OOC Chapter 3 Lone Wanderers

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    Apr 5, 2003
    Yes, I figured it was better that Virgil stick around. He's under used and under appreciated, but was a good introduction.

    And we can't kill all all the old crew.

    We need to wrap up the University section of the story. Any thoughts?

    Not sure where Rogue is.
    Syphon and Rama are there, but the main writer is MIA. I am sending both Gabriel and McReady back to move the story along.

    McReady is going to destroy the University, or try to.

    We need to figure out what to do with that, especially the Slayer recon group.

    Pipboy will probably die. He's becoming a liability and a deadweight. Andybot has outlived his usefulness. He's got to go. The slayer squad could be a good addition. Rama and Prudence not sure if you are there or not.

    I posted this on the OCC for Chapter 4. Chapter 4 will probably not be happening for awhile. If it does I expect it will go slowly. We do need some thinking about what it should be about. But Gunslinger has other fish to fry and I am pretty busy. So we might not return to it for awhile and we could use a break.

    Let me know what you folks think about that.