Outbreak: 1942 (ooc) (updated 12/25/2010)

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Think of this as sort of the stand set in 1942. to sum up the plot of this little rp: like clockwork fifteen planes crash at fifteen locations all over the world. then people start to fall ill for some unknown reason, until eventually almost 95% of humanity is dead, or terminal from an unknown cotangent that was released in the resulting explosions. I will be making an ic thread when I get enough players to make it practical.

    The application forum for this game is as such:
    Job: (what your character dose for a living.)
    Clothing: (what he/she is wearing at the current time, must be period)
    On your person: (Items on your person, remember to keep it period and piratical.)
    Description: (What he/she looks like and/or a picture of them.)
    Remember when this is set while creating your character.
    Example/ my character
    Name: Jacky hall
    age: 30
    Gender: male
    Job: Radio talk-show host
    Clothing: Brown suit, black shoes, black glasses, and a dark green tie.
    On your person: Matchbox, cigarette pack, white handkerchief, key set, leather wallet with twelve dollars inside.
    location: USA, tiptown,Indiana
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.