Resurrect Chip after spleen quest failed [solution]

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    May 12, 2019
    Hello, hope this will help anyone.
    I found out how to reset Chip's spleen quest if you forgot to found the spleen within allotted time.
    I'll need F2SE. So:
    1) back up your savegame
    2) open f2se and choose your save
    3) go to GVAR tab and edit:
    • 367: GVAR_SAN_FRAN_SPLEEN to 0
    4) go to maps tab, and edit SFTANKER.SAV
    • At Scripts column, you'll need to find[critter] and set all his LVAR to 0 (like we never talk to him)
    5?) I'M NOT SURE, but probably you'll have to copy Chips .pro file at %YourFallout2Folder%/data/proto/critters/
    pro file attached​

    And now Chip should act like you've never talked to him. I run this quest after that and successfully complete it.

    P.S. If someone knows for sure about pro file please let know

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