Post-apoc TB RPG with player choice teased

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    In yesterdays kickstarter update for Vigilantes, a crime themed turn based RPG, the developer Daithi from Timeslip softworks revealed the plans for his next RPG. This might be of some interest for us to keep an eye on in the coming years.

    Here are his words:
    "- The next game will be... are you sitting down? ... a turn based RPG. The setting is post apocalyptic with a dash of cyberpunk. It avoids the more common set-ups for the apocalypse.

    - There will be increased emphasis on design depth, story, gameplay variety and player choice. Combat will not be the only solution, but will still be important and more refined. Crafting will also be substantially enhanced.

    - Each act will have a very different setting and feel, and there will be unique game mechanics for each act. Also, the quests you undertake in each act won't just be a series of steps to the finale. The majority of actions you take will affect how the finale plays out, and its difficulty."

    Sounds intriguing to say the least! If you want to discuss Vigilantes in the meantime we have a thread here.
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    Will buy... if I am live by then :) .