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    Jun 20, 2003
    This forum is starting to contain an absurd amount of threads that were thrown in the vats because people did not read the stickied threads or perform a simple search. We leave these "Moved" threads here in the hopes that people will learn what not to do, but apparently it's not working. So, just to repeat some rules:

    (1) READ THE STICKIED THREADS! The troubleshooting thread will solve most problems, and Rosh's thread will keep your threads from being removed before you get an answer.

    (2) USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. These games are almost a decade old, and this site is nearly as old. There are almost zero problems, bugs and glitches that haven't already been discovered and addressed. Don't be lazy - you're just wasting your time and our time. Use the search function and save everyone a hassle.

    (3) STATE YOUR PROBLEM AS EXACTLY AS POSSIBLE AND STATE WHAT METHODS YOU HAVE USED TO TRY AND FIX IT. If you let us know that you have tried the troubleshooting techniques for your problem and have searched the forum forum for other solutions we are more likely to help you. If there are solutions for your problem and we know that you completely ignored them and posted anyway, your thread will be thrown out.

    These rules are are here for your benefit, so please follow them!