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    Small tool to "force" Steam into running external executable (read: located outside of game directory) as selected game; makes running Fallout mods [using mod folders] from Steam less annoying to setup.

    Unlike all guides i found around, this one does not require touching any of game files and provides a little more functionality than counting playtime only... actually working screenshot hotkey! Woohoo!

    Other than screenshots, it also enables access to browser, friends list, and chat - sadly in "read-only" mode, as for some reason keypresses are not passed to overlay (except screenshot hotkey). Oh well. At least you can take a quick look at guide if you're stuck somewhere. Or see what Steam folks are talking about today.

    "Why is this game so fun?"

    While it was made to allow running EtTu from Steam (as Fallout 1), it's not really limited to that. If your friends are really worried about your crippling Fallout addiction, you can avoid any interventions by running Fallout disguised as some other game.

    EtTu running as Graveyard Keeper
    Sneak 300%

    Mixing other, non-Fallout games, should (sic!) work just fine, as tool doesn't really do anything special... maybe except changing working directory, which is critical to make whole thing work with Fallouts; modern games usually doesn't require that.

    • Download SteamDetour.zip (see below) and extract somewhere
    • Open Steam and right-click on Fallout2 (or other game which should be redirected)
    • Set launch options to:
    • Enjoy!

    Note that after removing %command% part only Steam will run default launcher, which might be useful for quick switching between modded and vanilla game version.

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    It still works, tried it on FIXT, but you have to have Fallout set to DX9 (DX9 for the overlay to work).
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