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    I read in this page the following example, quote:

    "with 3 unused AP and 120% skill, the player character receives not +3 to AC, but +36 (+2 base and +10 from skill per AP)"

    IS THIS TRUE??? :crazy:

    P.S. Because if it is, then a naked Vault Dweller with AG 10, 300 Unarmed skill, 2 levels of Action Boy/Girl and Faster HtH attacks perk should obtain complete invulnerability! See, even Frank Horrigan combat skills are all at 180%. While such a Vault Dweller will have 10 + ( 10 x ( 2 + 300 / 12 ) ) = 280 Armor Class whenever only spending 2 AP per turn (for movement or doing a single punch). Is this for real? :crazy:

    Update: the answer is "no" - at least for Restoration Project v.2.3.3, that is, in which i just tested this myself. That wiki's example is wrong. At 120 Unarmed, with 3 AP remaining, ending the turn gives not +36 armor class, but only +16. I.e. +10 AC bonus from unarmed is given only once per turn - not once per every action point remaining. So much for the dream of slowly beating Horrigan's face to a pulp with bare fists, eh. :D
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    well, fix the wiki
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