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    Here's something you folks might like-

    And I admit, I have not seen the whole thing.

    What the movie is about?
    "The movie’s story is simple: a guide, called here a Stalker, takes a celebrated writer and a scientist from a rotting industrial cityscape into a verdant area called The Zone, the site of some undefined calamity which has been cordoned off by rings of razor wire and armed guards. There, one supposedly can have their deepest, darkest desires fulfilled. Yet even if you manage to give the guards a slip, there are still countless subtle traps laid by whatever sentient intelligence that controls the Zone. Rationality is of no help here. One can only progress along a meandering path that can only be followed by intuition.

    The Stalker, with his shaved head and a perpetually haunted expression on his face, is a sort of holy fool; a man who is both addicted to the strange energy of the Zone and bound to help his fellow man. His clients’ motives, however, are far less altruistic. Once deep in the room, the three engage in a series of philosophical arguments that quickly turns personal."

    So who has seen it? What do you think? Worth it? Mind blowing or dated?

    Is it post-apoc?
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    It's a very slowpaced poetic art movie that sports a dreamlike mood of sadness and lurking danger, and deals more about the relationship, ideals and goals between the main characters. A lot of it has to do with symbolic meanings through multifaceted dialog and beautiful cinematography. There's no action at all apart from a few shots fired early on. It's a movie that needs to be interpreted and it's definitely not for friday evening popcorn entertainment. a nutshell.

    If you can appreciate something like that, you should be fine with it. If you are not at all into such movies, look elsewhere.

    It is one of the best movies I've ever seen, so I do recommend it. But it really is for a niche audience, so you either love it for what it is or hate for what it isn't.
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