Fallout 2 mod Poison and Radiation Rebalance

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    Jan 11, 2008
    @Lexx @NovaRain @burn

    1. can we change the centaurs', floaters', and radscorpion's attack to have more poison in it? Like 10 ten times amount. Poison Radiation mod v1.0 here

    I think the most danger of poison come from them. The other sources are too little chance to appear, so we can just assume they give small poison.

    The goal is that Chosen One will die in half an hour after a battle with 30HP left, unhealed. You HAVE TO take an antidote or two battle just to be safe. Antidote cure total 75 point after 2 minutes, so 2 antidote mean 150 points which is a state of serious poisoned.

    2. Can we change centaurs', floaters', and fire geckos' attack to have more radiation. Like 10 times currently.

    The goal is to make Chosen One have to take a radaway after battle, if not more. And the penalty for NOT, is at least of the minor radiation poisoning (-1 END). per https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Radiation#In-game_effects

    That way people would have a reason to carry 3-5 radaways on their inventory.

    If we can have a way to make a mod, I can play and check how balanced it is~ The current state means we can generally sell antidote, and pickup radaway when we see it, not having to buy any.

    A. If there's any global scripts to deal with, it would be a fast way to test. Like. sfall ddraws.dll command lines, for examples.

    B. Is there any quick way to change creature attack scripts for centaur, floater, alien, radscorpion, and fire gecko?
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    Jan 7, 2008
    Why don't you do this yourself, it's not very hard?
    First download the source scripts you want to modify. They are available from the base game if you download the mapper, and also killaps patch and the RP.
    then you will have to search for the critters you want to modify. The random encounter critters can be found in the RNDENCTR folder. The following are the ones to modify in there:

    All three of them give poison damage, but only the centaur does radiation damage. That can be added easily by a simple copy paste. Oh, and fire geckos does not give poison or radiation damage.
    If you open ECCENTUR.SSL in notepad and scroll down to the "procedure combat_p_proc begin" you will find the following lines:

    Just set those numbers to whatever you like and then compile the script and put it into the correct game folder.

    If you need help with what program to use to compile the scripts with, or how to set up the program, search NMA. If that fails, ask for help and I'm sure someone will lend a hand.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    Thanks~ I probbably will find the time to do just that.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    I download Dat Explorer to browse masterdat and critterdat files... No ssl files found~ Also no RNDENCTR folder

    (install f2, then rpu14 in a mod folder)

    HALP!!!!!!!! @Lexx @NovaRain @burn

    How can we change the centaurs', floaters', and radscorpion's attack to have more poison in it? Like 10 ten times amount.
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    Jan 7, 2008
    I advised you to get the source scripts... push the link that says "source code" (the scripts are in the scripts_src folder).

    But you can do it your way too, and if all you are going to do is change a few numbers in a couple of scripts, it's probably easier anyway.
    So when you look at the compiled scripts in the game folder (or master.dat) they have the ending INT not SSL, and they are all in the same folder, no sub-folders by category.
    Download the modderspack for sfall, it comes with a script editor you can use for this.
    Basically what you need to do is find the script you want to edit, such as ecscorp.int and open it in the script editor.
    Find "poison(target_obj, random(3, 15));" and change the values to what you want. Save the script (just name it as ecscorp and it will be saved as an .ssl file). Now you can compile it (first option under the script tab).
    The new ecscorp.int can be found wherever you told the script editor to put it.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    1. Wider Wasteland. Traveling on world map is slower and more time consuming. I am testing
    Let's see how that goes. Bad idea~! The towns become too isolated, so it make us finish as much of a town's quests as possible before moving, aka reduce travel time. Therefore it lose the freewheeling style of the old Fallout 2.

    2. Burst shotgun. This affect two early weapons, shotgun and sawed off shotgun. I am adding burst mode to the two only.
    ++Note: and so far they are good. There're a lot of NPC using shotguns, so this raise their threat noticeably from early stage to pre-MetalMk2. And it affect early stage until you get combat shotgun (VC and or NR) so not a game changing feature.
    ++2nd note: and burst shotgun can be used to destroy locked wooden door in early game where you dont have plenty of explosive or skill. Certainly, you can use sharpen spear or sledgehammer for that, but using shotgun to break down door is AESTHETIC~!!!

    3. Molotov and Throwing Knife AP cost reduced by one point.

    The scripts I am monkeying around at teh moment~ 3 creatures ssl are there, but my new char is not able to test them yet. (old HD offline atm.)
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    Jan 11, 2008
    Fight a group of 6 giant radscorpion in the night. End the fight with 55 poison points... not very satisfying result, considering we doubled the poison.
    Try with (50,75) this time. End a day fight with 97 poison point. A pretty good result. If you dont cure it and travel right away, losing 20-30 HP during the trek is a pretty dangerous situation.
    For early game with MC's 70-ish HP, that should be a priority to use Antidote right after a fight.

    Initial test with floaters and centaurs prove they are deadly venomous. Inbattle antidote is a must or you lose HP too much/dying. The char is a preGecko, no implant, no innoculation.

    Of course, this present a new problem: floaters and centaurs are now too deadly for little gain. I cant think of a way to reward players except raise xp gain. But this call for rebalancing. Table this for now.
    I am tempted to go higher, but I know in my guts that's a bit too hardcore to make players enjoy the game.

    Let's stop it with the poison for now. I will revise it after the radiation field test.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    4. Slower World Travel.

    This should make sure travel is slower, real-time-wise, BUT in-game time cost is the same(ish) slightly more. Testing~
    Early game note: Okay so far. Let's see how it goes with car.

    Small side note: this change seems to have effect in de-activating Rave party encounter. Either this change, or the Random Encounter mod (add two underground maps to RE, and cave chests to caves in RE). Or hell, the entire RPU14 itself.
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