Problems Playing Evil Route

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Whenever I play these games, mostly I play the role of the good guy. After all, isn't the protagonist of the story supposed to be the hero? That's my preferred type of protagonist.

    Recently, I've tried playing through the first two games as evil. I find that there aren't really all that many evil quests in the first Fallout game and I like to postpone doing the majority of them until I have gained access to the Brotherhood and all merchants are still willing to trade with me without having to pass a speech check.

    Fallout 2 is another matter. There are more evil quests and those that have an evil karma solution. The problem is that due to the unbalanced difficulty of the game, it's a lot harder to be evil. Most of the quests are too tough to tackle at first until you get better weapons and armor. Most of the evil karma solutions to quests don't give you as much experience, so leveling up is much slower. In the past, I've postponed collecting evil karma until I have gotten the GECK from Vault 13. Staying neutral allows me to have access to certain quests such as Rebecca's jobs, rescuing Joshua, etc. I also postpone being a slaver until I've gained access to Mr. Wright (and gotten the GECK). When I end the game, I'm barely up to the Demon Spawn rank.

    Most of the evil karma solutions in my opinion are quite pointless. For example, letting Nagor die trying to save his dog reduces your karma by 3, but you get no experience. Blowing up the Gecko reactor forces you to pass the citizenship test in order to become a citizen and gain access to the vault without turning the city hostile. The karma penalty for when you rustle the brahmin in Klamath is negated when you rescue Torr.

    That and most enemy random encounters pit you against raiders, bandits, and mercenaries, and you gain karma through killing them.

    The last time I tried being evil, I kept getting killed by Xarn at Navarro when I tried to kill him for once instead of trying to free him. I had gone to Navarro at around level 10 to get power armor but I didn't have a powerful enough weapon.

    The Ghost Farm battle is a good example of an early quest that is very difficult to tackle when first available early in the game.

    Personally, I don't really enjoy being evil, it makes the game much more difficult even if it is a new experience. Did an earlier patch increase the difficulty of the enemies?

    During one evil playthrough, I tried wiping out the molerats in the village and was forced to kill the villagers as well. For some strange reason, Vic was waiting outside the gates of Vault City when I went to collect my payment from Stark. When I went back to Vic, he was acting as if I had attacked Valerie, which I didn't.

    Most evil karma I gained in past playthroughs was earned wiping out the Shi and the tanker vagrants. But I think slaughtering entire towns should be done only by dumb evil characters. This applies to Fallout 1 as well.

    I've tried following the guide at gamefaqs for an evil playthrough, but it doesn't go up many levels as you need to in order to make a really powerful character.

    Can someone please help me out here? Are there any quests and tasks giving good karma that are worth doing? What should I do and not do? How can I have an easier time? When should I start collecting evil karma? How can I gain a lot of evil karma by the end of the game? What is your experience with being Evil? I would really appreciate the help.
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    my issue is most rpgs are clearly written with the good route in mind and the evil route is an after thought.

    it also punishes you alot more when you play evil. i get thats the point but it seems more like the devs are saying " your playing the story wrong."
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    I am assuming that repeatable stuff can help farm XP and karma.
    - Killing random encounters of good guys. Especially those who include children.
    - Stealing
    - Metzger quests (Maybe there are some mods that allow you to capture and sells slave as well, but i am not sure)

    As a side note, if you really want to play and evil character, or a character that has to get their hands dirty, i definitely recommand Fallout 1.5 Resurrection. A lot of dirty things to do, sometimes relutanctly.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    I've done the Metzer quests in previous evil playthroughs, but like I said, I postpone becoming a slaver until I had gained access to Mr. Wright and gotten the GECK. And like I said, I've postponed collecting evil karma until I've gotten better weapons, armor, and the GECK. And the only time I've ever used Steal was to plant the poison canister on Mr. Salvatore. The odds of getting caught when using steal are just too high for it to be used reliably.

    And then there's gravedigging. I only do this in evil karma playthroughs, never good karma as doing so reduces karma.

    I did try Resurrection in the past, but I never got really far. It's even harder than Fallout 2 in my opinion.

    What else can I do? When should I start racking up the bad karma? Should I do so right away or wait? Are there any quests or tasking that give good karma worth doing or should I avoid them all? How can I avoid gaining too much good karma?
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    If I remember correctly, if you blow up the reactor then the guards won’t even let you back in the city, because “you’re contaminated” or something. Which I like as far as serious consequences go, but it adds to your point. For the most part, it just isn’t feasible to do an all evil run, especially a dumb brute evil run.

    The most successful “evil run” I’ve ever done (in fallout 2 of course. In fallout 1 I’d always get stuck because I couldn’t get power armor) was as a character that I’d describe as “the devil in disguise”. He’d do the good karma options to gain people’s trust (and experience points of course), then would betray them or otherwise commit evil acts when no one could stop him.

    For example, I’d be able to recruit most companions due to my good karma level, and then sell them all into slavery.

    There’s also the woman in the vault city courtyard that will ask for your help in freeing her husband if you have good karma. There’s an evil option here, where you can pressure her to repay you with sexual favors.

    You just have to play a good character until a certain point where you’re set as far as experience points and loot go be evil. I think bring evil in these games is kind of like having low intelligence. There are options for it towards the beginning of the game, albeit you aren’t going to be as successful as a good or smart character. But as the game goes on the developers put less and less options for you, almost as if they figured that you would’ve just given up already. Ever tried to beat fallout 2 with a low intelligence character? Mid to late game you’ll end up just saying “uh” a lot, and npcs will either immediately exit dialogue or respond as if you had just said something that makes sense.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    yes I've played as a low intelligence character, both good and bad. In the bad playthrough, I wiped out all four crime families in New Reno, including the Wrights, and even killed everyone in Vault City (and damn did it feel good!).