Slaves don't relocate and follow their normal routine (FWE mod)

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    Mar 22, 2015
    As I put in the title I'm running Fallout Wanderer's Edition. This bug doesn't seem to be listed anywhere, but for some reason people I enslave don't start moving to Paradise Falls. I'll enslave them and fast-travel, get paid for them, but literally all slaves just keep doing their normal daily routines. Angela, Diego, Brock, and Tammy all live in Rivet City only wearing a slave collar. I decided to move Cherry to Rivet City and then enslave her but she just lives in Rivet City now. Most of Big Town is enslaved and still living there.

    I got paid for all these slaves but the world just looks.....wrong. Nobody even acts like their loved ones were enslaved or disappeared and I have no reference to see if something just isn't flagged correctly or if people like Gary Staley just aren't programmed to acknowledge his daughter's disappearance. According to the wiki James Hargrave is supposed to say his mom's gone thanks to me if I kill or enslave her but he still only says she's probably drunk.

    How does the game's scripts alter enslaved NPCs?