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    Nukapedia is one of those Fallout wikis and they interviewed InXile producer Chris Keenan and kind of put that into print. I have no idea if any of it is new and exciting, so I'll quote it in this silly fashion:<blockquote>AC: Lastly, "DarkTwinkie" - is there a story behind your unusual forum username?

    CK: It is a pretty ridiculous name.</blockquote>Something that is not ridiculous is culture and that's why we get a Fallout-related play leading into a New Vegas mod, all by some fellow named Charles Battersby.<blockquote>Ray was prepared for the apocalypse, but he wasn’t prepared to share his old fallout shelter with his new wife Jane. When nuclear war strikes, this snarky couple find themselves trapped in a bunker built for one.

    Inspired by post-apocalyptic and dystopian video games like Fallout, Wasteland and Bioshock, this dark comedy has bittersweet fun with end of the world.

    After the show, the story continues in a video game where audiences can explore locations seen on stage, and follow the trail of the characters to learn what happened after the events of the play in an interactive adventure featuring voice work by actors from the show.</blockquote>This thing begins with a preview at The Brick theatre in Brooklyn on July 6th - you can get more details if you go to their homepage, click on "Game Play 2012" on the right, and then scroll down a lot. You won't have to go there and see the play in order to download the mod.
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    Would I ever have thought there would be a day when Fallout would inspire a play? Never.

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    I thought the bits about Wastlands' LA were interesting... but *Shurgs*
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    It's not every day you see a poster get strangled to death in mid-sentence.