Suggestion for improving fallout 3 --> fallout 4

Back on toppic guys, back on toppic.
I would like to see:
-MUCH bigger distances between cities
-Random merchants (but not too many of 'em) traveling around the wasteland selling, stuff to npcs
-More NPC'S
-no loading when entering a house
-car (or some other way of fast traveling, preferably with some friends)
-more recruitable npcs
-better written dialogue
-more desert feel to the wasteland
-less vaults
-less monsters/more quests
-less raiders
-farms around cities
-bramin herds
-slavery with slaves doing hard work on farms
-around 60-80 years after war
-not so much pre war supplies
-classic perks and traits
-more faithful to first fallout
-better karma system (no more: kill people, then give some water away and become a living saint)
-no more gore obsessed raiders
-random encounters
-turn based and realtime (like in fallout tactcs)
-optional isometric view (so if somebody doesn't like it, they can play in first person)
I would like to choose the Iso perspective and a turn-based combat.

Although, I will not probably notice that the game was released anyway :P
1) The so-called “free-form” quests should always give experience and/or truly unique loot. I think these quests were a good way to strike a balance between depth and accessibility, but they were undermined by the fact that the rewards were often limited to caps or karma. You should reward people if they take the time to explore, read their notes, and keep track of an unlogged quest.

2) There should be less experience given for killing, and more experience given for finding new areas. This way, it doesn’t matter if you use stealth/perception or combat to get by a foe.

3) The harder difficulty levels should be harder. The increase in difficulty shouldn’t just affect your foes. The player should get less skill points to work with, and noncombat skill checks should go up. The only exception is stealth, which should probably be easier on the default difficulty level. The player certainly shouldn’t get more experience at harder levels. I think this could also help to strike a balance between depth and accessibility. You should be able to screw up your character development when you play on very hard.

4) There should be more ending slides to recap choices you've made throughout the game.

5) In general, the new engine should be focused on exploration and environmental interactivity. They should try to reduce the amount of loading screens, perhaps at the cost of graphic fidelity. The panoramic views should stay, but it wouldn’t bother me if the character models and textures don’t improve much if it means that there isn’t a loading screen behind every door. It also wouldn’t bother me if the world wasn’t full of interactive “stuff” like ashtrays and plates.

6) There should be more use of the z-axis. This should include climbing, and perhaps flying if you can find rare equipment. It’s hard to design a good contemporary level without a ladder of some sort.

7) The player should be able to break down some doors. It’s OK if this isn’t consistently implemented, as long as the player is aware of the difference between a breakable door and an unbreakable door. Deus Ex handled this pretty well. To some extent, this relies on suggestion 3.

8) Some light sources should be extinguishable. This sort of thing isn’t that tough, and it’s about time that it made it into a Beth game.

9) The main quests should have more of an emphasis on optional skill use. There should always be at least one option that doesn’t involve straightforward combat. The side quests can be more specialized and to some extent linear. It’s OK to have a side quest that absolutely requires a certain skill, thus making it off limits to some characters. The main quest should be more focused on multiple paths for different characters.

10) Groin shots should come back. There was no logical reason to exclude this. It really makes no sense at all.

11) Add some nonlethal status effects/weapons. This really wouldn’t be hard to do at all (the status effects already exist), and I think some players would appreciate the availability of tranqs or sleeping gas.

There are obviously other issues, but that’s my top 11. I think that would make for a great sequel.
I've been thinking about the "it's too easy!" complaint that I see a lot of.

Two things make it easy, VATS and being able to access your inventory while taking a nailboard to the forehead. On the hard level, they should disable both of those capabilities.

So, no VATS on hard, and if you are actively engaged in combat (enemy sees you and is within X distance, or something) you cannot access your inventory.

I don't think the answer is to just make the enemies tougher. It makes sense that if you get shot in the face you die quickly, even if you are a supermutant. At any rate, that kind of thing can be tweaked easily I'm sure. Giving the bad guys better aim would be a better solution to more HP's I think.
Really, I would be happy if they just focused on writing a really compelling main quest in the next one. From a technical aspect the game is perfectly adequate.

I'd love to be able to shoot through walls and kick down doors though.
It was ridiculous when it got to the point of shooting a super mutant 10+ times in the face with a magnum, and he was still moving around fine.

Also they put too much stuff on a not big enough map.

Also finding hand grenades in someone's mailbox is kinda stupid.
Killswitch said:
It was ridiculous when it got to the point of shooting a super mutant 10+ times in the face with a magnum, and he was still moving around fine.

Also they put too much stuff on a not big enough map.

Also finding hand grenades in someone's mailbox is kinda stupid.

It is? I'm glad no raider looked in the oven I stored all my crap in!
-No shitty intro story. The world sucks, here you are, go.
-Lethal world, makes VATS necessary.
-Deeper VATS gameplay.
-Better AI (resourceful, group tactics)
-Advanced narrative tools like more than 80 characters for dialogue choices.
-All dialogue written by the same writer, who should be able to define "style" without looking it up.
-Relevant references to classic literature, art, philosophy, movies and history.