Taking the Unity with a God-tier Build

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    May 6, 2020

    I may be preaching to the choir, but I have made a fairly comprehensive guide on Fallout’s gameplay and how to make the Vault Dweller the most powerful force in the wasteland. This video reflects that fast shot and bonus hth stack in Fallout (while they do not in Fallout 2); you can attack with the super sledge for 1 ap, ten to 12 times per turn.

    The damage per turn thus approaches 500 with slayer. The build also includes the perk sniper and the turbo plasma rifle/alien blaster approaches a similar damage per turn despite having double the ap cost. This guide is good for those playing hardcore runs as it prioritizes acquiring power armor early. Effective perks, traits, skills, and weapon choice are also discussed.

    I don’t recommend watching if it is your first time playing Fallout because figuring out the game and exploring the world is important to the experience. The guide is for people interested in seeing what a max level build looks like and consists of.