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    Brian Fargo has penned a short blog update for Wasteland 2 apologizing for the radio silence of late and promising more updates in the future.<blockquote>It has been some time since I have posted a blog here and I apologize for the delay. I need to do a better job of communicating my thoughts and ideas as that is a part of the process I know people are interested in. I have been very focused on getting the first pass at all the writing complete by October. The thing that is most critical in creating a deep and re-playable experience is for us to have plenty of iteration time on the game. There is simply no substitute for allowing plenty of time for us to play the game over and over thus allowing us to hone in on the things that people are going try in the world. A wonderfully written script is not valuable if it is delivered too far into the development process. This game is going to be much deeper than most people realize and I will go out on a limb to say it is nearly impossible for two people to have the same experience playing through the game as there are so many nuanced decisions. The caliber of writing is very impressive and for those who wanted an M rated experience… you will be more than satisfied. We don’t pull any punches on the subject matters of a dark post apocalyptic world. My attitude is that if you going into a genre that has expectations then GO THERE.. all the way. It is for the same reasons I tend to love all the great shows and writing that I find on Showtime and HBO and find myself turned off by the material on network television. I don’t like to see pandering to a mass audience for my TV shows and I certainly won’t allow this game to soften up a rough world.

    In addition to the benefits of creating better cause and effect it is also key in helping us understand what the asset list we are going to need. The map designs tell us everything about props, backgrounds, sound effects etc. Of course we are making progress on many fronts and I am especially excited at the ideas we are toying with in presenting the world map. So we will be working on a Kickstarter update in the next week that hits a variety of subjects including a write up by our technical director for those who want to dive deeper into our production thoughts.</blockquote>
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    I think he is referring to the new post apocalyptic NBC show: Revolution


    Hmm....link doesn't seem to be linking properly...just do copy paste lol...

    I haven't seen the show so I can't verify this but some criticism I have heard is that it depicts a very "pretty" and "clean" depiction of post-apocalyptic society...Perhaps this show is what Fargo is criticizing...
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    I'd never heard of that show until I read your post. After viewing the trailer on Youtube I can see what you mean by it being "too clean", everyone looks like they have access to washing machines and hair care products. But the environments look pretty good, in fact some of it looks like Wasteland 2's concept art with the cities overrun by vegetation.
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    Fargo isn't criticising some specific piece of shit post-apoc network show, but the wimpy, low-quality, watered-down and soft produce of network TV in general.
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    Yup, I noticed it, being clean or maybe better, sanitized, is that little thing that, for some reason, always flies under the radar and has great negative effect on credibility of that world. Rarely any notable movie (and similar media) escape the rule that main actors/world/story must be sanitized as if it would hurt spectators feeling or something.

    Eh, you should see my shirt after just one day of hiking/climbing in it, there is no need to search for alien life on other planets.
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    I for one was rather enjoying the radio silence.
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    If Brian Fargo wants to watch good network television, he should watch Community. One of the best-written shows and it's on NBC of all places. Of course, Dan Harmon, the show's creator, was fired so they could hire people who can turn it into mindless dribble for the masses. Though I'm remaining optimistic until the new season starts airing.
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    Community is awesome but not exactly an inspirator for a post-apocalyptic show, haha.

    I'd be more like "look at Deadwood, do what it did only in a post-apocalyptic setting". Tadaaah!
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    aaron sorkin is an excellent writer. he has done things like a few good men, the social network, west wing, and most recently the newsroom.

    so far in all his high quality writing shows, there are very few things i would have ever changed in his scripts, and mostly in the recent the newsroom show.

    while you may or may not agree with how political his shows are or become, the writing is some of the best quality that comes out of holywood and consistently top notch.
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    Also the show, while the first two episodes weren't the best, should be great fun at least. I like Kripke and enjoyed the first five seasons of Supernatural quite well (well, not so much Season 3)

    Edit: Sorry, read that wrong. Revolutions society isn't really clean. There's order due to one guy founding a republic and taking a dictator role. The show itself plays 15 years after, so much of the really bad shit (which is explored in flashbacks) already happened.
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    They did a zombie episode. :p