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    Jul 27, 2018
    Hi friends, Mutants, Ghouls! Today, 30th of September 2018 it’s 20th anniversary of Fallout 2!
    And I think, it’s a good day to represent my little program, that helps to plan your fallout 2 ideal playthrough – fallout 2 planner/perk calculator! All links are at the bottom.

    The Fallout 2 planner/perk calculator is a separate utility for the Fallout 2 game, designed to help beginners who are not satisfied with ready-made characters, but find it difficult to create own comfortable character for the game. Also, the utility should help experienced Fallout 2 players to plan some kind of perverted (or not) build of the character they invented, and save the information in order to follow the specified plan during the game. The planner should facilitate planning, because contains all information about abilities (perks), traits and skills, which another way you should dig in heaps of pdf tables, on Wiki and other sources.

    The planner writes a "leveling history" to the screen and to an ini-file located at c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ Proj_fallout2_20180726_en\hist.ini (unfortunately, despite I did specified required path, the utility all equally preserves in this).
    The following features of the leveling in Fallout are taken in planner:
    - "mutation!" perk, allowing you to change the trait (but it's a little out of style as in the game, the pop-up window does not appear)
    - taking chems and reading books (they can seriously change the skills of the character), it can be especially useful to combine use
    - "tag!" perk, with a doubling of all previously invested in the skill points and possible subsequent twisting (for use in any other skill)
    - difficulty of the game (they all know that non-combat books are better read on the maximum difficulty?)
    - allocation of perks requirements to attributes (attributes are highlighted in red/yellow/gray)
    Unresolved issues:
    - ini file with history is written only to a specific directory (described above), and also written down unorderedly (lv1 events can be on top one time, and in the other - on the bottom)
    - by pressing ESC a message pop up – resets the full-screen mode (I do not yet know why)
    - well, most importantly - the scheduler has to download and install, but I would like to have it in an online format (who have relevant knowledge and skills and ready to work on the transfer - please contact me)

    Download links:

    Thank you for using the planner and distribute information about it - all of a sudden, someone else will come in handy! Found mistakes, questions/suggestions write in this thread, if possible, but best of all – to e-mail with title “fallout 2 planner” on: rustaman13@gmail.com
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    rustaman First time out of the vault

    Jul 27, 2018
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