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    Program is mostly based on problems created found by Lexx during SD3 development (with few additions from MSG File Format page) and tested with Mutants Rising content long time ago.

    List of performed check (at the moment of writing this post)
    • Extra brackets - includes "commented" old entries at same line
    • Text before/between/after brackets (before/after test is skipped if line passed 'extra bracket' test and text starts with "#")
    • Invalid ID
    • Duplicated ID
    • Text too long
    • Word too long

    Each error spotted is reported as follows:
    • First line: Copy of currently checked line
    • Second line: Pointer with exact position, error message, filename, line

    Examples (see included ScanMsg.msg for more):
    {{1}{}{extra bracket begin}
    -^ bracket not allowed here [ScanMsg.msg:2]
    {-7}{}{invalid id}
    -^ invalid id [ScanMsg.msg:11]
    {10}{}{is bad, mkay?}
    -^ duplicated id (previous: {10}{}{copy paste}) [ScanMsg.msg:15]
    Note that all checks are aiming at making .msg files easier to maintain, and are bit more strict than what engine really needs. And in few cases can report errors in places which modders consider perfectly valid.

    As i'm not modding Fallouts there probably are some things missing (ex: there's no sound-related checks), and it's up to you to point out any possible improvements ;)

    Download (latest version)
    Bugs reports/suggestions
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    Jun 17, 2010
    Hi Samira, i loved your tool, i'm translating fallout 1 to brazilian portuguese and i think your program will be better with some improvements:

    1 - A windows GUI instead of a DOS one that allows to select the folder where the files are to avoid the need of putting the files in that folder.

    2 - Remove the "error" of too many words since in many cases translated words/phrases will be bigger than in english.

    3 - A better looking error reporter with spaces between error msgs.

    4 - A text after brackets is the most common error here and there is nothing wrong there. The file map.msg is the one where most errors were reported.
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