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    allright i've succesfully changed farsight into a full fledged ghoul. But what I want to do is be able to have sprite images of bos armor like decker and barnaky. brotherhood armor without the helmet. How do you find out what that sprite is named without an bos unpacker? or am I just looking in the wrong place?
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    Would it be called Decker armor? Barnaky Armour?
    I found raider armour. There are actual images. MkII raider armour has a little skull on the belt buckle. But just because you have the armour doesn't mean your character will look that way in the armour. You have to find the actual sprite name of the character wearing the armour. such as;for changing farsight into a ghoul I had to change all these aspects.

    Race Type - Ghoul
    Item type - Ghoul
    Sprite - Ghoul
    Display name - ghoulArmour2
    Item type - Ghoul
    Sprite - sprites/characters/Ghoul MkII Armour.spr
    Entpath - Entities/items/armor/ghoularmor2.ent

    You have to get the spacing and the spelling and the capitol letters correctly or else it doesn't work. for some reason they have two different spellings of armor/Armour

    Raider is kind of difficult b/c's the MkII armour is named raiderarmour1 and i'm sure there are different sprites for each raider such as large raider or whatever
    I just can't find what the sprites are named.:)
    it's fun f*&^king with everything though..