Nuclear Drifter: Roaming the Post-Nuclear World

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    Jan 17, 2021
    Nuclear Drifter: Roaming the Post-Nuclear World

    Greetings, fellow nma-fallout forum members! Today, I'd like to introduce you to my latest game titled "Nuclear Drifter." This is an open-world, single-player RPG featuring a turn-based combat system. Players step into the shoes of a farmer whose well has dried up, leaving their animals without water. Our protagonist embarks on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world to locate a new water source. The adventure unfolds on the mythical continent of Old Zealand in the year 2289.

    Key Game Features:

    In "Nuclear Drifter," players will encounter over 20 missions, commissioned by various NPCs scattered across different locations on the map of Old Zealand. Extensive dialogue options are available for players to interact with these independent characters. The game offers diverse locations, including 5 settlements, one situated on an island, a bandit camp, and an abandoned subway tunnel. The map is populated with a variety of adversaries, such as rats, poisonous scorpions, wolves, formidable cyclopes, zombies, and shaggy rhinos. A day and night cycle affects the environment - some buildings close at night, simulating NPC sleep patterns. Players can align with one of two factions: USA soldiers or settlers from Old Zealand. Faction choice depends on reputation levels within the respective faction. The game introduces several captivating mechanics, including cooking meat on stoves or campfires, repairing devices, and disarming bombs.

    I invite you to immerse yourselves in this post-apocalyptic adventure, uncover the mysteries of Old Zealand, and confront diverse challenges. Will you manage to save your farm and survive in this harsh reality?

    Download the game here:

    Prepare yourselves for an exhilarating journey that will test your determination and tactical skills. See you in Old Zealand!
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    Jan 11, 2004
    Nice to see an indie project. I can't tell you if I will play it as I have so many other things on my head but I wish you luck.
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    Jul 5, 2022
    My sentiments exactly, it puts a smile on my face whenever I see Indie projects such as this.

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    Jan 17, 2021
    Welcome to Nuclear Drifter Beta 1.3! Now with talking heads, new locations, and a fresh way to display your experience level. Rediscover the game!

    Here's a brief overview of the key changes in the game:

    Talking Heads of Settlement Leaders
    We've introduced a new feature that truly brings the game world to life. Now, settlement leaders (Sarah, Ashemo, Joshua, and Jaxon) have their own animated faces that move their lips and voices generated by a speech synthesizer. You can also disable this feature in the game options if you prefer a text-only version.

    Experience Level Presentation
    Your character's experience level is now prominently displayed with a green bar beneath the health bar, and the number of levels achieved is shown above the experience bar. Tracking your progress has become easier!

    New Location - Bunker
    We've added a mysterious bunker in the bandit camp, making the "Get rid of the Bandits from the North" mission more intriguing. Plus, you'll need to defeat 4 more bandits than before to complete the mission.

    Rockets in the Bunker
    Three rockets needed for the alternative completion of the "Get rid of the Bandits from the North" mission have been relocated to the bunker. Now, obtaining them will require more effort!

    New Location - Oasis in Old Zealand
    While exploring the game world, you'll discover a new and enigmatic location - the Oasis with a tent, located northwest of Watown. However, beware of scorpions! You can also find lying bananas in the oasis. The oasis is marked on the map with a water area in the middle of the land, making navigation easier.

    New Beds and Stove
    We've added three new visual types of beds: mattress, mattress with a pillow, and a blue mattress. Additionally, there's a new type of stove with a wooden finish, and you can place a pot on top of it in some houses.

    Table Decorations
    Tables in houses are now more distinctive. We've added new decorations, such as a plate with sausages, a plate with a chicken leg, and a red book.

    New look of the item - Bread

    New Character - Ronald
    A mysterious character named Ronald, a zombie and the last president of Old Zealand, has appeared in Big Sandy. Discover the secrets this character holds!

    We've revamped the appearance of the restaurant with more weathered walls and floors. Plus, you can now get closer to the counter from behind.

    Sounds in FoodMart
    Cash registers and store shelves now produce sounds when interacting with them.

    Updated Instructions
    There's nothing worse than missing or outdated information. That's why we've updated the game instructions. You can now find them by clicking the "How to play" button in the main menu.

    NOTE: game saves from versions: 0.11, 0.12, 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, BETA 1.0, BETA 1.1, BETA 1.2 work, no need to play from the beginning. The saves from the other versions still do not work and will not work, because they changed the save system in version 0.11 to the final one.

    Enjoy these new features in Nuclear Drifter Beta 1.3!

    Link to Steam:
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    Jan 17, 2021
    The long-awaited Beta 1.4 update for Nuclear Drifter is now available! I'm thrilled to share with you the changes that will bring a fresh breath of air into our post-apocalyptic reality.

    Here’s what’s new in the update:

    • Talking Head Gordon: I hope you'll enjoy our talking Gordon - he will now respond not only with his voice but you'll see his animated head in action!

    • Narrator’s Voice: I've made every effort to make the story even more engaging. Listen to the voice of the narrator who will guide you through the Prologue and the Endings of the game.

    • New Mission with Roland: A challenge awaits you. Will you manage to find the president's portrait in the zombie camp?

    • Lockpicking System: Test the new lockpicking system with the GUI interface. Let's see if you have the quick fingers needed to open locks!
    You'll also meet new NPCs and visit new interiors:

    • Flint, Samson's Wife, and Dealer Jack: Flint is a weapons dealer who will surely help you survive. You'll find him at the tent in the Oasis. Samson's wife will greet you warmly in Samson's house, and with Jack, you can play roulette in the hidden casino.

    • New Interiors: Samson's house in Watown becomes accessible, and the hidden casino in New Tolham opens its doors to brave players. Who knows, maybe roulette will be lucky for you?
    Other changes in the Game:

    • Scorpions: Don't rely on dynamite when fighting scorpions, they are now resistant to explosions.

    • AK47: Your AK47 now fires in bursts, adding realism and requiring you to manage your ammo better (one shot costs 3 bullets).

    • Zombies: Now after defeating a zombie there is a higher chance of dropping items.

    • New Computer in the Bunker: In the bunker under the bandit camp, you will now find an interactive computer that will reveal a note from a bunker resident to you.

    • Information Signs and Visual Improvements of the House: In Watown, an informational sign has been added to the warehouse wall, and the hidden house in New Tolham now has a boarded-up window.

    • Change of Traders’ Offers: Traders in Woodhill and Moolow Isles have changed their assortment - in Woodhill, you can no longer buy a shotgun, and in Moolow Isles, AK47s will be missing. However, in Woodhill, a wolf knife has appeared that may come in handy with the local fauna.

    • New Crate in the Tobacco Warehouse: Discover the secret of the tobacco warehouse in Yorkset. Do you have what it takes to open the new crate with a lockpick? It has been added especially to give you an additional challenge and a chance to obtain valuable items.

    • The user manual has also been updated.
    Thank you for your support, and I can't wait for you to check out all the new features in the game!
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  6. marcin4001

    marcin4001 First time out of the vault

    Jan 17, 2021
    Devlog for Beta 1.5 of Nuclear Drifter - Release on December 31, 2023

    Hello, Drifters!

    I am thrilled to share with you the latest changes and additions that I have introduced in the upcoming Beta 1.5 of Nuclear Drifter, set to be released on December 31, 2023. I am excited about what I have prepared and hope that these changes will enrich your gaming experiences.


    • Chance of Hitting Information: Now, by clicking the Other Skills button in the Perks panel, you can see your chances of hitting the enemy.
    • Perks Panel: I have added information about the level and the amount of XP needed for the next level.
    • Good Trader Perk: This new perk allows selling items for 100% of their value.
    • New Way to Complete the Game for Gordon's Ending: I simplified the path for the ending related to Gordon. Players will no longer need to achieve 75% reputation for Old Zealand. Instead, after clicking the appropriate dialogue option with Gordon, you will discover a new, intriguing path that leads to the ending. This adds new depth and diversity to the game's narrative paths.
    • New NPCs: Marcus – a zombie hunter, Jasper – the creator of the Green ZEN drug, and Buzz – a dealer selling Green ZEN in the Tavern.
    • Green ZEN Drug: This new item increases accuracy and the chance of critical hits and shots during combat.
    • New Locations: I introduced the interior of the lumberjack's house in Woodhill and Jasper's hideout.

    • Character Speed Slider in the Main Menu: I have added a slider for setting character speed in the options panel of the main menu.

    • Resolution Selection: I changed the way resolution is selected in the options panel.
    • Fullscreen and Talking Head Options: Now regulated with ON/OFF knobs.

    • Doctor Marlon's Dialogues: They have been changed to fit both endings of the game.
    • Maps: I changed the appearance of the maps of Old Zealand and Farlands, as well as the labels on them.

    • Snack Vending Machine: I updated its appearance in the subway.
    • Ammunition Icons in the Gun Shop: Now, when you have a gun, the appropriate ammunition icons are displayed.

    • Player Marker in the Subway: I corrected its position on the map after entering the subway from Farlands.

    • Ammo TIP Button from the Trade Panel.
    Your opinions and suggestions are extremely important to me, so do not hesitate to share them. Each change and addition have been introduced with the idea of making Nuclear Drifter an even more engaging and satisfying experience. I can't wait to see how you receive these new features!

    Stay warm and see you in the world of Nuclear Drifter!
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