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    I think that we are judging this game too fast, the fact that we don't really know what it can be, or how it can be, is true.

    The first time I heard about BOS, being a "strategy/tactical game" I just started to imagine a big C&C clone with tiny (very small) guys running over the wasteland because a big BOS tank was firing super plasma missiles behind them, while an Enclave advanced helicopter was attacking the main BOS headquarter.

    But, I saw the page, and the most important, I saw the screenshots, and... I just can think of a Jagged Alliance 2 clone with a Fallout taste.
    They say: "turn-based", "RPG character development", "depth of story-line", "emphasis on a lesser number of units". The graphics are very similar to Fallout, but better (and they are very nice ones)... Why JA2 clone? Just read the "Real- Time Preparation" section on the features section of the official website, then mix it with the other features and voila!

    If I had to make a first impression commentary I would say two things:

    1. (From a contemporanean philosopher) "I'll try to keep an open mind. Who knows, it might become a good strategy game. At least it's turnbased, which is what my favorite strategy games (X-com, jagged alliance) are too." - shadowman ;)

    2. The multiplayer engine could ruin the game because it's possible that they could want to have more emphasis on the multiplayer game and not the singleplayer one.

    Maybe we could have a great game here, maybe not, but, the only thing I really want is that Fallout 3 be a REAL CRPG and not a stupid "new wave" (only for mature kiddies) RPGs with the only intention to get more money...