OnceLost Games' new project?

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  1. Surprised ya'll ain't yellin' from the rooftops about this.

    Elder Scrolls veterans who have worked on the venerable series since Arena have founded a new studio, OnceLost Games, and they're teasing their first game—not surprisingly, it's a big open-world RPG. < PCGamer article link.

    Now Arena was a big piece of half-baked wet garbage but hey. I have a soft spot for those types of games and just remaking them with modern tech, know-how, and ideas is always welcome. Shit that's what most of these companies should had done: remasters, remakes, expansions; just milk that cow. We can still list most 'good' CRPGs/AARPGs/RPGs within 25-55 lines of text. That's a shame. Anyway, I hope this game is actually, ya know, good.
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    The concept they have is actually pretty intriguing. But I doubt they’ll manage to create interesting RPG gameplay or systems since everybody these days seems to want something else (like ”realism(tm) )”.
  3. It could become a drinking game. See what they changed, what they kept, what they tweaked, what they gave up on.