Playstation 2... upcoming game Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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    RE: Playstation 2... upcoming game Fallout: Brotherhood of S

    I know this game is a total whoreinazation of Fallout and the Fallout world. It will NEVER even resemble anything close to the sacredness of Fallout. The "screenshits" are exactly that. I meant to mention this all earlier, so, sorry if my other post sounded a lttle too pro-Brotherhood. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that BG:DA was a totally fun hack n' slash rent, and if this game(no matter how Fallout un-related)is anything like it, I'll be glad to check it out. Yes, it will be a total bucket of crap, but I'm still curious as to what it's like. And Rosh, I fully agree with the skullfucking of the system.

    P.S. The Fallout inside me says don't rent it because you will be disgracing your Fallout Pride. But the curious PS2 gamer says, just check it out.
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    Apr 5, 2003
    RE: Playstation 2... upcoming game Fallout: Brotherhood of S

    Those poor dumb fucking bastards at Interplay. I just scrolled through the comments on FOBOS, and I can't imagine that kind of negativity is good for business.

    There was some news article here awhile back of a FPS that looked like it was Fallout based, but I can't remember the site. Could it be that:
    (1) Interplay was thinking that someone else is going to do a Post-apocalyptic FPS ahead of them, so,
    (2) they figured that they would jump ahead with a Fallout label, and
    (3) sell it to the console audience figuring that there are more kids playing playstation and x-box, and therefore they would make an easy sell?

    Bad, Interplay, Bad. As Grandmother always says, "Don't shit where you eat."