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    Apr 2, 2005
    Once again I post pictures found on the www.

    This time it's about neat things I think could fit the post apocalyptic setting quite well.

    I'll keep them as links due to the high resolution in some.


    First up is a tribal. Yes, some people don't like them (captain waaaaaalkeeeer..), but I think the concept fits the setting to some extent.

    The next one is also a tribal.. (but we don't want no frikkin' tribals!)
    This one is inspired by the mayans. Don't like it as much as the first one, but still holds some elements of worth. Notice the knife device on his arm. Not really what I would want in my fallout utopia but something similar could be cool.

    Mutant(s)! I could really see this one in game. Given the right personality, torn by how sadly deformed he (they) is, it could be cool. (Thinking mad max 3 here. Master blaster, but further)

    Zombie..? hmm.. well.. erhm.. They're almost ghouls.. right?

    I'll keep posting my findings in this thread if no one minds.
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    Duh, I had just made a Hunting thread :D
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    The electrons seems to be against me today. Merge or what ever you have to do.

    Better yet. I'll just take that good link and post it in your thread. Blast this one off into oblivion.

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