The Institute: Rewritten Part I

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    It's Summer and I don't have much to do, so I thought I could give It a shot

    When the bombs fell in the 23 of October the CIT withstood the initial blast. People insieme started panicking until the rector got in control. The students and teachers gathered in the basement waiting till t'ha Fallout had settled. With the upper echelons of Military and government disappeared, authorities struggled to maintain order and eventually were either disbanded due to amount of desertions and lack of a chain of command or became militias and raiders. At this is point it's everyone is on their own. Apocalyptic Boston was Just too much of a mess - fires spreading everywhere, pillaging, raping, radiation and every madness you can witness when civilization is already a forgotten word - so initial attempts at recovering supplies were futile and lead to the death of many. And that's way they all died.

    Ok, no. Just joking.

    Anyway...back where we were...

    But the real strength of these intellectuals wasn't in muscles: their prowess was in the mind. They collected all the technology in the University labs - mainly the robots, courtesy of the Genius Founder of RobCo and former student of the Institute: Robert, Edwin, House.

    These Mechanical machines, peak of mankind's technology, madre up for the scientists' insufficient physical ability.
    They insured that the the group laterali known as the Institute would Survive in the harsh conditions of this new World.

    Meanwhile they used their technical expertise and equipment to make the C.I.T.
    their now home. Excavation began in the basement, enlarging It to host its inhabitants and new labs: science wasn't Just research, but a mean of survival

    They continued to live in the undergrounds of the CIT for about 50 years. At this point the area around the Institute had depleted its resources due to the intense scavenging. They had venture out into the Wasteland, looking for a new. This Voyager would be later known as "Exodus".

    But traversing the Wasteland was harder than they thought. Nuclear war had changed the face of Earth Forever, reshaping all of nature in a perverted, twisted way. Man playing God. The last gift of a bygone era to its children.

    During their journey they encountered many horrors and mutated beasts, but what really impressed them was men.
    Like animals they Didn't know civilization: they were dirty and ruffled, their scavenged dresses worn as Skinned trophies from the past. Unlike them, they knew enough how to prepare an ambush. Not even the Mechanical protectors could Save all of them. When the Battle was over, they ranks had been thinned. Eventually, they reached the promised land, found at an old Military base, Fort Bannister (?). Hacking into the base defenses was easy job.