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    Holy shit I didn't know they updated it that much.
  2. Yeah, it was its main addition to the series as a whole :smug:

    Didn't Bloodborne have it that detailed? This is Slider town, mind
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    Bloodborne wasn't that detailed I don't think. Haven't played it because of my lack of friends. :)
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  4. You don't NEED friends! You kill the friends! You get drenched in their blood! You have a damn flask of salty tears! A scroll with hatemail!

    Seen that Online is like DS3's but with most of what I hate raised two potencies and harder to start up.
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    I just get bored grinding alone...giggity.
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    What's the fun if you don't have friends to kill.
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  7. You find more friends. And then you backstab them off cliffs

    Well, that can hardly be the whole story.
    I want to hear what you really think.
    You want more than just a little blood.
    You want to be drenched in blood, mired in its foul stench. Am I right? Am I?
    Oh, just say that I'm right! Nah hah hah…

    Anyway, my cosy HQ in modded Starbound:

    Sucks that the Paint tool is broken in that save
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    I guess I can share some screenshots from me testing TTW, TTW team members' mods and even my mods and retext private projects. Since I test mostly vanilla TTW, you will not see any fancy textures (unless it is one of my custom textures I make when I feel like it) and definitly no ENB (I hate those).
    This is one of the many things I start and never finish. I was learning how to make/replace posters in TTW. I thought I would make a better Steamboat Willie poster in the future and include it in a mod I was making which would add more Wild Wasteland encounters in the Capital Wasteland:
    This was just me having fun placing harvesteables on the capital wasteland for TTW:
    A typical bug.
    One of my multiple private projects, I was making a mod to allow the player to make the Mothership Zeta into a player's home. It would allow the player to get a kind of "zap gun" to "shoot" furniture while exploring the wastes. Then that furniture would be "duplicated" and "stored" in a terminal in MZ Bridge. The player then could choose which furniture to enable (for example: single dirty mattress bed or double dirty mattress bed or fancy Dead Money suite bed, etc), which posters to display on the walls, it would have a bobblehead and a snowglobe display, anything the player can enable in the Megaton or Tenpenny tower for their home would be available in the MZ home (My first lab, nuka cola machine, jukebox, workbench, reload bench, hot plate, etc) it would also have an Alien Drone Wadsworth robo-buttler. This are screenshots from the GECK and not from ingame though.

    Ben Canning was dying of thirst and I saved him by giving him a bottle of dirty water. Nevermind that he was just a few steps from a giant water tank where we can drink all the water we want. :facepalm:
    One of my custom textures. I based it on old real world DC license plates
    Me testing a giant carrot weapon mod for my friend

    I was testing the color ingame of a custom texture I made for my friend's companion mod
    Testing ingame my playing cubes texture I made
    Don't mind me, I was just placing a couple firetrucks in Old Olney for a small mod I made. I added a few firetrucks and police cars to the Capital Wasteland.

    Of course I had to make custom Textures so that the police cars have a Washington DC police "Badge symbol" and the Firetrucks say Washighton DC instead of LSearchlight (and have a more weathered symbol too).

    Since in Fallout 3 and New Vegas the Junk Food consumable uses the same texture as the Potato Crisps I made my own texture for it (Hot Dogs!)
    Sometimes I get bored of juts testing and go to great lengths to decorate my Megaton House while I am testing TTW (the above screenshot with the Hot Dogs is from one time I decorated my house). I do it in-game and using the really annoying and frustrating "grab" function. Also this game has suck bad Havok that if I am not careful all the stuff I spent ages to arrange will just explode and fly off for no reason. Well this was the time I decorated my house while I was bored.
    Bedroom (I am a melee enthusiast, if you're wondering why all the melee weapons):

    Bedroom Desk (with my custom texture for the Broad Machete):

    My First Infirmary:

    My Workbench:

    Science table:

    Some Books and magazines (obviously not using my book and magazines mod):

    Pantry pt1:

    Pantry pt2:

    Pantry pt3:

    A real wombat has to have a carrot stash:
    Once TTW bugged and Sticky went with me to the Enclave's Raven Rock base... This is how he looked like after we emerged from the base:
    These are a tiny few of the custom pre-war books I made for my mod (I think i have over 200 books made in my latest version):
    Another of my private projects I have never finished. I was making Arkansas Home a more cozy and realistic place (and would be a real "open wasteland" player's home too) after all he has been living there for many decades and he didn't do anything to make himself more comfortable or to make his position more defensible? I don't buy it.
    I was tired of all player's homes being in it's own interior/cell, I wanted to make a home that was in the wasteland where the player could be surprised by real enemies that could spawn nearby and stuff, also it is a home under the stars.
    First let's give Arkansas some nice clothes (he has been living in Minefield for many decades and has access to the pre-war houses there, it would make sense he would have gathered some nice pre-war clothes to wear instead of settler clothes). For some reason the GECK didn't textured the hat, it looks perfect ingame:

    Arkansas spends most of the day in his "Eagle Nest" ready to snipe anyone who comes close, so I added a table with some daily provisions, a pair of binoculars and a chair (he is old, he should sit from time to time). I also added sandbag walls to give him extra protection:

    Arkansas has a good and defensible craft, reload and medical area now (with a working sink from where he gets his water):

    Different view of the craft, reload and medical area:

    He also now has a cooking area:

    Notice how he boarded up the empty windows to provide better safety:

    He also fortified the top of the stair by building a small barricade using metal barrels, a metal locker, a sideways table and some sandbags too. Offering a defensive position once the stairs end and covering him when he sleeps on his mattress. Now he doesn't sleep in the sight of anyone who passes by:

    But Risewild, where did Arkansas got so many sandbags?
    He filled them up himself over the years he have been living there:

    And yet again we have a few images of another private mod I never finished. I was making a ancient coins mod. It was a simple mod that added in some specific locations some ancient and rare coins (Point Lookout bank would have some, Tenpenny would have a glass display showing off his collection, etc). It was just a collectibles mod.

    I think these are more than enough pics from me. Anyone who takes the time to see all of these deserves a prize.
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  9. That damn carrot weapon. I'm sold.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    You should see the Salad Shooter (a special variation of the Railway Rifle that shoots carrots), the Throwing Carrots (Carrot Throwing Knives) or the Carrot Spear too. :rofl:
    Yes, all of those exist in the same mod.
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  11. The Carrot Armament Mod! :ok:

    Vegan's choice indeed.

  12. I used to ba a firekeeper like you... Until I took an greatarrow to the chest
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    Due to a lot of bad events recently i've been down quite a bit. Decided to try to do something to cheer myself up and jumped on to play some Day of infamy and it took only this one game to make me at least smile a bit. Keep in mind i am not as good as the stats suggest due to a lot of new players i guess. But my sneakyness and just how i went from emtpy 1 gun to pick up another enemy gun while crawling behind enemy lines gunning them all down..

    I also didn't notice that i was one out of 3 left with 0 reinforcement and i did not notice the text untill after i died.
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    Deadly Premonition Untit333led.png looks pretty good with mods.
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    I really wanted to get into the game and i still do. But after the intro lvl i just quit the game and never got back into it. I should maybe pick it up and look for some needed mods some time soon.
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    If you do get back into it, might I also suggest to go onto this site and download the bug fixes for the game if you haven't already as the port is notoriously known for being godawful. In my experience you will need some or all of these to progress through certain parts of the game:'s_Cut
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    Get Dpfix whatever you do. If you have issues run it in compatibility mode and reboot after it crashes. It has potential to crash a lot. The 360 version is the most stable but also ugly.
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    Kerbal space program

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