The Day Before

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    Nov 21, 2020

    Looks pretty good honestly don't know if i'm interested in it given its a MMO and the zombies don't really look that interesting too me not like The last of us zombies anyway like Clickers that react based on sound/movement of your character or bloaters that throw projectiles or at you if your not careful or the stalkers from the last of us. So i probably will pass on this game but what are your thoughts on it in particular?

    after the Last of us i'm kind of spoiled me with how uninteresting zombies in most other zombie games like they just seem to be things to shoot at rather then anything creative or exciting or fresh plus i didn't see any hordes at all in the trailers so it seems their just stragglers roaming around, it's really just another game to play with friends from the looks of it. it says its "Single player" but i imagine it's going to get old and boring pretty fast if you play it from purely that perspective on it. at least with the multiplayer aspect of it, it could have some chance of proving itself which it seems to be what their going for.