiled.
    Mr Fish then begun to wrap his mouth the edge of the penis, going up and down but ever so slowly.
    “Keep going” Dr Fallout smiled as he begun to relax.
    And with that, Mr Fish begun to build up some speed.
    The dick was going further into his mouth. A small drip of spit started to form a puddle on the floor.
    “That’s right take it all in” Dr Fallout whispered as Mr Fish started to deepthroat.
    Mr Fish kept going at it. He started to really give Dr Fallout the best blowjob he had ever received.
    And the doctor was ready.
    The moment of climax was about to begin.
    The Fish man was getting faster and faster to the point a small fire started.
    But that didn’t stop them, in fact, it just added to the flames in their heart.
    Dr Fallout was ready...
    He was gonna cum…
    Gonna cum…
    In a minute…
    At that moment the door slammed opened and Mr Fish pulled back to see who it was. Dr Fallout fell to the floor being denied his chance at a climax.
    “I thought I heard shipping going on here” it was Dragonborn at the door.
    Dr Fallout begun to cry like a little girl.

    R.Graves got out from his hiding place (which was a bin… because irony).
    He wondered round the chaotic streets of NMA, a place which he once knew as his home.
    He then saw the funny remains of Millim, a once great warrior, defeated by a mere pony.
    “I’m sorry” R.Graves cried as he cuddled the skeleton.
    “I’ll always be in here” a voiced called out to him.
    “Millim?” R.Graves was surprised, who was this strange voice and where was it coming from.

    On a nearby hill, Doomsdayprepper watched from a distance… with his British Empire.
    “Sir Doom, what do we do?” one of the men asked.
    “Now, we wage war on the streets of NMA” he smiled as a hundred and eleven men cheered.

    Meanwhile, a meeting of the Order took place underground to discuss the incident at MCA.
    “What are we going to do?” Kilus asked.
    “Tonight we wage war on the Streets of NMA” Brother Noone replied.

    It was a day of no Todds and no Howards.

    Next Episode: Wars and Orgies.


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    Clearly you've never visited the likes of .
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    Baseless propaganda.
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    Poor @Dr Fallout, at this rate he'll start to develop an edging fetish.
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    @Millim... Did you just kill yourself off? NO ONE is safe!

    Also it's unclear who the main character of this fanfic is... I thought it was you but now...
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    Why, a very dashing and heroic man(?) by the name of Vergil of course!
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    Where's the cast list like with first one? I almost missed the second.
    You also misspelled my nickname. (0 states as zero, not 'O')
    Other than that, too much decent grammar. Dissonant and internally inconsistent.
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    I was thinking that myself, will edit in a sec.
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    You haven't even made an appearance yet...