Regarding Vulture's Cry and Highpool. Need help. (Spoilers)

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Spoilers in clear text. Turn away now or risk having the experience spoiled.

    I went to Highpool and cleared everything, picking up various quests along the way.

    Talked to Sean Bergin and got the quest to kill the raiders in order for him to consider working with us Rangers instead of the Red Scorpion Militia.

    Circumnavigated the Highpool "residency" area at the top, and released Vulture's Cry and added her to my team. Helped the man with the dog, cleared the sewers, helped the man with the burning house, Talked to Kate Preston and learned about the upcoming election and how I had not helped enough people yet in order to sway them to her side.

    Now Sean is pissed off because I have released Vulture's Cry and he won't talk to me.

    I think to myself; I'll kill those pesky raiders for you and we will be best buddies again, and I do so. I also return the gun to the woman in the house on the lower levels, but Sean still won't talk to me, and Kate says that I need to help more people.

    It seems I am in a loop I cannot get out of because I released Vulture's Cry and Sean did not like that; now he won't talk to me so I cannot hand in the quest for killing the raiders, and so I have not helped the people of Highpool enough to hold the election.

    I have since played for hours and hours trying to find more ways to solve this, but I think I am stuck.

    Will I have to reload that ancient save and help Sean first or is there a way?

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    My guess on it :

    - Choices & Consequences

    If you don't release her on your own, finish all the quest without her, they will decide to let you release her. She doesn't help you during highpool but you can finish Highpool.
    If you release on your own, you will piss some people and be unable to finish some quests. They don't lock people for fun or for you to release them. You are lucky to not be shot on sight. On the other hand, you can have her helping you for the quest you still can do.

    pros & cons for both options.
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    You can earn Points for Kate by healing the dudes in the town hall hospital (apply surgeon) and there is one more quest by that guy who wants a message delivered to his soulmate, another dog. The dowry-quest for jess-belle also helps. This should be enough to tip the balance so Kate wins the election even if you freed VC without the consent of the highpooleans (Why did you do such a thing anyway?;)).