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  1. ceacar99

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    Nov 11, 2008
    it would be cool if we got rid of the gimicky weapons and got real practical weapons made out of junk. now that shiskabob sword actually is something i could see being made but the rock it launcher, the railway gun and even the nuka grenades are a bit much.... how about early on in the game make things a bit more mad maxy? lower level equipment are things like rifles and pistols made out of junk. its actually not hard.... in fact while studying to make my own firearms after i am finished maintaining and repairing firearms for people who shoot terrorists i met someone who is a cheepwad like me and made a whole shit load of inspirational works out of scrap. im posting pictures of his works as inspiration, maybe i can get a few people exited about this project.... i can make the graphics but i dont have a clue where to begin on the actual code work since there isnt any cs or anything like that released.....

    before the pics, mod goals:
    -replaces 99% of all the workbench made weapons with realistic practical firearms
    -replace all level 1-4 or 5 human gear with those junk weapons.
    -have a few junk weapons (like the shishkabob) that are worth exploring at higher level

    his work is a good example because it demonstrates the wide range of weaponry that can be made from scrap. everything from a crappy double barrel 5.56 pistol to a refined semi automatic pistol.
  2. oihrebwe

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    Jul 15, 2008
    damn those pics are cool.

    I really like your concept too, here are some random ideas for blueprints:

    a scoped rifle that shoots explosive shells

    remote controlled mines

    a scoped laser rifle

    edit: I think a mortar would be doable too
  3. Oddball_E8

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    Jun 13, 2004
    i think this really needs to be done once the CS comes out...

    however, i think they should be somewhat limited to poor wastelanders and yourself (workbench) since anyone would pick a half-dead 10mm pistol over that junk...
  4. TheRatKing

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    Oct 7, 2008
    But the thing is, there aren't going to be many 10mm pistols around, because the mod will replace most of them with junk weapons.

    Another idea. I think that it would be a good idea to make the junk weapon's condition deteriorate very fast, yet can be repaired easily. For example, a pipe rifle will have the pipe barrel deteriorate quickly, but it is easy enough to replace that it requires less skill and/or will improve the condition more than the usual weapon. Instead of raising the condition 9% it raises 20% or something.
  5. Oddball_E8

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    Jun 13, 2004
    what i mean is that all the good weapons would have been swooped up by all the strong factions like raiders and such... so the only ones that use these guns are the wastelanders and the likes...
    basically anyone who doesnt really WANT a gun but HAS to have one... so they dont use loads of money on their weapons instead of stuff like food and such...
  6. Jahnri

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    Nov 3, 2008
    :clap: Best idea I've seen in ages! I actually made a pipe rifle once. It used a modified .325 WSM and was quite sufficient to knock down a grizzly bear or moose if need be. Like someone said, it was a cinch to fix since I could get the parts from any store with pipes of the right gauge.

    I could see pistols, rifles, carbines and springbows being used by scavengers and wastelanders alike. The springbow is basically a crossbow like device which is loaded like a gun and a extremely strong spring with a presser plate is wound back via some winding mechanism. I prefer the crank since its fastest. Basically its a harpoon gun hehe.

    Making ammo would be a blast as well. Oh one word of advice. If you do make scrap weapons Id recommend the risk of a catastrophic gun failure when firing. Due to inherently flaws handmade ammo can explode.
  7. ceacar99

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    Nov 11, 2008
    according to all the fallout lore i know the brotherhood manufactured most of the arms on the west coast. eventually(in fo2) i bet a few other small groups got in the game, but you couldnt rule out the brotherhood whom has to trade arms for supplies they need to survive. the problem is that the east coast has had only a minor strength bos base around for around 20 years, as oposed to about 200 years of post apocolyptic anarchy and violence. meaning by the time the brotherhood arrived the era of cheep servicable arms was definately long gone. making a good niche for this mod.

    now some junk weapons can actually be quite exeptional. for example: a breach loading single shot pistol actually can be EXTREEMLY acurate for a pistol, allowing it to be an exellent survival pistol or even a high(or low if they make it a .22...) powered compact sniper weapon. calibre is limited to the shooter's comfort and strength(in the world of fallout you could have an arnold strong character holding a 7.62x39mm single shot pistol, or a 20mm shoulder fired rifle). all in all it could become pretty damn cool....

    one of the issues i see is setting up parts that can be used to spawn in containers, such as screws, pipes, bits of wood(or bone). generic scrap metal can be used a lot but lets make it a bit more interesting by having the player dig for a "set of springs" or a wood, bone, or a large enough piece of plastic to form the grips of the weapon and maybe even the stock.

    a final thought is that it would be cool if it were possible to somehow code into the game an equation that involves the player's int, repair skill and science in an algebraic equation(favoring repair skill) to determine the final maximum durrability and acuracy of the weapon, im not sure if we should adjust damage that way or have it by caliber.....
  8. NielsK

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    Sep 12, 2008
  9. ceacar99

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    Nov 11, 2008
    actually afganistan has the world's largest gun market and many of those firearms are made by hand. they take scrap steel from hunreds of miles away and work it into servicable firearms that other then the quality of the steel are hard to tell that they are "knock offs". they even print fake serial numbers, company names and places of manufacture. making guns out of scrap is not anything unheard of. i just think that should the world "come to an end" there are likely to be a lot more rifles with inprovisation then rifles that replicate the original.
  10. chipk

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    Nov 15, 2008
    Hey, guys. I joined this site because i am interested in making fallout 3 even better. I like the idea of junk weapons and tried my hand at modeling the double barrel gun. I whipped this up in 2 nights with only the images you provided. check it out.

    I would also like to see post WWII and JFK era weapons. I have several models of handguns during those eras and would love to see them appear in a Fallout 3 mod.

    roughly 6 hrs (maybe 3, I wasn't counting)
    1140 triangles
    -texture only
    -skeleton rigged

  11. ceacar99

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    Nov 11, 2008
    nice, simple. tad bit blocky but completely workable model not half bad... ya you beat me to the punch on that one. i just installed 3ds max 8 on my computer again yesterday.... but i havent had time to work on any models yet, ive been working since 3am.... got off at 6:45pm..... so ya, i got a few designs that i want to doodle up. maybe a double barrel pistol of my own, but i want to make some junk rifles too.

    added: one of the first things on the to do list is make a primitive zip gun, 9mm cal. then maybe something like a magazine fed manually charged pistol(the bolt would rotate and lock into place like a m16 or something, but the pistol wouldnt have a gas or recoil system to push the bolt back so its up to the shooter), then maybe a downright crude blowback smg....

    added later: one final thought. single shot breach loading weapons could keep their usefullness by being (pardon my reference to anime) like jene starwind's caster pistol out of outlaw star. in other words a pistol that shoots a very large very very special bullet. it would be kinda cool thinking about it. "woa that thing is extra ugly.... gonna needa load the thermite bullet for this one...". it'd be bad ass. it would take some skill scripting in ammo types for the pistol and the option to change them even with the cs... though if enough of oblivion remains in fo3 it may actually not be that hard.....
  12. chipk

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    Nov 15, 2008
    I think fallout 2 had something similar, like pipe rifles that fired a single 9mm, though they were not used extensively as they should have been. The current Fallout 3 hunting rifle looks to be quite improvised as well. The stock looks to be made of 2 pieces driftwood held together with a hoseclamp.

    Personally I would like to see an extension of Fallout 3's weapons that include both improvised and post WWII and JFK era weaponry. Not to mention weapons with realistic damage.

    I just so happen to have a 1911 and browning HP available :D . They were for some Half-life 2 mods that fell through
  13. Sorrow

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    Feb 9, 2006
    Cool. They would be nice for Fallout 1 too.
  14. chipk

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    Nov 15, 2008
    Here's one of my older models . I'll make a newer pic that is textured. but it's pretty much ready to roll, just need fallout hands and know-how on importing into the oblivion engine. It has a photorealistic texture of the weapon displayed in the inset and the slide and frame are 2 seperate animatable pieces.

    Here are some guns I would like to add to F3.

    -1911 (modeled)
    -Browning HP (modeled)

    -1928 tommy gun

    -AK 47
    -Remmington pump action
    -Springfield 03

    -Browning .30
    -Browning M2
    -RPG 7
    -40mm M79
  15. ceacar99

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    Nov 11, 2008
    took my idea.... i wanted to add the m2 browning.... though if it were brought in the weapon would have to be animated so its shot sideways. one hand gripping one handle in the rear the thumb pressing down the trigger, the other gripping onto the charging handle. if you beat me to the punch on that one BE SURE to animate in the recoil operation of the weapon. its barrel does recoil backwards a short distance, and the weapon like most mgs ejects the cartridge out of the bottom.

    edit, about 40mm grenades.... well i have been working on a concept junk grenade pistol. here's a model of the rough design

    im not sure if i want to keep this two piece rotating bolt design, or re work it into a simpler single piece bolt......
  16. chipk

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    Nov 15, 2008
    I'm going to start with the handguns rifles and shotguns since I know more about them.

    We should get organized and get some coders and make this thing happen.

    I must also come to the defense of the Railroad gun and Rock-it Launcher take a look at these

    I've actually built one that can launch toilet plungers which can easily be converted to spears. I would say a Rock-It launcher/Potato cannon in the wastes where ammo is uncommon, would be reasonable. Although it is far fetched that a pressure cooker or vaccum and leaf blower would generate enough compression to create enough power
  17. ceacar99

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    Nov 11, 2008
    kind of reminds me of the fact that the FIRST effective repeating military rifle was an airgun. the problem is that cartridges were demonstrated as a FAR better idea where reloading is concerned. even though the repeating rifle had replaceable gas bottles it still was a horrific mess compared to the spencer repeating carbine, the next innovation in repeating rifles.

    the issue with weapons such as the one posted is their bulk and weight. if you were to have your own portable steam or compressed gas supply you got a good ammount of weight. honestly for the same bulk and weight i much rather carry something like a m107 semi automatic .50 cal rifle.
  18. chipk

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    Nov 15, 2008
    I kicked off design on the pipe rifle. here's a preliminary design. I made it extra ghetto. There is a flange that is supposed to hold the bullet in the bore with a firing pin hole. To reload, the flange is rotated to the side and you will attempt to squeeze a bullet in the chamber. The stock is out of a whittled out of a length of drift wood.

    I will add barrel pipe clamps and better textures and somewhat smoother geometry later

  19. ceacar99

    ceacar99 It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Nov 11, 2008
    i was working out a design for a similar weapon as a pistol earlier.... however an idea came to me for a higher level "junk weapon" and i just had to doodle it out....

    its a "stripper pistol". operates much the same as a revolver except instead of rotating an internal cylinder it feeds a straight magazine that functions the same as the cylinder, the rounds are placed in the holes in the metal bar and they each act as "chambers" for the round when its fired. each time the hammer is pulled it draws the bar inward pulling the next "chamber" into alignment with the barrel, when all are done the bar just drops out the other side of the weapon. in essence it behaves like a revolver that can exchange cylinders, only the new cylinder can be inserted with MUCH more speed, making this a much more practical weapon then a revolver. whole model is box modeled and took about 15 minutes to make once i got the concept thought out.

    not sure how im gonna skin this one yet.... later ill post a single shot 10mm pistol.
  20. chipk

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    Nov 15, 2008
    Awesome! I remember long ago I was thinking if a belt-fed revolver design is possible. This is a similar variation :clap: .

    We got at least 3 junk weapons in the works and 2 real world guns.