Fallout 2 mod Redo ranged combat accuracy formula

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  1. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    I believe this discussion worth a separate thread.

    Close combat accuracy formula is simple and intuitive:
    skill - target AC
    Accuracy against target without AC is exactly the skill.

    Whereas ranged accuracy contains this
    component (or
    for long ranged weapon) that miraculously bumps ranged accuracy at point blank range as much as by 64% (80% for long ranged weapon). That is absolutely counterintuitive when one can hit with 64% accuracy at zero skill! I understand designers wanted to offset range penalty so it does not plummet too much and PE seems to be a good candidate stat to control that. However, as you can see above, it creates pretty inconvenient computations so that designers themselves had to immediately accelerate unarmed/melee skills advancement at the beginning of the game to compensate for this huge gap.

    So that is the problem. What could be a solution? I believe ranged accuracy should behave same intuitive way as any other. Meaning point blank accuracy without any other modifier (no AC, no dark, no bullet AC mod, nothing) should result in exactly skill value. PE should control accuracy degradation but not as an added enormous 64% bonus but rather in more smoother manner. Long ranged weapon should maintain its accuracy for longer distance.

    With that in mind here is my proposed formula that I am going to implement in my FairPlay mod. Suggestions are welcome.

    skill - target AC - range * 4 * (1 - (PE - 5) / 10)
    The important point of this formula that PE controls the accuracy degradation not the accuracy itself. At very close range PE is irrelevant which is consistent with other close range combat attack types. That makes perfect sense lore wise too. Sharp vision helps far range targeting, whereas, hitting someone with sledgehammer or gun at point blank range is really a no brainer.

    Proposed formula drops accuracy by 100% at 25 hexes for average PE of 5 (150% for PE = 0, 50% for PE = 10).

    Weapon long range and weapon scope range behave same as in vanilla. They reduce accuracy degradation by 2 and 2.5 times correspondingly. For example, PE = 10 and weapon scope range drops accuracy by 10% at 25 hexes.

    All parameters above are just a sample. Numbers can be adjusted, of course.
  2. Velizar

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    Jul 17, 2019
    Currently, the game has a problem that you need to raise melee/unarmed a lot less until you have 95% to hit everything, while you need to invest a lot more in the guns skills. So I think it makes sense to have it easier to hit with ranged.

    Also, it's annoying to miss all the time, I think low hit chances are one of the flaws of the Fallout games. I'd be happier with a mod which brought most hit chances above 50% (except when shooting at far range, then it's fair enough to miss), and instead had another reason to raise the combat skills.
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    Mar 6, 2010
    Fallout is basically set up like a d20 tabletop RPG in terms of mechanics. Personally, I wouldn't be opposed to playing a game where I can intuitively determine the math just by looking at my character sheet. Even if it might mean nerfing some mechanics for the sake of simplicity.

    None of that algebra bullshit or roll tables under the hood that require reverse-engineering of the game or looking through wikis.