Swedish chronicle about Fallout 1 and its legacy

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    Swedish journalist Jimmy Håkansson has written a piece on Fallout 1 and the impact it has had. It's mostly nostalgia but shines a light on some differences between the first game and its sequels.

    Here's a Google translated quote for the non-Swedish speaking audience
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    Oh he's just a buzzkill. Post apocalysm is supposed to be fun and wacky! upload_2022-12-31_11-37-21.png

    Anyway, the gist of the article is that Fallout 1 is pretty heckin neataroonie. What with it's moral grey compass, tragic story, fear of the atom bomb and that the game actually dared taking itself seriously despite its more fantastical elements.

    I thought about transcribing all of it but I don't think it's worthwhile, my summary gets the jizzy gist of it. Here's the last part though.
    "The later versions of "Fallout" was produced by people who never had to take the bomb seriously. Whereas the first was developed by a generation who got fostered by the cold war, where the atombomb wasn't a popculture accessory but a constant present threat"
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    I don’t think the devs at Bethesda were that much younger than the Black Isle guys, at least circa Fallout 3. Perhaps this could be said about Fallout 4/76.
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    Yeah but it was certainly made for a younger audience, both in the sense that a "mature" at that point was people born about ten years later than the original audience (due to the linear nature of time), and also definitely more courting the early teen "shoot loot lulz" audience.
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    Tell that to Doctor Who and the bulk of sci-fi writing and moving pictures :P.

    Also the quote "The later versions of "Fallout" were* produced by people who never had to take the bomb seriously. " is the reason our East European friends have gone back to the OG format to make conversions and homage type of games such as ATOM RPG.

    The reason for this is while before, during and post cold war and even today the USA ran the ' Red Scare' propaganda, which Britain copied, Russians/Ukranians in the USSR must have been shitting themselves expecting Reagans Star Wars to unleash farmer Geddon.

    While Russian missiles pound the Soviet built apartment blocks in Tel Lyviv, the Ukranian combatants play cards in the basement bomb shelters and await more missiles from the ' Rest of the World ' team.

    PS * tiny typo, were not was.