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    Jul 2, 2012
    Didn't had time to finish my FT:K mod,but I had some time in march last year to build a mini-mod(more like an expansion to FT:K).The action take place 11 years after the events BoS-South Commonwealth war,and some guy named Vince an ex-BoS soldier is now an explorer and goes in the deepness of the south-west LA(Louisiana).

    He gets through a tornado in the night,but the night doesn't stop after he passes the tornado with his humvee,but he sees a clipping red light.He gets there and meets a not-so feral ghoul who can understand what he is saying,actually a lab mutant,an experiment of a pre-war company.

    Vince finds out there's only a way out through this madness(he found out from a survivor,mike who died cut in half by some spooks),to kill the "major devil" the head of the spooks(Creatures).If he doesn't kill the boss devil he will get crazy and eventually will get ripped and torn by the spooks.So he takes radiation from the green-lighting ghoul to glow in the dark so he has a little time to live(He needs to find fast rad-away).But it's better than getting killed in the dark,at least he'll fight back.

    The town ain't a pre-war town,was actually a trading post/farming area used by far west merchants,was built in 2238,but there came a time when the night became longer,and the population decreased considerably(in only 3 days,after the anomaly started).It isn't known what started the slaughter,but probably a cave that was undermined and triggered the spirits of the hell/death.Or even an object brought from Caribbean islands.

    Now some of the pictures of my map,I can't remember now how I got those 2 characters to glow.

    Starting point,with mike already dead:

    Blood outside,approaching house.

    One of the so many house you find in my huge map,a slaughter house with different dead people/characters and blood stains on walls,floor.Some people weren't killed by the spoks,they killed themselves or they killed the people around them.

    Down here is an example of a crazed survivor who is here for 35 hours,the place turns you hostile towards everyone(Even towards your friends or leader)

    And there comes the spooky creatures,or the devils how do you want to call them,they don't have a specific name anyways.They are very powerfully,300 damage per hit and they are only the servants of the great dark/black master who is three times powerfully than the OG(original one).

    Another important notes about the map are:the total square area is 1.1 km2 I found it out by a light entity,made the range 200 meters and I calculated in the map editor.
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    In the EDITOR_README.txt file, there is:

    So you can also directly convert either region count or world unit count of your map to real world size.
    Your map is probably 16*16 regions according to this file.
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    1.1km2 in-game size of course.

    And yes it's about 16*16 ,I like big maps,I make small maps only for multiplayer.