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    Jun 14, 2018
    I'm planning to add if possible some graphics to FoT. Atm I'm just assembling materials and the process in general might take some time IF fruitful at all. However that procedure is becoming easier as technology advances and more people are interested in modding. To my knowledge the last people that actually produced character sprites were Darin and Diablo(who is working for Project Safehouse, but his sprite sizes look a bit random in size from what I've seen, though they're really well made sprites especially comparing to how many custom ones we used to have a few years ago=zilch.)

    Darin's look more close to what I have in mind and since scenes setup I'm not sure if I can get to work accuratelly in 3dmodellers, I'd like to benefit from his experience(and considering he's not doing those any longer anyway it doesn't hurt to have I guess). Can anyone tell me how could I communicate with him to request that file?(I think he used 3ds max around 2012 for those and as I can use 3ds max 2015 it shouldn't be that a big problem to use that specific file, not that many software changes in between the two versions).
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