Random two fallout 2 questions.

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  1. donperkan

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    Aug 4, 2011
    1. I came across an encounter that had Bob's iguana stand and a skull pole surounded with fire pits in the center. Left right and down there where arows made from rocks pointing to the center, up was an arow that was pointing to a some bushes and a pot.

    Is there a point in this?

    2. Would someone please write a walkthrough for that brahmin unmarked quest in Modoc.
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    I don't think I've ever heard of that...

    ... so probably not.

    See Per's guide.
  3. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    No, just random stuff. In very rare cases you can encounter a "rave party" outside the Den that uses this map.
  4. donperkan

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    Aug 4, 2011
    Jeah i had traders fighting dogs there. So arrows pointing to stuff doesn't necessarily mean anything, thats weird. I guess that map would make more sense if i found a bunch of guys partying there.

    Thanks for the guide i didn't know how to get to the point where i would have the option of setting them free.
  5. FOvet

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    Aug 26, 2012
    I've had various encounters using that map and it drove me NUTS trying to figure out what it is. All these years playing, and I've never had the 'rave' encounter--even with 10 luck chars!

    Glad to see an answer to that one myself--I came to the conclusion that it was meaningless, but happy to see that confirmed.

    Incidentally, was there ever any intentions on the DEVS part to include a hidden item or something there?
  6. Fins

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    Dec 31, 2017
    Depends on what version one plays and what one deems "a point".

    I just had this map happened to me, while playing RP 2.3.3, at clvl 23. A pack of wolves was around, random encounter, no name. Took 'em out, noticed those arrows on the ground, started to look around. Plenty to see!

    In addition to things already mentioned above, which i got in me game alright, - there is also one big hole in the ground right in the middle of the map where 3 arrows point to. With 6 small fires around it, symmetrically. To the left of the hole, there is a camera on a tripod. Like if someone was making some movie, but then something exploded - there is goo here and there on the map, and this big hole in front of the camera - is very much like one in Modoc after outhouse explosion.

    But more importantly, near and inside tents which are around that hole - i found great many edible and flavor items: plenty booze, over a dozen beer (mostly on the ground, not in containers), iguanas, fruits, and 30 (!!) flowers. Yep, those are kinda rare, but on this map whole 30 of 'em are for the taking! Ain't this a "point" already? Further, 12 stones can be found lying around, in one of tents there is a Doctor's Bag almost entirely behind a pot (but still lootable, use Shift to highlight and pixel-hunt it). And a rope in that same tent, also on the floor, hard to spot without using Shift highlight.

    I was unable to get anything trying to use the rope on, near and around the hole. The hole itself is strangely inactive - the game does not display anything even when trying to simply look at it. But in any case, i am sure it is no coincedence: big hole in the ground much like one in Modoc and a rope on the map which has such a hole - and it is exactly in Modoc where one can use a rope to get somewhere underground. Whether the rope is actually working or not on this random map - i don't know. May be it's not working even in RP. Or, maybe, we all are just not smart enough to figure out how it works there? =)

    No idea if all those details are RP-only or also present in non-RP versions.

    P.S. Better late than never! I hope this will help lots of players who encounter this map in RP to not miss the loot and funny details of it. :)
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    It's weird when you get an alert that someone quoted your post and you realize it's from five years ago.
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