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    I notice that there are a lot of different paths to complete quests in each Fallout Game, so much so that the mere idea of a full fallout experience seems overwhelming. I have devised a series of runs for every fallout game (aside from P.O.S. and 76(P.O.S. 2)) that will allow you to complete the game in a way that allows you to experience most options. Also I never played Fallout 1 so I won't include anything there for now.

    Fallout 2:
    First run:
    -High Intelligence and Charisma
    -Good Natured, avoids combat when possible
    -Small guns main
    In this run, you try and help as many people as possible, while focusing on your quest for the holy GECK in the beginning. You will take the vault 13 route.

    Second run:
    -Kind but dumb
    -Low intelligence, high strength and endurance
    -Enjoys fighting
    -Melee and Unarmed Main
    In this run, you're really stupid, but your heart is in the right place. Go through each quest similarly to the previous run

    Third run:
    -Self centered, egotistical
    -High intelligence and perception
    -No problem with fighting
    -Energy weapons main
    In this run, you do every quest seeking only personal gain. You can take the oil rig route if you want.

    Fourth run:
    -Revolutionary, always angry
    -High Intelligence, Charisma, and Strength
    - Bloody mess perk, enjoys killing those who abuse power (will side with bishops of New Reno and maybe attack vault city
    -Big guns main
    You are controlled by anger and use it as a tool to get others on your side. You strike greed and authority wherever you see it. Some options will be similar to the first run, so do other two runs first. This is the one where you seek out gambling, drugs, and sex

    Fallout 3
    First Run:
    Altruist, high charisma and intelligence, uses small guns.

    Second Run:
    Evil, does all evil options, uses melee or energy. High charisma, probably female, use black widow, you get the idea.

    Third (optional):
    Revolutionary, but only differs from first run in a few moments. Not necessary, but mildly enjoyable.

    Fallout new vegas:
    First run:
    Altruist, independent Vegas, energy weapons, arcade Gannon. High intelligence and charisma

    Second run:
    Same as fallout 2 dummy, mr. House

    Third run:
    Social Darwinist, high perception and intelligence, legion run, kills the weak and savages, you get the idea. Almost as fun as the revolutionist.

    Fourth run:
    Another revolutionist. This time, it is important to get the "Fight the Power Perk" as you will be enemies with NCR, legion, and mr house. fighting power wherever you go, and always standing up for the little guy. High strength, intelligence, and charisma. You will use explosives and shotguns mainly, with some machine guns and big guns along the way. Again, this is the run of sex, drugs, and gambling, so knock yourself out. Also, why not have some fun with it. Pretend you speak with a heavy french accent and wish for everyone to get the guillotine.

    Fallout 4:
    The only semi-enjoyable run is a minutemen-railroad revolutionist. All other runs are pointless and suck.
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    What no Tactics or flare throwing specialist build?!


    On a serious note I think the companions you bring along might be a part of this idea.
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