Ratty counts down his favorite games

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  1. Demonslayer

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    Aug 8, 2005
    I remember syndicate wars but at that time i was busy with Future Cop LAPD
  2. SuAside

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    May 27, 2004
    bring on the persuadatron, the suitcase nuke, the gas bombs, the charging wide spectrum lasers, the miniguns, the flamers, the sniperrifles, the orbital bombardment. steal cars to do driveby's, steal an atrillery tank. give me epidermis level 5 & exoskeleton upgrades. give me drugs to either focus or berserk my poor toy soldiers.

    this game rocks beyond belief :)
  3. Zaij

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    Feb 10, 2004
    Future Cop LAPD had WICKED SICK multiplayer. Me and a friend of mine must've played that for like 400 hours, back in the day.
  4. Unkillable Cat

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    Jan 5, 2004
    I've been watching these "counts down his childhood memories" threads, but only now do I see a reason to comment on anything.

    Ratty basically is right. Syndicate Wars has a lot of Awesomeness, especially if compared to today's games, which only contain it in small droplets here and there. But there are two Awesomenesses Ratty neglects to mention about the game. The first one is directly related to the destruction of things. Blow up a bank, and you can steal the money to earn extra cash on the side. The other thing is the difficulty. The game is Awesomely hard. I only ever got into the seventh Eurocorp mission or so before it was too much for me. From what I've heard, the final Eurocorp mission has you outnumbered 4 to 1, dodging orbital bombardments and gun turrests - all in the first 10 seconds.

    But would I include Syndicate Wars on a "Best of..." list? No. Because I played the original when it was released, and even though it's far more restrictive than it's sequel, it's somehow just more fun.
  5. keyser Soeze

    keyser Soeze Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Nov 15, 2005
    Yea i loved Syndicate, probably one of the best games i played.

    Never played Syndicate Wars tho so i cant comment, but from what i have heard its not as good as the orginal. So ratty u better have Syndicate popping up soon! :wink:
  6. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Formerly known as Ratty Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003

    13. Diablo II - Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment (2000)

    Yes, you read right. I have Diablo II on my list of favorite games; in the 13th spot, no less. I don't think the game needs an introduction, but for the benefit of those who have been living under a rock for the past six and a half years, I will write some general information about it.

    Diablo II is, in simplest possible terms, a typical hack 'n slash - a game where you run around a fantasy world killing things and collecting phat loot. Sure, there is some kind of a backstory to it all, presented through excellent FMV sequences and involving three Prime Evils (Mephisto, Diablo and Bhaal) that want to take over everything, and the game world is actually fairly varied and interesting, featuring lush rain forests, snowy, mountainous regions, arid lands à la Arabian Nights and even ashen plains of Hell, but core gameplay is simple and involves little but endless combat.

    Nonetheless, the game is superbly designed and features surprisingly diverse and challenging gameplay. In Diablo II there are seven distinct character classes: Barbarian (a typical brutish melee warrior, but with warcries adding a layer of tactical depth), Sorceress (a wielder of elemental magic, with an impressive repertoire of offensive and defensive spells), Amazon (a warrior capable of both ranged and melee combat), Paladin (a melee warrior, not as destructive as Barbarian, but having auras which weaken enemies or buff the party), Necromancer (a spellcaster derisively known as "curse bitch", capable of cursing enemies and raising golems and undead minions), Druid (expansion only, a warrior/mage mix capable of turning into a werewolf or werebear, summoning an animal minion and casting elemental spells) and Assassin (expansion only, a melee warrior, but with a plethora of cool abilities, like setting traps). Each class has three separate skill trees containing ten skills/spells - since it's possible to "max out" only a fraction of available skills, building a character takes a lot of meticulous planning. Coupled with solid balancing, this means there are dozens of viable character builds, each requiring a different playing style. It is this great diversity of playing styles, among other things, that sets Diablo II apart from most competing games and makes it a classic that still hasn't been toppled by any of the numerous action RPGs that followed it.

    Even with variation in landscape and playing styles, the constant killing everything does get boring and tedious after a while, but that's where multiplayer comes in. Diablo II can be played on Blizzard's official Battle.net servers free of charge alongside thousands of other people (though the number of players per individual game is restricted to eight). Not only is this immensely fun, but it is also the only feasible way to get phat experience and obtain the best items by trading for them. Really l33t people can even play the game in Hardcore mode, in which your precious character gets deleted if you die in battle. Of course, like any multiplayer experience, this one is also marred by grievers, cheaters and complete morons that plague the servers and make you recognize benefits of retroactive birth control. Despite that, Diablo II in multiplayer is possibly the most addictive gaming experience ever and it has consumed many months of my time. I do admit it isn't a very intellectually stimulating experience, so it's understandable why many CRPG snobs detest the game. However, for those of us who don't mind spending a few hours a day doing nothing but hacking up / stabbing / freezing / immolating / cursing demonic hordes, there is no better game than Diablo II. Simply put, it is a classic, and deservedly so.

    Plus, it has halberd-wielding cows. Moo!
  7. Jebus

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    Jan 29, 2004
    Per? How did you get hold of Ratty's account?
  8. DirtyDreamDesigner

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    Apr 15, 2005
    Diablo II is utter tripe.
  9. Brother None

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    Apr 3, 2003
    13. Diablo II

    Stopped reading there.
  10. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Hadn't you noticed I'm an admin now?

    *clicks to retrieve Jebus' pw*
  11. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Formerly known as Ratty Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    Diablo II is the best action RPG ever. You're just not l33t enough to comprehend how awesome it is.
  12. SimpleMinded

    SimpleMinded Vault Fossil

    Jun 17, 2003
    Not to ride on Ratty's cock but I have to agree with him. Diablo 2, for better or worse, is outrageously addicting to the point that I'm considering buying the game and expansion again just to be able to play with my younger brother online.

    The game offers a wide variety of character types that all play differently, adding incredible replayability to the game. In addition, it's addicting and offers the perfect implementation of special items to keep you constantly playing.

    Sure there's no story to the game and single player is outrageously boring compared to the thrill of multiplayer but who cares?
  13. keyser Soeze

    keyser Soeze Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Nov 15, 2005
    Indeed, same here :?
  14. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Formerly known as Ratty Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    Actually I found the story in both Diablo games pretty refreshing for a fantasy clickfest. I mean, how many such games end with the main character sticking the gemstone containing the main villain's soul into his forehead, and how many sequels begin with said character going batshit insane with torment inflicted by the soul stone and heading east ("We went East. Always to the East.") to liberate the villain's two brothers? The main flaw in Diablo's storytelling, in my opinion, is that there simply aren't enough plot expositions or plot-related events. It's mostly just "watch an FMV sequence - clear out 50 areas full of non-descript monsters - watch another FMV sequence"-routine, with only a handful memorable dialogues and events, none of which are interactive or even involving the player character.
  15. KQX

    KQX Vault Senior Citizen

    May 3, 2003
    Pffff, you could have quoted it correctly.

    Anyway, I agree with Ratty on the storyline part. And as I have said before (in the diablo II thread here), the cinematics were excellent and should not be missed. Look 'em up on youtube / google video!
  16. SimpleMinded

    SimpleMinded Vault Fossil

    Jun 17, 2003
    I don't know, my problem with the story was how uninvolving it is. While playing the game I couldn't give a rat's ass about any of the demons, I just knew I was going to kill em. I thought Divine Divinity did a nice job of getting more of a narrative into the hack and slash, though it lost some of the addictiveness.

    I've long since forgotten about the cut scenes, I'll have to watch them again.
  17. Brother None

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Oh, it is, but do differentiate, between ingame story and the surrounding storyline.

    Diablo's story is great in a kind of background setting story kind of great. "Uninvolved" as simpleminded said is the right term for it.

    "Fetch our sword because our magic barriers are weakening!"? Less great.

    The Diablos were about the surrounding story developing while you had no effect on events because you were busy hacking away at everything. So yeah...kind of makes the story neigh-irrelevant, in my eyes, though I remember thinking how awesome the ending of Diablo I was when I finished it (Diablo II? Less interesting, by some margin, plus Diablo II lacked a creepy old guy saying "Gillian is a fine woman *slobber slobber*")

    Though I noted "stopped reading" above, I was just kidding about. Diablo, and 2 even moreso, is a hack 'n slash of extraordinary quality unapproached by anything in its own playing field. It's a genre-defining piece, and even for a retarded genre like hack 'n slash, that's not bad, not bad at all.

    I'd put a genre-defining action film and/or slapstick comedy in my top 50 movies of all time, I guess, and the same goes here. Not a genre I respect a lot, but the game? It is and remains a great piece of work.
  18. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Formerly known as Ratty Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    Well put, Kharn and SimpleMinded. So we can sum up that Diablo II has a pretty good story, but it's so completely detached from the main character and his/her actions that it's practically irrelevant to the player.

    I stand pwned.
  19. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Petition to rename this thread "Ratty counts down his favourite games too slowly and fails to sustain interest unless Per helps out with a helpful comic of helpfulness".

    "Also, I Can Kill You with My Mind"
    - a moral fable







  20. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Formerly known as Ratty Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    Genius. Pure genius.

    I really should post the number 12, shouldn't I?