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    Jun 16, 2007
    Hi all.
    I was hoping someone may be able to help me as i have played the game on and off for quite some time and one of the mods i had was for a house in Springvale on the bluffs to the right on Silvers home.

    However i have removed all the mods as well as the base folder from Bethesda as i was having a few problems and now cannot recall the name of the mod,nor what site i managed to find it on.

    This house was two stories with a kitchen,trophy room and small bathroom on the ground floor.
    To the left was a medical cart and table with computer with a back story about a prisoner.

    There is a Protectron robot as you go indoors and upstairs is the jail cell and next to it is a room with lots of ammunition,mines-grenades and weapons and a bedroom with clothing in a dresser unit.

    On the landing outside is a Grenade Launcher and grenades on a shelf.

    Downstairs by the bottom of the stairs is a dog launcher to fire heavy duty ammunition and in the trophy room is a US Victory Sniper Rifle.

    I nearly forgot that to access the house you needed to lock pick the mail box outside as once done this had a key and a welcome note.

    I really like this mod as it would fit in with the type of game i am currently playing and was hoping that a member may be able to help with its name or location as i have tried several times to find it without success.

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    First of all i don't really like helping people with "cheats" :P But since i'm actually way to nice today you could use the mod manager and check the save files for every mod that is/was used on that save if you still have it.