Olympus 2207 or Fallout Nevada

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Which one should I play

  1. Nevada

  2. Olympus 2207

  1. sadman

    sadman The real big Sad

    Oct 29, 2018
    Which one is better, and im not trying to shit on either one.
    its clearly extremely impressive just to actually get to the finish line in anything ambitious like this.
    but theirs also only so many hours in my lifetime and these are massive games so which one is a must play if you had to choose one.
  2. Alphons

    Alphons National Beholder

    Aug 9, 2017
    They're both great, so I'd still recommend to play them both.

    Though some thoughts:

    • Shorter than Nevada
    • Not part of the Fallout universe
    • No basic Fallout sprites, everything was made for Olympus (though some resources were taken from other games- you might recognize Gamebryo ghouls or Yao Guai)
    • Totally new arsenal
    • Annoying radiation and ammo types
    • Basic companions
    • No Main Quest
    • Good side content
    • Basic crafting
    • Some new enemies + reskins
    • Weak Main Quest
    • No companions
    • Great side content
    • Loads of quests can be solved with Doctor, Sneak, Repair, Science and even Gambling
    • Some new weapons
    • Two new enemies
    • Extensive crafting

    Both have amazing soundtrack.
  3. Kakaroow

    Kakaroow First time out of the vault

    Nov 22, 2017
    Olympus 2207, I love the super bleak, gothic, dieselpunk aesthetic to this mod. I think I might actually like it more than Fallout's aesthetic.
  4. John Cassidy Joestar

    John Cassidy Joestar First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2017
    Olympus is super easy and rewards the player for any playstyle he might take.
    In my first playthrough with 5 Agility and some pretty good weapons I dominated most of the enemies in the game and made my way to the tower.

    Im currently playing Nevada, but it feels like really restricted when it comes to playstyles. Maybe its because Im currently playing it a certain way (and it sometimes work) but if I tooked energy weapons for instance instead of the classic Small Gun, Lockpick, (whatever non combat ability). I might have big problems.
  5. Stampedo

    Stampedo First time out of the vault

    Aug 17, 2011
    It's worth saying that overall Olympus doesn't have the same level of craftmanship than Nevada.
    Nevada feels like it could have been made by the original devs, it almost seamlessly blends in the fallout universe and is overall a very enjoyable experience.
    Olympus has a lot of quirks, it has its charms but I felt many aspects were too basic or not very well thought out. I had also a game breaking bug with prevented me from completing the game, thankfully I had an older save which forced me to replay a specific area of the game while making sure it wouldn't happen again.
    Anyway, why choose, they're both available for free.
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  6. naossano

    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    Kind of dodging the question, but have you given a try to Fallout 1.5 Resurrection ? This one is the best of the bunch imo.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    I think so as well.
    There is a bit of plot dump at the end, and I do wish there were some more unique factions and new sprites.
    But I think it comes closest to a data disk for Fallout 1.
  8. ironmask

    ironmask A Smooth-Skin

    Mar 10, 2018
    I played Olympus and quickly got bored. The tutorial level is fucking long.
  9. Alphons

    Alphons National Beholder

    Aug 9, 2017
    But you can skip it at the beginning?
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  10. John Cassidy Joestar

    John Cassidy Joestar First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2017
    Didnt really liked that one, not much humour, not much content and usually the choices are wich kind of asshole you want for a leader.
    Apart from Gabriel interesting mechanic where he will ask for a reward after each quest like a real wasteland mercenary. I dont feel like Fallout 1.5 made bold choice or interesting design choice neither. It felt safe like a basic Fallout campaign can be.
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  11. xxdemonxspawnnxx

    xxdemonxspawnnxx First time out of the vault

    Apr 13, 2021
    I like the encounter system and creatures in olympus. Sometimes a raider might get killed while fighting bear and I take his op gun and run away. The cutscenes are great. The dialogues could have been better, but it is still good. What made me quit was a bug. There is a new interesting trait called mechanical memory. It increases skill as you use it. Eg. Opening 5 locks might increase your lockpick by 1 or 2. But it works on all skills except tagged skills. I hope they fix it. So I can play again.
  12. pacino

    pacino First time out of the vault

    Aug 29, 2021
    Olympus is great, but it has one defect, no item high lighter in game, i dont remember exactly but in nevada it was, wasnt it?

    For me Fallout Nevada is a little better than Fallout 2, yea i know it's heresy.

    In Crazy Edition we can have a one companion.
    About soundtrack totally agreed, but i think in Nevada tracks sound more professional.
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