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    Sep 26, 2017
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    Hey everyone, and before I say anything I really want to thank all the mod authors and those who contribute for giving your time for everyone's enjoyment.

    With that being said I'm really feeling a lack of mods that don't necessarily change the game as much as they add content that really holds my attention. I'm restricted to an xbone atm, and even searching the beth mod site on a laptop still feels like content is really lacking.

    Just for a quick example because I just wrote 4 pages of writing changes for Nora Survives WIP. I think is a great idea, it seems to have been executed well enough mechanically but the biggest piece it's missing IMHO is believable writing. I'd also like to note that when I say I wrote 4 pages, I mean with actual pen and paper entirely for my own benefit. Needless to say, my version of Nora isn't just found at Abernathy Farm where you're awarded with a borderline cringeworthy 'marital' exchange before joining you. My version makes you work to find her and finding her isn't necessarily going to guarantee you'll earn her as a companion should your decisions guide you in a darker direction. I also realize that there are things that I can easily write that are are impossible to implement into the game, but I'm willing to learn the distinction!

    No one really knows me, got it. I'm not one to complain about something without offering a fix or help, despite being a complete derp at the moment and being unable to even write a simple script or use the creation kit because my rig is down.

    If anyone is currently looking for someone to write character exchanges or if you want to throw some parameters around for a new project - LET ME RUN WITH IT. You may end up pleasantly surprised. I'm even willing to do some voice acting, although if I need any specific equipment for that, it may be a bit out of my budget atm... But soon!

    Anyways, until I can get my rig back up and get my hands on the creation kit, I'd love to get with someone who's already writing mods so we can deliver some true Fallout dark humor that surrounds morally ambiguous decisions.

    I just want to contribute to making something that's worthy of the series and something that is undeniably Fallout.

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