Fallout 2 mod RPU - Talking Heads Addon

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    Nov 18, 2021
    Restoration Project Update - Talking Heads Addon

    Hi everyone,

    This is an Addon I'm working on that adds Talking Heads (animated portraits like Sulik's) to relevant characters for the Fallout 2 Restoration Project Update mod which can be found here: https://github.com/BGforgeNet/Fallout2_Restoration_Project

    So far this is a work in progress that I'll be updating as frequently as I can, I'm always open for character suggestions :grin:.


    All portraits are fully animated many with happy/angry variations.

    Klint, Cameron, Mynoc
    Ardin, Maida, Torr, Jenny, Smiley, Slim Picket, Sally Dunton, Chuck & Buck Dunton
    Lara, Tyler, Joey, Rebecca Dyer, Metzger, Mom, Vic, Anna Winslow, Frank, Sheila, Smitty, Tubby, Flick
    [Umbra tribe]
    Chieftain, Shaman, Krom
    [Slaver's Camp]
    Don, Kurisu
    Jo, Miria, Davin, Grisham, Rose, Cornelius, Farrel, Balthas, Laddie
    [Ghost Farm]
    Vegeir, Jonny
    [Vault City]
    Valerie, Chancellor McClure, Dr. Troy, Phyllis, Stark, Gregory, Barkus, Wallace, Lydia, Happy Harry, Old Joe, Thomas Moore
    [Vault Village]
    Connar, Ann
    Lenny, Skeeter, Wooz, Festus, Gordon, The Brain, Zomak
    Abbot, Brother Matthew, Brother Paul, Dave, Mr. Peterson
    Mayor Ascorti, Sheriff Marion, Marge LeBarge, Dr. "Painless" Johnson, Dan McGrew, Lou,
    Fannie Mae, Obidiah Hakeswill, Ben Wade
    [Broken Hills]
    Typhon, Francis, Chad, Steve, Seymour, Jacob, Zaius
    [New Reno]
    Big & Lil' Jesus Mordino, Salvatore, Mason, Jules,
    Orville Wright, Ethyl Wright, Christopher Wright, Keith Wright. Mr. Bishop, Leslie Ann Bishop, Angela Bishop, Ms. Kitty, Marjorie Reed, Father Tully, Stuart Little, Nikki, Renesco, Jagged Jimmy J
    Elise, Mira, Roger Westin, Dr. Henry, Robodog, Merk, Enlightened One, Sheriff Dumont, Vortis
    [Vault 13]
    Gruthar, Goris
    [Vault 15]
    Chrissy, Darion, Dalia, Rebecca, Zeke, Doc Jones
    Cat Jules, Kitsune, Dex
    [San Francisco]
    Ken Lee, Dr. Wong, Lao Chou, Dragon, Lo Pan, ASH-9, ASH-7,
    Vikki & Juan, Badger, Suze, Chip, A. Ron Meyers, Matthew
    Base Commander, Dr. Schreber, K9, Quartermaster, Chris, Quincy, Raul, Xarn
    [Enclave Oil Rig]
    Vice President Bird, Sergeant Granite, Dr Curling
    Dogmeat, Kaga



    How do you install this?

    Simply extract the talking_head.dat file into the "Mods" folder in the Fallout 2 directory (where the .exe is present). You must have the RPU mod installed first.

    Are any of these voiced?

    No unfortunately, although I have figured out how to do it. Sadly the lip syncing process is very tedious as the program to make LIP files isn't very good.

    Any more plans for this mod?

    Although I have almost added all the characters I wanted, I will update this sporadically and
    maybe add voice lines for some characters.

    Version 3.3: Added Buck & Chuck Dunton, Tubby, Flick and Doc Jones. Fixed talking FRMs for various NPCs. Smaller update mostly focused on preparing the mod for the next THAT update.
    Version 3.2: Added Brother Matthew, Brother Paul, Dave, Mr. Peterson, Ann, Happy Harry,
    Quincy, Raul, Chris, Xarn, Thomas Moore and Old Joe. Fixed various talking animation issues.
    Version 3.1 - Modoc Update: Added Cornelius, Balthas, Farrel, Laddie, Jonny and Ben Wade.
    Made new THs for Ascorti, Stuart Little, Mason and the Bishop girls.
    Version 3.0- Added Renesco, Vortis, Krom, Kurisu, Umbra Tribe Shaman, Dumont, Jagged Jimmy J, Grisham and Sally Dunton
    Version 2.9- Added The Brain, Smitty, Dr Curling, Jacob, Zaius, Don, added compatibility with Armored Talking Heads mod.
    Version 2.8- Added Zomak, Zeke, Rebecca (Vault 15), Nikki and Kaga
    Version 2.7- Added Chip, Keith, Christopher & Ethyl Wright, Barkus, Gregory and Wallace.
    Version 2.6- Added Navarro Quartermaster, Navarro Base Commander, Granite, Mynoc, Cameron, Seymour, Enlightened One, Merk, Festus, Gordon, Anna Winslow and Dalia. New portraits for Lara, Elise, Vegeir and Jules.
    Version 2.5 - Added Skeeter, Wooz, Slim Picket, Torr Bucker, Chad and Steve. Made new TH for Bishop and AHS-9, added speaking animations to many characters and changed colouring for others (thank you .Pixote.).
    Version 2.4 - San Francisco Update: Added Lo Pan, Dragon, Lao Chou, A. Ron Meyers,
    Dr. Wong, Matthew and Vikki & Juan
    Version 2.3 - Added Marjorie Reed, Father Tully, Stuart Little and an early version of Stark.
    Version 2.2 - Redding Update: Added Dr. Johnson, Dan McGrew, Lou, Obidiah
    and Fannie Mae (2 Versions).
    Version 2.1 - Added Maida, Marge LeBarge and the Umbra Tribe Chieftain.
    Added new animations for Miria, all companions now change their background depending on their location (thank you again Femic for showing me how to do that).
    Version 2.0 - Added all remaining companions and a good number of minor characters, made
    new TH for Salvatore.
    Version 1.9 - Added Goris, Rose and Mom, added new animated portraits for Dogmeat and Gruthar, increased quality for Lara's talking head.
    Version 1.8 - Added Ms. Kitty, Klint, Darion, Roger Westin and Smiley (2 Versions).
    Version 1.7 - Fixed various script errors (once again thank you ImpMontezuma), added McClure, updated Miria and Davin's talking head.
    Version 1.6 - Added Typhon and Francis also added my old Angela and Leslie Anne
    Bishop THs I had to remove due to problems with their script, thank you
    ImpMontezuma for fixing them!
    Version 1.5 - Added Ardin, Mira, Chrissy, Ken Lee, ASH-9,
    Sheriff Marion and Mayor Ascorti.
    Version 1.4 - Added Elise, Wright, Bishop and Big Jesus Mordino;
    Removed the buggy Angela Bishop TH that I accidentally left in the previous version;
    Fixed the transparency issues with Valerie's sprite.
    Version 1.3 - Added Metzger.
    Version 1.2 - Added Jenny and Salvatore (full credits to Jotisz for the art).
    Version 1.1 - Added Valerie and Jules.


    For any suggestions or questions you can also find us on our Discord:


    You're free to use any content from this mod! Just credit me if possible :ok:

    Massive thanks to QuantumApprentice who helped me figure out how to make this.
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  2. Goat_Boy

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    Nov 18, 2021
    Added Valerie (Vic's Daughter in Vault City) and Jules (New Reno)

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  3. Goat_Boy

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    Nov 18, 2021
    Now added Metzger! Used Continuum's original art as an inspiration.



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  4. Goat_Boy

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    Nov 18, 2021
    Biggest update so far, added all bosses from New Reno plus Elise (the Ranger chief) from NCR.

    ezgif.com-gif-maker(13).gif ezgif.com-gif-maker(14).gif
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  5. Goat_Boy

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    Nov 18, 2021
    Even bigger update :lol: added many new characters, now almost every major location has at least a couple of NPCs with a portrait!

    Updates might slow down a little as I may be working on a different project, always Fallout related ;)

    ezgif.com-gif-maker(16).gif ezgif.com-gif-maker(17).gif
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  6. redrumcha

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    Mar 27, 2006
    nice work
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  7. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Hey this is awesome! Just make sure you do one for every single character in the game hahaha. ;)
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  8. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 18, 2021
    Thank you guys!! I'm currently working on Fallout Yesterday, it will feature a LOT of talking heads :D
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  9. impHullaBaloo

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    Aug 14, 2021
    That's awesome, dude! This is really something the original game should have. And the quality of your models is very professional. Did you make them from scratch?
    I'm already using them. And, just a personal opinion, I would prefer Rebecca's model on Miria, since her design is, you know, hotter :3 But the one you made for her is pretty good too. Also, will you do the heads for Leslie and Angela?
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  10. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 18, 2021
    Here you go man, just for you an addon that replace's Miria head with Rebecca's :D Just extract it in the mods folder!
    Miria was actually the first one I made so the quality is a bit lower lol
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  11. Goat_Boy

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    Nov 18, 2021
    I actually already made them, together with McClure from Vault City. Unfortunately the game would bug out when I changed their script so I had to scrap them.
    This is what they looked like:

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  12. impHullaBaloo

    impHullaBaloo First time out of the vault

    Aug 14, 2021
    Nice! :-D Thank you very much!

    I'm not exactly a professional programmer, but I'm kinda good at debugging codes. So if you want help to fix the bugs with those other chars, or similar stuff, I'll be glad to help.
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  13. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 18, 2021
    Wow thank you! I appreciate that, Fallout 2 code is quite odd but if can make heads and tails of it I'd really appreciate it. Once I get back to my pc I'll try to show you what the problem is :-D
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  14. LoveDogmeat

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    Jan 19, 2022
    Thank you so much!!! Recently I get FO2 from my old harddisk and have been playing it for a while now. Just found out about RP would like to give it a try. Then I see your talking head mod, this is what it should be in the original game!!
    However, I do not find a "mods" folder under my FO2 folder. I havent use any mod before, could you give me a light how to get your mod works?
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  15. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 18, 2021
    Of course I'll help!
    Download the Restorarion Project mod I linked in the main post. Once you install it there will be a "mods" folder on the Fallout 2 directory, then download the Talking Heads mods and extract the "talking_heads.dat" file into the "mods" folder.
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  16. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign ⛧卐⛧ [REDACTED]

    Apr 1, 2005
    This is so great that we have a new mod project for one of the old Fallout games AND it is not some huge TC that will never get finished or in Russian so I can't read it. Never quit.


    Angela looks AMAZING!


    I figured you should come and take a bow.
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  17. LoveDogmeat

    LoveDogmeat First time out of the vault

    Jan 19, 2022
    Oh thanks for the fast reply!!! I wasn't using the RP mod you posted!!
    Gotta start a new game and enjoy FO2 with your talking head mod!! Thank you so much for bringing this to this classic game!!!
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  18. impHullaBaloo

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    Aug 14, 2021
    Ok, we can discuss this here or on discord, if you prefer, my account is: HullaBaloo#6056
    Also, your mod gave me an idea. Well, I am not sure if you intend to add sounds and lipsync to your project. (Or I guess, in this game is it just a simple mouth animation? Not sure ^^". But anyway) If you do, it won't be that hard to get the voices. I'm doing some tests on those deep learning texts to speech software, and some of them are getting VERY GOOD at it. Have a look at them if you haven't already. Here is an example I made for Miria:
    I used 15.ai for that. And of course, if you want, I'd be happy to help you with that too :)
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  19. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Great work. Really. I'm definitely going to add these to my mod when I'm able to return to it.

    Do you have any plans to create any non-human NPCs?
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  20. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 18, 2021
    Wow please do, I love the Megamod! Could I make some THs for characters like Klint and Humphrey Snag that I could send you?

    For the next update I was planning on doing some NPCs from Broken Hills since they have a lot of Ghouls and Mutants
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