The Master's Audio Diary

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    Apr 7, 2013

    In the original game, you can find the Master's diary entries, which are described as audio logs but only found in text. This is an attempt at producing the actual audio with my very limited knowledge of sound-editing and artificial voice-recreation.

    I'm not a fan of auto-generation stealing voice actor's work, but I also think it's pretty unlikely we'll ever get Cummings and Soucie back to voice this character, so in this case my Fallout obsession won over my inhibitions.

    (For mods, feel free to move this to fanart or wherever. Or the VATS)
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    Dec 11, 2006
    This is incredible.

    I love the interference noise and general audio issues, really adds authenticity, like its some old recording from long ago, files semi-corrupted. Really sounds like something that would have been done back when the games were made.

    When the computer voice came up I was like "wait a sec I thought he wasn't part-computer yet" aaaaaand there it was.

    I love how his voice slowly grows insane, the neurolink comes online and he slowly but surely becomes more and more Master-like, acquiring new voices. Its a really wonderful piece of Terror-Audio.

    Delivery is a bit flat, but that's the state of the tech now, and its already an incredible state.

    Any plan for doing more holodisks in the future? I feel like the Maxson's Diary would be great, especially because there is a canon voice of Roger Maxson now.

    This kind of thing feels like a possible cool optional mod for Et Tu
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