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    Main story now a fanfic! Read here -


    Here's my idea for a new game that will start six years after the end of New Vegas. I wrote up a brief script for a trailer to the game--looking to some dedicated developers here to adopt this idea.

    NOTE: This is not something I will have the time or skills to do myself. However, I think this will be a great idea, and after seeing some of the quality mods featured on NMA, I figured this would be a logical place to start.

    The general gist of the game is a new external area for NV that lets players revisit Shady Sands and the Core, and experience its transformation from village (FO1) to town (FO2) to city (FO:NV). The whole game would take place across the NCR and Arizona, with fast travel possible on a world map (a return to FO1/2--this is because cramming all of SoCal and Arizona into one world map would make the map unrealistically small or the game unbearably laggy). There would be new weapons, and new characters, but the primary emphasis would be on creating a new atmosphere through textures (a post-apocalyptic noir-ish feel; the mature society of the Core contrasted with the frontier of the Mojave and the wilds of Arizona) and character development/loads of dialogue.


    It is six years since the end of New Vegas. The NCR won. Bill Oliver is running for President against Tom McLafferty, son of (notorious) Crimson Caravan owner Alice McLafferty. Bill is kicking the stuffing out of Tom in the race, partly because the McLafferty family is unpopular, to put it mildly, and partly because it doesn't look like Tom is even trying to win the race.

    (In New Vegas, Alice McLafferty tried to set up a regional monopoly on caravan routes through murdering other caravans so that she could extort NCR troops with higher shipping rates).

    The NCR's victory at the Hoover Dam has further pushed Oliver into a brash, overconfident warmonger that seems hell-bent on continuing former President Aaron Kimball's expansionist policies all the way through Arizona. McLafferty advocates a more moderate approach, insisting on the right for the former Legion tribes to remain independent if they wish.

    Meanwhile, the economy of the NCR has boomed thanks to acquiring New Vegas. The massive, reliable flow of power and water has led to a renaissance of industry, on a scale not seen since the Great War. Crimson Caravans has become Crimson Caravans & Mines, and factories fuelled by their ores have sprung up throughout the Core Region. The Mojave blooms, feeding hundreds of thousands, thanks to Lake Mead and the magic of pre-War fertilizer recipes; fertilizer recipes, which, again, depend on phosphates and other minerals mined by Crimson and other large merchant houses.

    Shady Sands, capital of the NCR, is now a full-fledged city of close to 100,000 people. Growth has outstripped the ability of the NCR to keep order; many people live in shanties on the outskirts; the NCR police only venture there in convoy-like groups to raid "agitators" or "terrorists". Some in the shanties (mainly refugees from the Mojave or Arizona) suspect that the NCR is deliberately stealing away anyone with leadership ability to keep them down.

    They are somewhat correct. For the first time in its history, the NCR is facing a large group of people with a completely foreign outlook on life trying to assimilate into NCR life. Some in the NCR propose extending all of them citizenship, but as many of them used to be Legion slavers, the argument becomes contentious. Strangely enough, even though he could easily buy their votes, and his moderate position on taking over Arizona appeals to their sympathies, Tom McLafferty has not joined these public appeals for giving the refugees the right to vote.

    The courier (who is not the player character in this game) has become the junior senator of the Mojave, and makes a compelling 3rd-party candidate; that is, if he could be persuaded to run. Of course, he could also endorse either McLafferty or Oliver and likely tip the scales in their favor. Publicly, though, he has remained silent, preferring to spend his time wandering the Arizona wastes on his own. He also refuses to comment on the "Arizona issue", in spite of being, presumably, one of the most knowledgeable men in the entire NCR on the subject.



    Into this volatile mix steps you. You are a private detective; you used to fight crime as a Shady Sands deputy; before that, you stood the line at the Colorado River.

    You've done well in these past six years--you have your own practice, your own secretary/medic, and the gunsmith around the corner has given you half a years' credit.

    So when that rich old lady walked into your office asking you to follow around her whoring, cheating, good-for-nothing husband, you didn't blink twice. Not even when you found out he was the Chief Surveyor for Crimson Caravans & Mines. You were moving up in the world, after all. Word had *finally* gotten around to the rich folks from uptown Shady. And she paid twice your usual rate.

    But when you suddenly meet a striking, green-eyed redhead who claims that she is his *real* wife, and then the Chief Surveyor is murdered while you're following him, making you a prime suspect...

    You're back in the trenches. It's Forlorn Hope, all over again. Fighting for your life, your honor--for the truth, because that's the only way you'll get ever get those other two things back.

    They don't call it Shady Sands for nothing.


    The cast:

    General Lee Oliver

    General Lee Oliver. Hero of the Second Mojave War. Frontrunner in the 2288 Presidential Elections. A hard military man, who looks for direct solutions even when there are none.

    His platform:

    --Ending free immigration from Arizona
    --Conquering Arizona and deporting ex-Legion settlers there
    --Launching a campaign into Northern Mexico
    --Launching a campaign into Texas
    --Launching a campaign into Utah
    --Launching a campaign into the Pacific Northwest
    --Launching... you get the point.

    Tom McLafferty

    Tom McLafferty is the son of the notorious Alice McLafferty. His family owns Crimson Caravans and Mining... which, aside from being the largest caravan company in the NCR, has nearly cornered the market on Floramin as well.

    He's running for President, and could make a decent showing... that is, if he stopped trying to lose. He lets Oliver pummel him time and time again in debates and rarely appears in public. The public believe him to be more moderate than Oliver (and a wimp as well). But is that really the case?

    Senator Cassandra Moore

    After the Mojave was incorporated into the NCR, Colonel Cassandra Moore was the natural choice for the role of Senior Senator.

    She has a tough, no-nonsense attitude and an unapologetic embrace of NCR expansionism. However, running a border region has made her more tolerant and open-minded than one might expect.

    The Courier aka the Junior Senator from the Mojave

    When Cassandra Moore was appointed Senior Senator, she wasted no time in selecting the hero of the Battle of Hoover Dam as her understudy.

    However, in her eyes, this understudy has proven to be a disappointment--too cautious, too sympathetic to the Legion remnants, too friendly with foreign tribals, too soft on the denizens of New Vegas. But he doesn't care, instead, preferring to spend his time wandering the Arizona wastes by himself whenever the political drama grows too absurd for his taste.

    Lately, with Arizona becoming the main topic of the Presidential race, everyone in the NCR has been asking the Courier about it. However, strangely enough, he says nothing, in spite of being more knowledgeable than anyone else on the subject.
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    Ok, so I think I have the main storyline down:

    Main character starts off by being tapped to investigate the Chief Scientist of Crimson Caravans & Mines on behalf of his wife. She suspects he is cheating on him, and since wifey is an ugly, crass, ho, the main character is led to believe that the Chief Scientist would be an idiot not to be cheating on her.

    Main character catches him meeting with an attractive young lady in Shady Sands' brand new Central Park, snaps pictures of the two together. The pictures end up splashed all over the newspaper. The young lady vanishes, the Chief Scientist winds up dead, and a striking green-eyed redhead shows up at our hero's front door searching for the man "who slandered her husband and drove him to suicide."

    Cue major WTF moment from main character.

    It turns out our player character is in way over his head. He tries to calm down the actual wife but she immediately files a lawsuit against him. Unless he can find out what really happened he's liable to lose his license. (The police think that he's covering up for the real murderer.) So he decides to try and solve the mystery on his own, to save himself. After a bit of snooping around at the scene of death and sneaking/stealthing through the seedy slums of Shady Sands, he finds enough evidence to show that the Chief Scientist was murdered.

    When he gets back to his office, he finds that someone's been there and tried to rob all his evidence that he's keeping of the murder. At this moment, the storyline ties with the trailer I put above: the robber is still hiding in his office, equipped with a Stealth Boy, and is planning on killing him. At this moment, a sniper blasts the robber across the room with a Gauss Rifle.

    Then the authorities brand our hero the lead suspect in the murder of the Chief Scientist, as he was seen following the Chief Scientist prior to his death by several witnesses. He is arrested. His mystery sniper narrowly escapes capture. While in jail, he is broken out by a resistance group led by said sniper, who he now recognizes as the young girl the Chief Scientist had been visiting. She smuggles him into the slums, where he gets access to the world map and can start exploring the core region and, later, once he has a raft (or a pass from the NCR authorities), can cross the Colorado and explore Arizona.

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    This sounds like an interesting idea for a Fallout novel, maybe. Even if some of the details may or may not be canon. I just don't think this could be a game, but I really like the idea. Clearly a lot of thought was put into it. Very impressive, and very intriguing. I already feel like I have to know how it ends.
    That's not to say it would make it as a game. Keep working on it however, and maybe you could pitch it as a novel. Or a pretty decent fan-fiction.
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    Okay, I like it.
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    Haha thanks. Maybe we can make this a kickstartr project?
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    Hmmm, yeah, maybe a fanfic route might work better for this, since the gameplay will probably be a bit different from the typical "wander the Wasteland" of Fallout.
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    Apr 11, 2012
    This is who I have in mind:

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    Apr 11, 2012
    A trailer script, to give a better idea of the atmosphere:

    [MUSIC STARTS] (Kay Starr, Wheel of Fortune, 1952) -- - Kay Starr - Wheel Of Fortune.mp3


    Wasteland Studios

    A _________ Production (whichever developer takes this gets top billing, naturally)




    The Detective, The Lady
    The Courier





    Fade-in to, while keeping text overlay: (00:16-20)

    (Camera pans over a sprawling, prosperous-looking post-apocalyptic city. Brahmin carriages and rusty but sturdy electric cars crowd for space in the streets. Off in the distance, workers appear to be raising the steel skeleton for the first post-apocalyptic skyscraper in America.)

    Off camera narrator: Six years is an odd number. Long enough to forget the pain of war, but not long enough to learn to live in peace.

    (Camera pans to a giant billboard with the text:

    "The Courier Delivered. Shouldn't You? Buy Bearclaw Bonds Today."

    next to a picture of the Hoover Dam.)

    Narrator, cont'd: The Mojave was good for the NCR. It brought in water, power, and more than a little greed. With Caesar gone, they're talking about taking all of Arizona now.

    (Camera pans downward from billboard, to the building below. On the second floor, a man is sitting at an office desk, turned sideways to look out of a window. He closes the drapes. Camera zooms through the drapes to show him sitting at the table, cocking and aiming a 12.7mm submachine gun.)

    Narrator, cont'd: The Mojave was good for me, too. Taught me a lot. How to play Caravan, for instance, and why I shouldn't. Also taught me how to walk, talk, and shoot my way out of trouble.

    (Camera zooms back out of the curtains, zooming out across the street, while still remaining focused on the window, while slowly the view through the camera becomes circular and crosshairs appear overlaid in the middle--it is now the the view through a Gauss Rifle's sniper scope.)

    Sometimes, though, I get into a little too much trouble.


    (Camera cuts to combat footage, showing off the game, etc etc, until the end of the song).


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    The red head's a natural red, right?
  11. lostromantic

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    Apr 11, 2012
    Cmon, we're aiming for an M rating here, not Adults-Only. :)
  12. lostromantic

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    Apr 11, 2012
    I'm also posting the storyline in the fanfic section. Going to link these two threads together.
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    Hey, I just caught up. This is a story that I've always dreamed of writing. GET THIS PUBLISHED NOW!
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    Apr 11, 2012
    Haha. Once this is more fleshed out, we can send this to Chris Avellone. I think the story would make a decent DLC, at least, for any future Fallout game.
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    I don't think this would go far as a DLC or game.

    It's good enough as a story about the inner politics of NCR.
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    I'm with you in the sense that this would be a better Hitman game than a Fallout game.

    Hitman: Fallout Edition? you should pay me for this advice
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    Apr 11, 2012
    That's actually a fairly good idea. I agree that the beginning is not as "blank slate-ish" as a Fallout game should be, and the sandbox is not nearly as large.
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    That's actually a kickass idea! Nice going Ben. A flurry of ideas hit me when you said that. What a concept for a spinoff. Maybe you could play as a Legion assassin, or some kind of Vegas hitman? People would probably cry Assassins Creed ripoff though. I actually want to develop that idea a little further just for shits and giggles. It would be better than PoS right?

    To the Batcave! :)

    Also, Shady Sand Confidential looks great! Nice job lostromantic.
  19. lostromantic

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    Thanks a ton.

    Guys, do you think this would work if I changed the main character to be someone who served with First Recon? This would give the protagonist a good reason to have a lot of the skills he's supposed to have, and also a neat way to write Boone into the story.
  20. TorontoReign

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    I don't see why that wouldn't work.